Case Histories

Case Histories

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Adapted from the novels of Kate Atkinson, the detective series Case Histories stars Jason Isaacs as Edinburgh, Scotland-based private investigator Jackson Brodie. Each story is, first and foremost, an exploration and revelation of character structured by the unravelling of a crime mystery. It all adds up to a clever, compelling drama, with warmth and wit from Jackson, alongside the mystery and murder of the dark world outside. The six one-hour episodes collected on two discs here premiered early in 2011 on BBC1 in the U.K. and on PBS in the U.S. later in the year, where the episodes were combined as three feature-length presentations.
Episode One: Case Histories, Part 1 Brodie gets a couple of new cases in quick succession. The first is for two sisters who want him to investigate the disappearance of their younger sister 30 years ago. The other case involves the distraught father of a murdered daughter.
Episode Two: Case Histories, Part 2 In addition to his hunt for a killer and a long-vanished young girl, Brodie takes on another missing-persons case. This time the absent youth is the niece of a woman he met in a bar, who secured his services through an unorthodox method.
Episode Three: One Good Turn, Part 1 On an early morning run along the coast, Brodie spots a woman’s body in the water but is unable to prevent it from floating out to sea. When the police appear less than enthusiastic about investigating, Brodie decides to do it himself.
Episode Four: One Good Turn, Part 2 Brodie has several questions to ponder: Why would a road rage attacker want to kill him and another bystander who witnessed the incident? What does the attacker have to do with a shady cleaning business? And how does it relate to the body Brodie saw in the sea?
Episode Five: When Will There Be Good News? Part 1 While investigating an apparently routine case of marital infidelity, Brodie falls into another job -- tracking down a mother and her baby who, the husband claims, are staying with a relative.
Episode Six: When Will There Be Good News? Part 2 Brodie picks up a lead on the missing mother and child, and learns that the husband knows more than he has been willing to admit. Brodie also discovers why one of his clients has been so desperate to find his wife.

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Release Date: 11/08/2011
UPC: 0054961878994
Original Release: 0000
Source: Acorn Media
Presentation: [Wide Screen, Color]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 5:47:00

Special Features

Behind-the-scenes featurette (15 min)

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Case Histories
1. Blue Mouse [10:39]
2. Take the Case [9:52]
3. Lost Girls [9:49]
4. Emma Drake [9:37]
5. The Convent [9:41]
6. Just a Fling [9:24]
1. Find Him [10:22]
2. She Was Kind [9:06]
3. Michelle Fletcher [11:27]
4. Followed [9:13]
5. St. Joan [9:39]
6. Not Ready [7:52]
1. Found Girl [11:20]
2. Crime Writer [9:20]
3. Call Girl [8:43]
4. Favors [10:29]
5. Francis [10:50]
6. An Incident [7:42]
Disc #2 -- Case Histories
1. Bodyguard [10:18]
2. Russian Dolls [10:46]
3. Not Sad [9:01]
4. The Club [9:17]
5. A Runner [11:01]
6. Black Car [7:13]
1. Broken Down
2. Crash
3. Back to Work
4. Help
5. Sick Aunt
6. Andrew Jones
1. Joanna Mason [9:40]
2. Laying Low [10:32]
3. Voice Message [9:59]
4. Mother and Brother [9:07]
5. Stay and Protect [10:13]
6. Merry Christmas [8:23]

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Case Histories 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jason Isaacs, 'Detective Brody', is awesome in this Masterpiece Mystery thriller! The episodes are rich in characters, story and mystery! I'm buying this on my next visit to B&N!