Discover the Joy: Exactly What you Need for the Journey of Life

Discover the Joy: Exactly What you Need for the Journey of Life

by D. Michael Toby




Foreword Far too often, absolute joys offered to brothers and sisters in Christ go unclaimed. Thankfully, we can avail ourselves of reminders from others, particularly those who’ve spent decades in Christian service, to make such claims. In this work, Dr. D. Michael Toby, my friend for almost a quarter-century, shares with us valuable suggestions concerning our drinking more often from joy’s fountain—if we but practice what he preaches. In this book of discovery, he offers deep, yet ever so practical, insights from the teachings of the Apostle Paul. His life experiences and those of others he has known, are framed against the backdrop of this mighty Biblical figure who was extraordinarily capable, as well as determined, to find joy in whatever circumstances he encountered. During his ministry of some forty-two years, Dr. Toby has learned to identify and claim joys at every hand. Speaking of, he’s a "good hand" in providing this "how-to" guide for us to claim a bunch of joys for our own! His credibility has been proven, time and again. His enthusiasm and unique Christian witness are admired and genuine. And his work at First Baptist Church of Woodway is the stuff of which legends are made. Ask members of the flock there and they’ll tell you how much they appreciate their pastor of thirty-two years. Early in our friendship, he preached all services of our campus revival, despite our urging him to return to Waco, where his mother was extremely ill. He would not. She died within a week of his last service with us. Later, he was an active, supportive and effective member of the HPU Board of Trustees. Mike and Jackie Toby are so easy to love! And to kid, a couple of years ago, friends gathered for HPU graduation exercises, during which Mike was awarded the honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree. At a fun-poking luncheon following, the Toby’s son, anesthesiologist Dr. Josh Toby of Tyler, made a wry comment: "I’m glad we now have two doctors in the family to put people to sleep!" I was privileged to read this manuscript and to claim from it a stronger awareness of Paul’s teachings, as well as deepen my appreciation for purposeful pursuits of joy, a journey in which we can all be enthusiastic participants. Dr. Mike Toby is a minister I could not respect more. And a friend I could not value more. His is a life of all-out, sold-out picture of Christian service. Mike does nothing halfway, except perhaps in his golf game. No matter. Show me a good avocational golfer and I’ll show you one who is seeking too much joy outside the boundaries of his call… Dr. Don Newbury Chancellor Howard Payne University Introduction It is my intention to give you the most amazing, rewarding gift that you will ever receive. Now let me amplify on that. In actuality, it is my prayer that I will be able to facilitate your discovering that most amazing gift: the gift of God’s joy characteristically in you. We will look at 10 different aspects of joy that come to us as a result of letting Jesus be Lord of our lives. Joy is, in fact, a spiritual gift. It comes to you when you have allowed Jesus to have control, when you have surrendered your heart to say, "I want to do your will. And I am prepared to live my life your way." Joy is a quality that is hard to define: · It’s an intangible that makes all of the difference in life. · It is that quality that absolutely enriches relationships we have with one another. · It transforms circumstances into occasions of growth and blessing. · It causes us to be able to see victory in what otherwise might be perceived as discouragement and defeat. · It is in getting our hands on this amazing gift of joy that we are lifted out of depression and we are able to avoid many of the pitfalls that would otherwise befall us as we go through the difficulties and uncertainties of life. When we define joy, it helps us discover it and that is my hope for you. — D. Michael Toby, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Woodway, TX

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Publication date: 09/30/2009
Pages: 144
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About the Author

For the last 32 years, Mike Toby has served as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodway, a suburb of Waco, Texas. Under his leadership the church has grown to over 4,000 members, has gone through eight building programs, including relocation to a new 30-acre campus. The church is widely known for its many ministries that touch all ages. It’s passion for missions and taking Christ to the nations has impacted every area of the life of the church. Pastor Toby personally leads mission teams on a regular basis and is the cheerleader for others to be involved. Mike and his wife, Jackie, have been married for over 40 years. Their two sons, Josh and Scott, are both married.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 4

Foreword 5

Introduction 7

Chapter 1 The Joy in Friendships 9

Chapter 2 The Joy in Spiritual Vitality 21

Chapter 3 The Joy in Difficulty 33

Chapter 4 The Joy in Unity 45

Chapter 5 The Joy of a Good Attitude 61

Chapter 6 Life's Greatest Joy 75

Chapter 7 The Joy of the Journey 87

Chapter 8 Six Resolutions for a Joyous Life 99

Chapter 9 The Joy of Soul Winning 113

Chapter 10 The Joy of Contentment 121

Conclusion: The Goodness of God 131

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