Christopher Lee Collection

Christopher Lee Collection

Director: Jesùs Franco, Werner Jacobs, John Llewellyn Moxey
Cast: Christopher Lee

DVD (Wide Screen)


It's time once again for one of horror's greatest icons with Blue Underground's The Christopher Lee Collection box set. Containing four of his Harry Alan Towers-produced classics from the late '60s B-film era, the set showcases three of his collaborative efforts with cult director Jess Franco (The Blood of Fu Manchu, The Castle of Fu Manchu, and The Bloody Judge), along with Circus of Fear, restored for the first time on American soil. With all of the films boasting their full European cuts and gorgeous 16 x 9 widescreen presentations (all 1.66:1, except for The Bloody Judge's 2.35:1 letterboxed picture) and crisp Dolby Digital Mono tracks, Blue Underground continues their track record of excellence with all films presented in their definitive versions. Starting with 1966's Circus of Fear disc, the film has been restored from a British color negative, finally displaying its brilliant color scheme and 22 minutes of deleted footage that the original disastrous black-and-white American print destroyed years ago. In addition, a long-lost eight-minute sequence found in a storage vault has been added in, completing director John Moxey's vision for this macabre tale, as evidenced on his commentary track with Blue Underground's David Gregory. The disc also contains four various trailers, talent bios, and the usual quality poster and stills gallery cult fanatics have come to expect from the company that caters to them with each release. Unfortunately, a small batch of the set included a faulty Circus of Fear disc, though it can be easily traded in through the company's website ( Extras on the box continue with the story of the Fu Manchu series recounted in "The Rise of Fu Manchu" (15 min.) documentary on the Blood of Fu Manchu disc and also in "The Fall of Fu Manchu" (14 min.) on The Castle of Fu Manchu DVD. Both David Gregory-helmed features include candid interviews with the director and star, with wonderful bits thrown in from actress Tsai Chin and producer Harry Alan Towers himself. Each disc also contains their respected trailers, poster and still galleries, The Facts of Dr. Fu Manchu notes, talent bios, and in-depth liner notes on the inside of the box's sleeve from Video Watchdog's esteemed editor-in-chief Tim Lucas. Finally, exclusive to this set is The Bloody Judge, the grisly tale of 17th century witch hunts and the infamously cruel Judge George Jeffreys. Once again, director Franco and his star Lee lend their thoughts on the film and the real history behind the film's main character in the 25-minute "Bloody Jess" featurette. Not only is this the longest documentary on the disc, but the extras it includes are a joy too -- with one six-minute deleted scene taken from a video bootleg of a very rare Spanish print (picture quality isn't the best, but kudos to them for including it). In fact, various versions of the film seem to be a theme, with four additional alternate scenes from different prints around the States and Europe being included as well. The fun doesn't stop there, with three trailers and a TV spot awaiting you in the Extras menu, along with one of the most impressive poster and still galleries for a cult disc this year -- featuring separate sections on Posters, German and U.S. Lobby Cards, Publicity Stills, Behind-the-Scenes Stills, U.S. Press Book, Soundtrack Booklet, and its multiple Video Box artwork. Definitely the most packed of all of the films in the set, it's the exclusive capper for The Christopher Lee Collection and another ingenious box to go alongside Blue Underground's Spaghetti Western Collection and the controversial Mondo Cane Collection.

Product Details

Release Date: 09/30/2003
UPC: 0827058300193
Rating: NR
Source: Blue Underground
Region Code: 0
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Mono]
Time: 6:23:00

Special Features

The Castle of Fu Manchu:; "The Fall of Fu Manchu": Interviews with director Jess Franco, producer Harry Alan Towers, and stars Christopher Lee and Tsai Chin ; Theatrical trailer ; Poster & still gallery ; The Facts of Dr. Fu Manchu; Talent bios ; Liner notes by Video Watchdog's Tim Lucas ; ; The Blood of Fu Manchu:; "The Rise of Fu Manchu": Interviews with director Jess Franco, producer Harry Alan Towers, and stars Christopher Lee, Tsai Chin, and Shirley Eaton ; International trailer ; U.S. trailer ; Poster & still gallery ; The Facts of Dr. Fu Manchu ; Talent bios ; Liner notes by Video Watchdog's Tim Lucas ; ; Circus of Fear:; Audio commentary with director John Moxey ; Theatrical trailers ; Poster & still gallery ; Talent bios ; ; The Bloody Judge:; "Bloody Jess": Interviews with director Jess Franco and star Christopher Lee ; Deleted scene ; Alternative scenes ; Theatrical trailers ; TV spot ; Poster & still galleries ; Talent bios ; Liner notes by Video Watchdog's Tim Lucas

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Christopher Lee Fu Manchu,Lord George Jeffreys,Gregor, Lion Tamer
Tsai Chin Lin Tang
Howard Marion-Crawford Dr. Petrie
Leo Genn Earl of Wessex,Inspector Elliott
Jose Manuel Martin Omar Pascha
Maria Schell Mother Rosa
Anthony Newlands Barberini
Maria Rohm Mary Gray,Ursula
Rosalba Neri Lisa
Götz George Carl Janson
Heinz Drache Carl, Ringmaster
Margaret Lee Alicia Gray
Maria Perschy Marie
Klaus Kinski Manfred
Richard Greene Denis Nayland-Smith
Werner Abrolat Actor

Technical Credits
Jesùs Franco Director
Werner Jacobs Director
John Llewellyn Moxey Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- The Bloody Judge
1. Program Start/Main Titles [1:03]
2. Ambushed Revelry [4:04]
3. The Charge: Witchcraft! [7:39]
4. The Rack [2:53]
5. Mary's Plea [2:31]
6. The Verdict [4:20]
7. The Prophecy [2:17]
8. Talk of Plotters [5:35]
9. Tryst & Treason [5:07]
10. Mary's Abduction [6:44]
11. The Battle [8:49]
12. Filching Satchel [5:14]
13. Rebel Women [2:11]
14. Rescue & Rosa [4:52]
15. "Condemmed!" [4:58]
16. Wessex Visits [5:25]
17. Licking Blood [2:35]
18. Price of Freedom [7:16]
19. Revenge & Escape [5:41]
20. The Warrant [4:48]
21. The Reckoning [4:56]
22. End Credits [2:37]
Side #2 -- Circus of Fear
1. Program Start/The Heist [6:44]
2. Main Titles [1:54]
3. The Boss [5:00]
4. Police Chase [3:25]
5. The Old Farm [3:24]
6. Carnies [4:12]
7. Looking for Work [5:47]
8. "No Murder, No Money" [3:13]
9. Gina's Lovers [2:40]
10. Sheba [3:02]
11. Little Slut [3:33]
12. Enough Evidence [3:12]
13. Official Visit [5:45]
14. Law of the Circus [3:28]
15. Natasha's Father [6:15]
16. The Murder Theory [5:56]
17. Identical Knives [6:20]
18. The Great Escape [3:46]
19. Man Without the Mask [4:27]
20. The Wrong Man [3:03]
21. Third Time Unlucky [4:48]
22. End Credits [:55]
Side #3 -- The Castle of Fu Manchu
1. Program Start/The Destiny of Fu Manchu [5:45]
2. Main Titles [2:09]
3. The Telegram [2:33]
4. Fu Manchu's Ultimatum [2:33]
5. The Opium Agreement [3:42]
6. Fu Manchu Takes the Castle [6:12]
7. Water and Opium Crystals [2:19]
8. The Professor in the Laboratory [5:40]
9. Dr. Kessler Kidnapped [5:49]
10. The Abduction and the Spy [7:04]
11. A Frozen Arrival [5:30]
12. Fu Manchu's Evil Demonstration [:26]
13. The Red Scarf [7:04]
14. Heart Surgery [1:32]
15. Nayland Smith Surprises Omar Pasha [7:49]
16. Pasha Visits Fu Manchu [3:13]
17. The Entrance to Eternity [5:23]
18. Hunting Nayland Smith [1:56]
19. The Formula [1:08]
20. The Rush to Escape [3:45]
21. "Flood the Tunnels!" [5:19]
22. Fu Manchu's Final Warning [3:49]
23. End Credits [:31]
24. Chapter 24 [:30]
Side #4 -- The Blood of Fu Manchu
1. Program Start/Fu Manchu's Great Mission [3:03]
2. Main Titles [1:34]
3. Celeste, The First Emissary [2:49]
4. The Kiss of Death [3:09]
5. Ambush in the Jungle [2:48]
6. Fu Manchu's Sinister Plan [:54]
7. Nayland Smith [4:42]
8. Carl at the Governor's Mansion [4:40]
9. Legend of the Priestess [3:30]
10. The Jungle Gunfight [3:49]
11. A Plan for Yuma [1:26]
12. Killer Sancho and Lady Ursula [8:31]
13. Debauchery in Melia [2:07]
14. The Deadly Dance [4:40]
15. Sancho Lopez's Capture [2:35]
16. Ursula's Arrival [1:51]
17. Sancho Tortured [2:02]
18. Sancho's Mission [4:05]
19. The Prisoners [8:45]
20. Fu Manchu Unveils the Evil Scheme [4:31]
21. Prophecy of the Smoke [7:37]
22. Sancho's Final Kiss [3:50]
23. "A Poison to Kill a Poison" [3:28]
24. The End of Fu Manchu? [1:54]
25. End Credits [4:28]

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