Doctrine of the Opened Eye: Vol. 1

Doctrine of the Opened Eye: Vol. 1

by Kurt Bernard Miles


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Welcome to my Doctrine of Realization and Self Awareness. It has been so fascinating, and awe inspiring, to study the lengths and breadths - the highs and lows - the light and the darkness - of MAN. In all of his tremendous genius, man has yet to discover his reasons for being, and his justification for his daily actions and intents. From birth we learn and seek knowledge - we grow and seek sustenance - and gradually we find our own level of awareness - knowledge of one's self. Today - can we actually be certain of who we really are, and who we are destined to become? Everyday I grow certain of why I was placed upon this planet. I stand here upon the rocky crags of the present to open my eyes to see that which is placed before me - and that which I see - even back since childhood - is MAN. It seems that I have studied the behavior of man since the very day I was born, and now I am afraid I have many miles to go upon a journey that will surely consume my entire life. The only proof of how well I have performed my studies is in the words of this book - and those books to come. I have sworn to myself to never hold back anything from the paper that I write on. Grief and sorrow, depression and despair, fear and fury - I have committed myself to never be afraid of writing that which burdens my mind - and weighs down my soul. I write to follow God's preordained plan that wasn't clear to me during my youth, but is steadily becoming clearer as the days and years roll into the future. Now come, and read that which is free of all restraint, and may you soon begin your path toward your own - eye opening - doctrine.

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ISBN-13: 9781412086042
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 02/08/2007
Pages: 154

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For months now I have been racking my brain over what I can say and include within an autobiography, but the fact is -- and, pardon me, I must be blunt -- I really don't believe in them. Sure a person can rattle off events and experiences to fill the very Halls of Congress, but what I fiercely believe is -- and, forgive me, I must be forthright -- I don't believe in the telling of one's self when the full story of ones life has yet been fully told -- life's race not fully run -- and when one's desperate destiny has not been fully achieved. My philosophy is one chiseled from life lived on Philadelphia streets, for how can anyone tell anything about ones self when the fight to feed ones own family is so fierce, when the struggle to pay one's own bills is so dire, and when life and health has taken a tragic turn away from good health, and into realms of malnutrition, poor nutrition, disease, pain, and -- all too premature - death?

Through my poetry I have told the world of who I am, what I have done, and left clues as to what I am destined to do in the near and distant future.

I have succeeded -- I believe -- in not holding anything back from my writing. Possessing an unrestrained righteous passion -- I have sworn to myself, vowed to God, and promise the entire world, that I will give every ounce of strength and devotion toward developing a greater sense of observation toward the hope for the greater goodness, wonder, and grandeur that mankind may aspire. I believe that I have remained true to my writing gift, being firm in my commitment to instill every iota of strength the Lord has given unto me into a craft that I hope and pray will glorify His holy andrighteous name. Behold -- I will arise to deal with the problems of the day -- knowing that there are people out there in need of an inspirational phrase or encouraging word -- and also knowing that I am in just the right position in life -- and in time -- to swiftly render -- that written word -- of care.

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