Brotherhood of the Wolf

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Director: Christophe Gans Cast: Samuel Le Bihan, Mark Dacascos, Émilie Dequenne


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French legend has it that a creature known as the Beast of Gevaudan -- a huge, wolf-like monster -- was responsible for the violent deaths of over 100 persons in the mid-18th century, and this horror fantasy blends the lore of this fabled beast with a story of two men who set out to capture it. After a number of mutilated corpses begin appearing across the French countryside, naturalist Chevalier Gregoire de Fronsac (Samuel Le Bihan) is dispatched by the King to find and capture the animal responsible for the killings. Mani (Mark Dacascos), an Indian from Canada and an experienced hand in the wilds, is hired to assist de Fronsac in his work. Gregoire's assignment earns him the acquaintance of Marianne de Morangias (Emilie Dequenne), the lovely daughter of the idly wealthy Count de Morangias (Jean Yanne), but Gregoire receives a much chillier welcome from her brother Jean-Francois (Vincent Cassel), who, despite having lost an arm to a lion in Africa, is quite the huntsman himself. As Gregoire and Mani arrive in the village of Gevaudan, they're drawn to a local house of prostitution, where the animalistic allure and supernatural powers of Sylvia (Monica Bellucci) prove to have a profound effect on the naive Gregoire. Jim Henson's Creature Shop provided the special-effects expertise for the creation of the Beast of Gevaudan.

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Release Date: 06/16/2015
UPC: 8809154152366
Original Release: 2001
Source: Imports
Sales rank: 7,202

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Samuel Le Bihan Gregoire de Fronsac
Mark Dacascos Mani
Émilie Dequenne Marianne de Morangias
Vincent Cassel Jean-Francois de Morangias
Monica Bellucci Sylvia
Jérémie Renier Thomas d'Apcher
Jean Yanne Le Comte de Morangias
Jean-François Stévenin Henri Sardis
Hans Meyer Marquis d'Apcher
Edith Scob Mme. De Morangias
Jacques Perrin Thomas Age
Johan Leysen Beauterne
Bernard Farcy Laffont
Virginie Darmon La Bavarde
Philippe Nahon Jean Chastel
Eric Prat Capitaine Duhamel
Jean-Loup Wolff Duc de Moncan
Jean-Paul Farré Pere Georges
André Penvern Buffon
Bernard Fresson Mercier
Frankye Pain La Tessier
Francois Hadji-Lazaro Machemort
Nicolas Vaude Maxime des Forets
Nicky Naude La Felure
Daniel Herroin Blondin
Karin Kristrom Bergere du Rocher
Juliette Lamboley Cecile
Michel Puterflam Eveque de Mende
Charles Maquignon Valet Maison Teissier
Jean-Pierre Jackson Noble Diner
Christian Marc Serviteur Thomas Age
Vincent Cespedes Soldat
Pierre Lavit Jacques
Max Delor Noble Age
Christian Adam Noble Age
Gaelle Cohen La Loutre
Virginie Arnaud La Pintade
Isabelle Le Nouvel Brunette Prostitute
Albane Fioretti Prostitutees Tessier
Clarice Plasteig Prostitutees Tessier
Edit Cassou Prostitutees Tessier
Delphine Hivernet Valentine
Gaspard Ulliel Louis
Pierre Castagne Cecile's Father
Stephane Pioffet Paysan
Eric Laffitte Un Villageois
Eric Delcourt Camp Beauterne's Help
Christelle Droy Bergere Dollines
Andres Fuentes Paysan Chaumiere
Nadine Marcovici Jeanne
Jean-Claude Braquet Pierre
David Bogino Lanceur de Couteaux
Emmanuel Booz Officer Bucher
Pascal Laugier Machemort's Assistant

Technical Credits
Christophe Gans Director,Screenwriter
Thierry Alais Camera Operator
Frederic Alhinho Stunts
Virginie Arnaud Stunts
Damien Auriol Camera Operator
Joelle Balland Stunts
Nicolas Becker Sound/Sound Designer
Didier Beddar Stunts
Stephane Birzin Camera Operator
Dominique Borg Costumes/Costume Designer
Jean Bouello Stunts
Patrice Boutroux Stunts
Maurice Bricler Camera Operator
Christine Brottes Costumes/Costume Designer
Stephane Cabel Original Story,Screenwriter
Sylvie Campi Costumes/Costume Designer
Mike Casserley Special Effects Supervisor
Nathalie Causse Costumes/Costume Designer
Vincent Cespedes Stunts
Nathalie Cheron Casting
Ursula Paredes Choto Costumes/Costume Designer
Nobby Clark Special Effects Supervisor
Paul Clayton Special Effects Supervisor
Gaelle Cohen Stunts
Jerome Colas Stunts
Patrice Cossoneau Stunts
Hugues Dalmagro Stunts
Magali Gineau De Lyon Costumes/Costume Designer
Pascal Delaunay Camera Operator
Thierry Delhief Stunts
Severine Demaret Costumes/Costume Designer
Georges Demetreau Special Effects
Pascale Denizane Stunts
Jean-Jacques Desplanque Stunts
Patrick Dodd Sound/Sound Designer
Anne Marie Drean Costumes/Costume Designer
Joseph Lo Duca Score Composer
Francis Ferran Consultant/advisor
Alain Figlarz Stunts
Gilles Floquet Camera Operator
Dominique Fourny Camera Operator
Guy-Claude Francois Production Designer,Set Decoration/Design
Lise Gaillaguet Makeup
Eric Gallet Camera Operator
Pierre Garnier Camera Operator
Philippe Garnier Camera Operator
Jean Pierre Gesbert Camera Operator
Richard Grandpierre Producer
Thierry Guerrib Stunts
Elsa Le Guichard Costumes/Costume Designer
Stephane Guillon Makeup
Samuel Hadida Producer
Piers Hamptons Producer
Sophie Harvey Makeup
Cyrille Hertel Stunts
Morgan Hildebrand Makeup Special Effects
Jan Gagnaire Hochstein Camera Operator
Karim Hocini Stunts
Bob Hollow Special Effects Supervisor
Cyril Holtz Sound/Sound Designer
Alexis Kinebanyan Makeup Special Effects
Emmanuel Lanzi Stunts
Erik Larsen Camera Operator
Alexandre Lassere Costumes/Costume Designer
Dan Laustsen Cinematographer
Didier Lavergne Makeup
Sophie Lebret Costumes/Costume Designer
Benoit Lestang Makeup Special Effects
Nathalier Louichon Makeup
Mario Luraschi Stunts
Pascal Madura Stunts
Dominique Magnier Makeup
Laurent Martin Camera Operator
Brigitte Masson Costumes/Costume Designer
Katrina Mattingley Executive Producer
Pierre-Yves Le Mee Camera Operator
Pascal Mercury Stunts
Gerald Mignotte Makeup Special Effects
Marie Morel Costumes/Costume Designer
Tina Morel Costumes/Costume Designer
Jean-Paul Mugel Sound/Sound Designer
Frederique Ney Makeup
Stephane Orsolani Stunts
Annie Paris Costumes/Costume Designer
Cecile Pellerin Makeup
Sebastien Peres Stunts
Sebastien Prangere Editor
Cyril Raffaelli Stunts
Leslie Rain-Goranson Stunts
Catherine Robert Stunts
Thierry Saelens Stunts
Olivier Schneider Stunts
Leslie Shatz Sound/Sound Designer
Antoine Simkine Executive Producer
Benjamin Speyer Camera Operator
Lionel Steketee Asst. Director
Claudine Strasser Screenwriter
Valentine Tracelet Screenwriter
Michael Troude Stunts
Frederic Vallee Stunts
Jean Pierre Villeneuve Costumes/Costume Designer
Jean-Daniel Vuillermoz Costumes/Costume Designer
Arthur Windus Producer
David Wu Editor

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Brotherhood of the Wolf 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Animalicious More than 1 year ago
Liked it alot because it was off the beaten path and supposedly based on history!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is one of the best horror action fantisy etc.genre films in years.i give it two thumbs up(way up)
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great movie, although it moved a little more slowly than I expected. I can't believe they're selling it for so much here. The same three disc set has been available through North American DVD and HMV for about $30 for a couple of weeks already. I don't get it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was fortunate enough to see this seductively dark film in the theatre and was instantly amazed at the talent - both visually, directorially, etc - in this brilliantly directed film. Anyone who appreciates masterful and well-crafted films full of intrigue, twisting plots, beautiful imagery and subtle brilliance really must see this DVD!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is perhaps the best movie i have ever seen. I really enjoyed it. The dvd releas (3 disk collectors edition from canada has many great features). Not a movie to miss.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is great if you can get through the first scene. I loved it and I make all my friends watch this movie. You have to watch it in French, the language gives the movie more depth.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a movie loosely based on actual events. An excellent film in every category. Plenty of action and suspense carried out with style. You have to see it to believe it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
An all around excellent movie. Humor, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, and lots of Action. The fact that this is a foreign film is no detraction from the fabulous plot. The style and visual effects were unique and engaging. My favorite film of the year.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I feel this movie should be for viewers 17 and older, the sexual content and bloody violence truly make it a French film. I watched this movie in the dark at night, not a good idea for us scardy cats. This movie was very well directed and brings you right into the story. I recomend it to all who are looking for a great movie and a thrill ride.
Sihaya More than 1 year ago
the film "Brotherhood of the Wolf" contains some elements of interest to the history buff. There is not a lot of accuracy other than the fact that the storyline covers the period of the Beast of the Gevaudan's appearance in France. However, the purpose of the film being entertainment and not education, it is only fair to judge it on how well it holds together as a story. The story is interesting, but lacking in backstory; as an example, we do not learn enough about the heroes (a Frenchman and a Native American) to learn whether or not their skills and relationship are plausible. Much of the story mainly serves as a way to connect displays of martial arts. Too much in the way of historical reality is alluded to as if that justifies what happens next in the story but then the connection is not made clear: for example, the position of women, attitudes towards sexuality and the mystical, disillusionment with established religion, the impact of such high levels of poverty on the nation and the class conflicts that caused. The cinematography is terrific on the whole though uneven. The casting was well-done; the actors seem capable of a far more complex script and story than they are dealing with here. As for the martial arts, most enthusiasts would enjoy the displays as they are staged even though some of the staging is just too contrived to be believed. Sets and costumes are interesting EXCEPT for the Beast itself. The Beast does not persuade the viewer to believe in it as the cause of everything that is happening. This is a decent film and an adequate way to spend most of a couple of hours.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Sherlock Holmes type mystery set in France during the late 18th century: a French Version of Doyle's 'The Hound of the Baskerville' so to speak. Imaginative but far fetched plot that ends up being rather disappointing in the end. The acting holds water and the characters are given depth. The main character's Indian sidekick seemed out of place and just another PC propaganda effort. The fight sequences also took away from the mood of the story with the computerized 'Matrix' style flying roundhouse kicks, etc. Although the monster builds suspense and mystery in the story keeping the audience intrigued, the ending is almost anticlimactic by virtue of being too surreal and unbelievable: the monster should have remained a supernatural beast. The idea of the Church being against the crown during that period is equally laughable: making it seem as if the writer of the film hasn't done his history as to pre-revolutionary France. Entertaining to watch once or every once in a while but I wouldn't buy it. For that style of movie, I would recommend watching Tim Burtons's version of 'Sleepy Hollow' instead.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie has everything: sex, danger, thrills, colorful costumes, gorgeous and eerie scenery, a profound mystery that touches on many levels and -- according to my wife, ''the three hunkiest guys to ever step on a screen.''
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really think that this movie was not given as much credit as it deserves. It is a awesome combination of action, sci-fi, thriller, and mystery movie. If this movie was dubbed in English for it's theater release, it would not be as effective as it was in French with english subtitles. Actually reading was was happening, instead of listening, you were able to understand the movie. I think the whole atmosphere would be destroyed with dubbed english. I definatly recommend this movie to anyone that loves action movie, this one has some of the best!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie has some great action scenes and is as eerie as hell. Watch it in the dark with someone you scare. The DVD is especially great because you can watch the cut scenes including the expanded version of the first fight sequence. AWESOME!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This film deserves credit for trying, but like another recent French attempt at Hollywood-style genre raiding (''The Crimson Rivers''), this one is less than the sum of its parts. It wants to be a thriller, an action-adventure, a buddy film, a love story, a special-effects showcase, a historical costume drama and it wants to have a moralistic message. On top of all that, it spends time giving us a few sex scenes, and a peak into the occult dabblings of the local peasants. Too much to accomplish without sacrificing something. A big disappointment for me. The monster and much else ends up being explained away too easily, too logically. Hard to believe that after finding room for all the other things, the film makers couldn't find room for a little bit of mystery.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an EXELLENT movie. one of the MUST-SEE of 2000!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This film was in limited release since it is a French language film with English subtitles. That's too bad because many horror and sci-fi fans missed this underrated film. The DVD release should reach a wider audience because of the English audio track. High production values, above average acting, interesting charactors, atmospheric, martial arts, mystery-thriller with above average special effects. Highly recommended for fans of horror, martial arts and sci-fi. Rated R for graphic violence.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Helping me to send this film to me through my postal address below: Tunde Temitayo Okeowo Lawson Communication Ventures P.O.BOX 2838 SAPON ABEOKUTA OGUN STATE NIGERIA. to my letter no one that l don't like because l like all this musician like REMEMBERED Sandra Brown, RIDING THE BULLET Stephen King, A PAINTED HOUSE John Grisham, THE WAILING WIND Tony Hillerman, RELATIONSHIP RESCUE Phillip C. McGraw, Ph.D. thanks for your anticipation.
sherrywine1 More than 1 year ago
did not see this in the theater, but had liked the trailers. it is based on a true story, they changed a few things but that this really happened makes it better. as it is a French film did not know most of the actors. but all did a great job, and this film is now one of my favorites.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The indian guy was SO COOL! his tattoos are awesome! but yeah the movie was good. fun to watch.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago