24 - Season 2

24 - Season 2

DVD (Wide Screen)


Eighteen months after Day 1's foiled assassination plot, Day 2 finds Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) officially stepping into the role of America's protector as he attempts to stop terrorists from setting off a bomb in Los Angeles. During his hunt for the nuclear device, Jack becomes romantically involved with Kate Warner (Sarah Wynter), who suspects her sister's fiancé is working with Middle Eastern terrorists. Behind-the-scenes political intrigue centers on David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), now president of the United States after surviving Day 1's assassination attempts. While Palmer supports Jack and CTU's efforts to track down the nuclear device, Vice President Jim Prescott (Alan Dale) and Palmer's own Cabinet question the president's decision-making ability and seek to undermine his authority at every turn. Meanwhile, Jack's daughter, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), who was rescued from kidnappers in the first season, turns the tables during Day 2. This time, it's Kim who does the kidnapping---or, as she sees it, rescuing---of a child she's been babysitting in order to protect the girl from an abusive father. Later in the day, guest star Kevin Dillon appears as survivalist Lonnie McRae, who takes Kim hostage after convincing her that the nuclear bomb has already been detonated in L.A. Familiar faces returning to action include CTU agents Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) and Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth), whose relationship begins to develop romantically under the day's stress; CTU director George Mason (Xander Berkeley), who is exposed to radiation during a fierce gun battle; and First Lady Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald), who reveals a dark side in her manipulations of the president for political gain.

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Release Date: 09/09/2003
UPC: 0024543079293
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 17:44:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; Original extended-version season premiere; Cast/crew commentary on selected episodes; Over 44 branching deleted scenes with optional commentary; Alternate endings

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Episodes 1-4
1. Seoul, South Korea
2. The N.S.A.'s Request
3. A Terrorist Threat
4. Second Wave
5. The Happy Couple
6. A Presidential Request
7. A Worst-Case Scenario
8. Jack Is Back
9. Reza's Connection
10. Jack Takes a Stand
11. Kim Faces Violence
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. On the Move
3. A Present for Joe
4. Trapped
5. Jack Is Scrutinized
6. Reza's Background
7. Caught
8. A Private Meeting
9. Hired
10. Where's Megan
11. The Destination
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. An Updated Projection
3. A Phone Call
4. A Threat
5. Data Transfer
6. Radiation Burn
7. Terrorist Ties
8. At the C.T.U.
9. The Bomb
10. Informing the President
11. Evacuation
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Ground Zero
3. Mason's Prognosis
4. Jack Takes Over
5. About Megan
6. Plans for the City
7. New Information
8. Jack Meets Joe
9. Talking to Carla
10. Demanding the Truth
11. Running Out of Time
12. End Titles
Side #2 -- Episodes 5-8
1. Recap
2. A Total Disaster (Main Titles)
3. Walk Away
4. The Source Key
5. A Government Matter
6. The Ambassador's Proposal
7. Nina's Return
8. Shadow Asylum
9. Protecting Marie
10. Exposed
11. No Survivors
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. An Unwelcome Guest
3. The Interrogation
4. Leaving for Mexico
5. The Man in Visalia
6. Stanton's Order
7. Hospital Escape
8. Sherry's Information
9. Reza's Parents
10. Covering for Bob
11. Gary Goes Down
12. Alone With Jack/End Titles
1. Recap
2. Flight to Visalia (Main Titles)
3. Pointing the Finger
4. Conspiracy
5. Visalia
6. Further Questioning
7. The Stanton Problem
8. Assault on Faheen
9. Temptation
10. Father & Son
11. Secret in the Trunk
12. End Titles
1. Recap
2. Under Arrest (Main Titles)
3. Executive Privilege
4. It's Over
5. Dealing With Wieland
6. Willing to Die
7. Deadly Disagreement
8. Terrorist Transactions
9. Bloody Gambit
10. Threats to Security
11. Fire in the Sky
12. End Titles
Side #3 -- Episodes 9-12
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Crash Landing
3. The Survivors
4. A Change of Attitude
5. Nothing to Hide
6. Mason's Condition
7. Vultures
8. Syed Ali
9. Bauer at Bay
10. Full Immunity
11. Lives in the Balance
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Target: Nina Myers
3. The Tattoo
4. Colonel Samuels' Unit
5. Coral Snake
6. The Accident
7. Rescued
8. Opcom
9. Eyewitness
10. Stay the Course
11. Goodbye, Reza
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Change of Plan
3. Expanded Limits
4. Kate's Offer
5. Under Arrest
6. Kate Undercover
7. Palmer's Deal
8. Waiting for Ali
9. Special Request
10. A Killer in the Family
11. The Terrorist Inside
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Takedown
3. The Lost Child
4. Everyone Breaks
5. Interrogating Ali
6. The Truth About Marie
7. Ali's Last Chance
8. Concerned About Sherry
9. Death of a Son
10. Conspiracy
11. The Bomb's Location
12. End Titles
Side #4 -- Episodes 13-16
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Stanton's Confession
3. The Assault Team
4. McRae's Guest
5. Six Dead Commandos
6. The Bomb Shelter
7. Looking for Kim
8. There Were Seven
9. N34g5
10. It Happened!
11. Decoy
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. The Unthinkable
3. Translation Trouble
4. Safe
5. A Different Marie
6. Something for the Pain
7. Not So Safe
8. The New Director
9. A Sister's Plea
10. Plausible Deniability
11. Where I Belong
12. The Real Bomb/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. 55 Minutes
3. The Best Option
4. Yusuf Auda
5. Take-Off
6. Leaving for Los Angeles
7. Last Goodbyes
8. The Cyprus Conversation
9. The Stowaway
10. Plans for Retaliation
11. Impact
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Unauthorized
3. Ali's Denial
4. A Declaration of War
5. First Strikes
6. One More Request
7. Prisoner Down
8. Bauer's Warning
9. The Only Proof
10. It's Starting
11. An Urgent Matter
12. End Titles
Side #5 -- Episodes 17-20
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Too Late for Second Thoughts
3. A New Ally
4. Garcia's Dilemma
5. The Seventh Man
6. Looking for Jack
7. All Your Fault
8. Monitoring Michelle
9. Given Up
10. Takedown
11. Reluctant Passenger
12. End Titles
1. Recap
2. Surrounded (Main Titles)
3. Satellite Search
4. Breaking Protocol
5. This Is Where It Ends
6. Gauntlet
7. Bauer's Way
8. Free to Go
9. Fine Without You
10. Death in Marietta
11. The Chip
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. The Tracking Device
3. They're Here!
4. Palmer's Decision
5. Captured
6. The Interrogation
7. Bad Blood
8. Torture
9. Section Four
10. "Patriots"
11. Stark's Mistake
12. End Titles
1. Recap
2. Raising the Dead (Main Titles)
3. The Right Thing
4. The Chip's New Owners
5. The Only Chance
6. Lynne's Fall
7. The Upper Hand
8. Palmer's Suspicions
9. Go Get the Chip
10. Gambit
11. The Standoff
12. Closed Session/End Titles
Side #6 -- Episodes 21-24
1. Recap
2. One Chance (Main Titles)
3. The Trial of David Palmer
4. Wieland's Testimony
5. Problems With the Chip
6. Stanton's Statement
7. No Audio File
8. Out of Our Control
9. Evidence Unavailable
10. The Deciding Vote
11. Looking for Alex Hewitt
12. End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Protocol
3. Sherry's Secrets
4. Conspirators
5. Off Book
6. Full Immunity
7. A Liability
8. Reluctant Witness
9. Palmer's Call
10. Taking Out Chappelle
11. The Killing Lesson
12. Hewitt's Run/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Dark Pursuit
3. On the Edge
4. Waiting for the Chopper
5. The Kingsley Connection
6. Stranded
7. One Last Play
8. Hewitt's Program
9. Presidential Pretense
10. Conversation With Kingsley
11. Seizure
12. End Titles
1. Recap
2. No Choice
3. The Kingsley File
4. A Need to Understand
5. Full Support
6. Set to Go
7. Proof Enough
8. Bauer's War
9. Face-to-Face
10. Back to Normal
11. It's Done
12. End Titles

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24 - Season 2 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
24 is seriously a great show. I mean, it didn't get nominated for an Emmy for nothing. I cannot wait until this DVD comes out. If you watch just one episode, you'll be hooked for life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If ANYONE had told me that a story could become totally addictive, I would have scoffed! However, I am hooked! The writing is perfection. Suspense abounds. The believability is frightening. Casting and acting are also perfection. Jack Bauer is my favorite super-hero! The amazing thing about this series as well as other TV series is the superior writing. With only implied sex, very little profanity, and fairly realistic violence, excellent writing must prevail. Good grammar and good manners are always evident. I have watched all of Season One and Season Two. I can't wait to see all seasons! In this day and age of shock and trash, 24 is a miracle. May Jack Bauer's 24 hour days never stop! Keifer Sutherland has found his niche of perfection. LOVE IT!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am so glad I have this program to look forward to...everything going on in the hour is exciting....and I am always wanting it to be Monday....its the only program I NEVER forget to watch...
Guest More than 1 year ago
i always wach 24 and was so glad that they made a DVD because i had to miss it sometimes
Guest More than 1 year ago
Brilliant, the action and story line has you gripped from one episode to another, its very additive and well worth a watch. Just hope there will be as a series 3
Guest More than 1 year ago
Season Two reaffirms the strengths of the mind-blowing Season One and pulls out its own punches. Kiefer Sutherland, as always, maintains his charisma and energy as Federal Agent Jack Bauer. Thank goodness Elisha Cuthbert as Kim Bauer is playing a more mature girl--she was such an unbelievable ditz in Season One and sometimes just plain immature! Watch out for Season Three!
Guest More than 1 year ago
24:Season 1 & 2 is 24k gold. I can not stop thinking about the loyal die hard CTU Agent Jack Bauer. Ripped from the pages of some govnermental conspiristy (whoops). Fictional or not this show continues to surprise and impress. Season 2 answers questions in Season 1. I cannot stop watching Jack and his cohorts fight for the right to keep the newly appointed 1st African American President who has shown hour after hour he has the right stuff. I bought the companion book. This show I hope will cause America to look at itself and make some much needed changes in attitudes. Prior to 9/11, we all knew about extremists and what they could do, no surprise there. Yes this a TV show yet the show causes some of us who take alot for granted to look at the govnerment differently. I don't think about people who are running world events and the low level ordinary people who are entrusted to make life altering decisions about intelligence information gathered in turn relaying this information to hopefully to a group of policitians who will not react like cowboys. Who thought about CTU's counter terriorts units charged with keeping Americans safe? I certainly will not take safety for granted TV show or not. Ignorance is not bliss.
Guest More than 1 year ago
BRILLIANT!!!!! the best series of all times, it's a must see, can't wait to buy season 3
Guest More than 1 year ago
As season 1 was winding down and the question of a second day for Federal Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) loomed, my first thought was 'No way! They wouldn't be able to match the tension of the first season.' I was right. They didn't match the tension, they EXCEEDED it. As good as season 1 was, season 2 is better. This storyline (Terrorists plotting to detonate a nuclear device in L. A.) is much tighter than the first one and the cliff-hanger ending leaves one breathlessly waiting on season 3. Is it October yet?
Guest More than 1 year ago
i know it has not come out yet, but i watched every ''24'' every eposoide and never missed one day of the show. For the first season and second. I think every one should have this when it comes out and watch the third season coming on TV in october.
Guest More than 1 year ago
''24'' is an awesome show! Kiefer Sutherland does a great job acting Jack Bauer. I love the show, and cant wait till the third season comes out in October.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This second season goes above and beyond the first season. Jack is tested like he has never been tested before. What makes this show so great is the action and drama that doesn't stop until the last 5 seconds of the entire season.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jack Beaur returns to help not only save David Palmer's political life, but the U.S. His daughter, George Mason, Tony Almeida, and Nia Meyers. The non-stop action and drama with all the sub-plots makes this a definite addition to your home dvd library
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This show is amazing.I just got into 24 in January.Someone on Facebook had commented about the seventh season of 24.My mom told her she hadn't watched 24 since season 1.She told us we had missed out big time.The next week at church she brings us all six seasons in a Hershey bag.She told us it was addictive.We didn't believe her.After church and youth group we come home.We didn't want to watch any of our boring movies so we plugged in 24.After the first episode we were rushing to the next one."Hurry we have to see what happens next".I got addicted very quickly.We finished all six seasons of 24 in April.I am on episode 17 of season seven.Season 2 was really cool.It started out kinds slow but that wasn't the case for very long.I love how this one had romance and action.Tony and Michelle are my favorite couple of 24.It totally sucked when Michelle dies in season five.I highly recommend this tv show.BUT BEWARE YOU WILL BE ADDICTED AFTER THE FIRST DISC YOU WATCH.I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU HAVE AT LEAST TWO SEASONS TO START OUT WITH OR IT WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. 24'S BIGGEST FAN!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jack Bauer is having another one of his ''very bad days'' in the second season of the groundbreaking real-time thriller 24. Once again the hours are ticking by with more guaranteed cliffhangers than a convention of mountain climbers. Holed up in a Los Angeles condo and estranged from his daughter, Jack is no longer on the government payroll; unfortunately for him, this small fact doesn't seem to matter to President David Palmer and the NSA, who call him back in to the CTU and give him 24 hours to infiltrate a terrorist organization that is planning to detonate a dirty bomb in the city of angels. All Jack wants is to get his daughter out of the city, unfortunately Kim's new employer, the abusive father of the child she is nannying, has other ideas. Fans of the original won't be disappointed, as there are more than enough shock moments in the first few hours to hint at the climactic build-up to come, while newcomers can quickly get involved in the lives of Jack and his family. There are some new characters to bolster the veteran cast and, interestingly (although not surprisingly), Jack's character has taken an altogether darker, more psychopathic turn. The danger the characters find themselves in also has a much more global, not to mention topical, impetus, grounded as it is in the war against terrorism. Although the territory is more familiar this time around, this second season is just as much a high-tension, taut, adrenalin-fuelled ride as the first, and one that will have you glued to your TV for the next 24 hours. --Kristen Bowditch DVD Features: Commentary on six episodes 44 branched deleted scenes Featurettes: ''On the Button: The Destruction of CTU,'' ''Making of an Episode: Production,'' ''Making of an Episode: Post-Production'' Multi-angle studies: scene 1, scene 2 44 deleted scenes with optional commentary Widescreen anamorphic format Number of discs: 6 or 7 pending. This is going to be well worth the money now that they included extras.
Guest More than 1 year ago
24 season 2 more than lived up to the adrenaline viewers felt while watching season 1 two years ago. The character development throughout 24 is perfect and can be compared to any well thought out characters in any recently oscar nominated films. In fact, I would say on record that 24 is a well written, thought out script that makes 90% of most movies released look ridiciulous when it comes to story, action, drama, and plot twists. In fact, the plot twists are what makes 24 so memorable. When you see the clock ticking with a minute to go by the end of each hour, make sure you hold onto something you don't care about, because as any true 24 fan knows, the last 30 seconds of each show makes you either depressed, angry, or flat out turns you into a screaming madman. At one point, an ''incident'' we'll say happens at CTU in the beginning of season 2. Let me tell you, what I saw made me jump off the couch for safety. No joke....stop laughing. In all seriousness though, 24 is my choice for best television show of all time. I know everyone throws that phrase around a lot, but I'm not one to babble nor poke and tell. 24 simply rocks. Bring on season 3.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As I've seen, this season wasn't only insanely suspenseful, but also so twistedly intelligent that it's just...mindblowing. And the emotional scenes are so powerful I was practically sobbing. Every actor was so incredible that they always brought something unexpected, even to the minor and more predictable scenes. This season had elements of a true action thriller...and also themes are are eerily true to what has happened in our time. I haven't seen season 1...but YOU MUST WATCH THIS SEASON!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The show is great!!! You will love it. Kiefer Sutherland has a great role. The show will leave you at the edge of you seat the entire time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago