Divorce Is Not the End of the World: Zoe's and Evan's Coping Guide for Kids

Divorce Is Not the End of the World: Zoe's and Evan's Coping Guide for Kids

by Zoe Stern


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"An upbeat look at the ways in which, with the right support, kids of divorce can grow stronger and more able to navigate life's storms. I recommend this kid-friendly, parent-helpful resource." —M. Gary Neumann, LHMC, Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce the Sandcastles Way

Zoe and Evan Stern know firsthand how it feels when your parents divorce. When their parents split they knew their lives would change but they didn't know how. A few years later, when they were 15 and 13 years old, they decided to share their experience in this positive and practical guide for kids. With some help from their mom, Zoe and Evan write about topics like guilt, anger, fear, adjusting to different rules in different houses, dealing with special occasions like birthdays, adapting to stepparents and blended families, and much more.

Including updates from grown-up Zoe and Evan 10 years later, this honest guide will reassure children of divorce that, though it may seem it sometimes, it's not the end of the world.

   • Advice for kids-by kids-about divorce.
   • More than 28,000 copies sold.
   • Revised edition includes "looking back" updates from Zoe and Evan.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781582462417
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Publication date: 02/11/2008
Edition description: REV
Pages: 112
Sales rank: 289,548
Product dimensions: 6.05(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)
Age Range: 10 - 13 Years

About the Author

Ellen Sue Stern is the founder of Expecting Change Workshops, President of Stern Literary Enterprises, a Celebrity Ambassador for the National MS Society, and the author of twenty books. Her writing has been featured in Self, Women's Day, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, WebMd, Match.com, and CNN.com.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     vii
Zoe's Introduction     1
Evan's Introduction     2
Ellen Sue's Introduction     3
Why did This Have to Happen? When your parents get divorced     5
Maybe They'll Get Back Together: If you have hopes, schemes, and secret fantasies     10
Stop Trying to Make me Feel Better: If your parents tell you everything will be okay or keep trying to make it up to you     15
Where's My Stuff? When you live in two different places     20
It's not your Fault: If you feel guilty or responsible     25
Nobody Asked my Opinion: If you're mad, sad, or scared     29
Quit Putting me in the Middle: If you feel like you're being pulled between your parents     34
Who's in Charge? When there are different households, different rules     38
You Never have Enough Time for me Anymore: If you don't get to spend enough time with one of your parents     43
Telling your Friends: When and how to break the news that your parents are getting divorced     48
I Wish we were a Normal Family: If you ever feel weird or embarrassed about being from a divorced family     52
I Don't Want to Meet your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: If your parents start to date     57
Let's Have my Birthday Party at the Mall: When you're dealing with birthdays, holidays, and other specialoccasions     62
Where I'd Rather Live: If you wish you could change your living situation     67
You're not My Father/Mother: When you have to learn to live with stepparents     72
Why are you Making me go to that Stupid Support Group? If you wonder what sort of support kids really need     77
I Don't Want Another Sister: If you have to deal with blended families     82
Is There any Such Thing as a Happy Marriage? If you wonder if love ever lasts     87
If you Blame one of your Parents for the Divorce: When you can't stop being angry at either your mom or your dad     92
Rewards, or the Good Things Nobody Tells you About Divorce: Why divorce really isn't the end of the world     96
Web Resources for Kids and Parents     101

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Divorce Is Not the End of the World: Zoe's and Evan's Coping Guide for Kids 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderfully written. Unfortunately I ordered this book as part of a birthday gift for my grandson. I ordered it in plenty of time to get it delivered to him in time. Unfortunately, the shipping got really messed up. B+N messed up on the address and my grandson didn't receive the book until approx. a week and a half after his birthday.