Carnivale: Complete Seasons 1 & 2

Carnivale: Complete Seasons 1 & 2

DVD (Wide Screen)

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Release Date: 07/18/2006
UPC: 0026359827228
Rating: NR
Source: Hbo Home Video
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 24:00:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; Season 1: Behind-the-scenes featurette detailing how set and costume designers collaborated to achieve the look of the Dustbowl in the 1930s; Season 1: Three audio commentaries with series creator Daniel Knauf, executive producer Howard Klein and more; Season 2: Audio commentaries with series creator Daniel Knauf, executive producer Howard Klein, cast and crew; Season 2: Museum of Television & Radio panel discussion with the cast and producers; Season 2: "Creating the Scene" - creator Daniel Knauf and crew describe the concept, inspiration and execution of select scenes; Season 2: "Magic & Myth: The Meaning of Carnivàle" - a half-hour documentary exploring the apocalyptic writing and mythology behind the series with cast and crew

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Carnivàle: The Complete First Season - Episodes 1 & 2, Bonus Features
2. Don't Touch Me
3. Holy Man of Mintern
4. Dangerous
5. Trust Is Earned
6. No Questions
7. Wasted Ability
2. Unexpected Connections
3. Righteous Path
4. One Man
5. Influence
6. Down Right Queer
7. New Direction
Disc #2 -- Carnivàle: The Complete First Season - Episodes 3 & 4
2. Unwanted
3. Revival
4. Hero of the Hour
5. The Nickel Tour
6. Family Business
7. In Need of Healing
2. Restless
3. Harmless Fun
4. Storm Rolls In
5. Can't Hide
6. It Was the Storm
7. Broken Trust
Disc #3 -- Carnivàle: The Complete First Season - Episodes 5 & 6
2. Road to Babylon
3. Night Out
4. Lend Me Your Eyes
5. Not Right
6. Man Named Scudder
7. Marked
2. Head Count
3. Help Me Understand
4. Clear Purpose
5. Rest in Peace
6. Carnival Justice
7. Stories From the Road
Disc #4 -- Carnivàle: The Complete First Season - Episodes 7 & 8
2. For Brother Justin
3. Snake Hunting
4. Right Wrongs
5. Destinted for Greatness
6. Faith and Action
7. With or Without You
2. Torture
3. A Favor
4. The Left Hand of God
5. Hustle
6. Against the Code
7. Unexpected
Disc #5 -- Carnivàle: The Complete First Season - Episodes 9 & 10, Bonus Feature
2. Night Terrors
3. Important Man
4. What Did It Mean
5. Fireball Show
6. Snake Charming
7. No Rest for the Weary
2. Betrayal
3. No Time for Problems
4. Trip Into Town
5. Bad News
6. Moment of Weakness
7. Mass Baptism
Disc #6 -- Carnivàle: The Complete First Season - Episodes 11 & 12, Bonus Feature
2. Razor Sharp
3. Touched by Death
4. I Want to Try
5. Dark Dealings
6. Double Trouble
7. Sacrifice
2. The Only Way
3. Deal With the Devil
4. Wanted
5. Greatest Evil
6. Payback
7. Choice
Disc #7 -- Carnivàle: The Complete Second Season - Episodes 1 & 2
2. Ashes to Ashes
3. Future and Past
4. Sorry
5. Listen to Your Blood
6. Henry Scudder
7. Who Are You?
2. Father Kerrigan
3. The Lord's Work
4. Sofie Returns
5. At Least She's Alive
6. The End Is Upon Us
7. Beat It On to Ingram
Disc #8 -- Carnivàle: The Complete Second Season - Episodes 3 & 4
2. Some Things Die, Some Things Don't
3. Peddling Flesh
4. Nobody There
5. Impressive Scenery
6. Caught
7. We've Been Waiting for You
2. The Krohn
3. Business
4. Beats Curling Up and Dying
5. Surprise
6. Family
7. Need to Know
Disc #9 -- Carnivàle: The Complete Second Season - Episodes 5 & 6
2. Getting Close
3. The Dead and the Living
4. Where's Ben?
5. Something Magical
6. What a Night
7. Special Delivery
2. Visit From Mother
3. Fellow Travelers
4. Dark Brown Eyes
5. Lovers ad Fighters
6. Justice
7. To Damascus
Disc #10 -- Carnivàle: The Complete Second Season - Episodes 7 & 8
2. Pig Slaughter
3. Lions and Fleas
4. Finding Scudder
5. What Jonesy Wants
6. Sermon in the Garden
7. More Than Talk
2. Dagger for the Devil
3. Pieces in the Game
4. Head West
5. Ain't Catholic
6. One of the Family
7. New Deal
Disc #11 -- Carnivàle: The Complete Second Season - Episodes 9 & 10
2. Welcome to Wyoming
3. Message From Lodz
4. No Picnic
5. Forgiveness
6. The Healer
7. In the Devil's Hands
2. Visit in the Night
3. Too Late?
4. The Secret's Out
5. Catching Up
6. Something In Common
7. The Devil's Due
Disc #12 -- Carnivàle: The Complete Second Season - Episodes 11 & 12, Bonus Features
2. Faith
3. Enemies and Friends
4. Toward New Canaan
5. Safe With Brother Justin
6. Who's in Charge?
7. The Coming Storm
2. His Treasure
3. The Plan
4. Every Prophet in Her House
5. In the Trap
6. The Final Conflict
7. Daybreak

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Carnivale: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Ail More than 1 year ago
Any review that I would write about this wonderful (and far too short)series would be no more than a rehash of this essay from Billie Doux. "I just finished watching the second and, unfortunately, last season of Carnivale. HBO has done some amazing and creative series..eses. Six Feet Under is one of my very favorite shows. Deadwood is unique and outright brilliant. They're also strange, unusual, and controversial. I like that. But Carnivale may be the strangest of them all. Carnivale is set in the midwest and in California in the mid-1930s, during the Great Depression. Most of the action occurs in a carnival that goes from town to town, barely making enough money to get by. There's always magic at a carnival. Some of it's real, and some of it is not. You see, there are these avatars. What is an avatar? According to my Webster's, "avatar," noun, in Hindu doctrine, the descent to Earth and incarnation of a deity. In every generation, according to the Carnivale universe, there are two avatars: one good, and one evil. One is Ben Hawkins. The other is Brother Justin. Which is good, and which is evil? And are the lines drawn all that clearly? Let's see. Ben Hawkins, played by the very talented Nick Stahl, is literally a fugitive from a chain gang who works as a roustabout in a seedy carnival. Ben is sad and serious. He is thin, his face is dirty, and he wears ragged clothing. And then there is Brother Justin, played by the equally talented and charismatic Clancy Brown. A devout minister, Justin prefers to tend to the poor migrants instead of the rich townspeople. He is devoted to his spinster sister and to the gentle minister who adopted them both. Justin is clean, well-groomed, well-spoken, and carries a Bible. Of course, he's the evil one. But in truth, Ben and Justin are reflections of each other. The use of mirrors in this series is just utterly fascinating. In some instances, it's obvious that the reflection we're seeing isn't the real one. The use of tarot cards is also very cool, especially in the eerie opening credits. The cast of characters is as strange and as wonderful as one could hope. Clea Duvall is a standout as Sofie the fortune teller, as is Michael J. Anderson as Samson the dwarf. Tim McKay plays one of my favorite characters, a former baseball player named Jonesy. Amy Madigan is outstanding as Justin's protective older sister. I also loved every member of the amoral, dysfunctional Dreifuss family, with the father Felix as the barker and his wife and daughters "dancing the cootch" and hooking on the side. I must be terribly naive, but I didn't realize such things happened in carnivals. Where have I been? Season one has some fascinating episodes. The emphasis was on establishing the characters and the universe. In season two, everything revved the hell up. The last few episodes of the series are just edge-of-your-seat riveting. And at least we were left with something resembling a climax. I'm somewhat satisfied. But I'd still love to see season three."
RUSSIAN_WOLF More than 1 year ago
Initially I was disappointed when the last/second season ended, though thinking about it, there would never be an end.... Good vs Evil... Always present since the beginning of time. It was a GREAT series...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago