Discover Joy in Work: Transforming Your Occupation into Your Vocation

Discover Joy in Work: Transforming Your Occupation into Your Vocation

by Shundrawn A. Thomas

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We are meant to experience joy in our work. But many of us struggle to find a sense of purpose or fulfillment in what we do. Is it possible for us to truly flourish in our work? Business executive Shundrawn Thomas reveals how work is intended to produce lasting value and should be meaningful and productive. A healthy attitude toward work and the workplace requires intentionality and effort. Thomas helps us to a greater understanding of our abilities and passions, which in turn will help us develop into the people we are meant to be. He addresses issues of work ethic, character formation, and work-life synergy to find better harmony between what we do and who we are. Through empirical research and real-life stories, Thomas reveals fundamental truths in easy-to-remember concepts for joy at work regardless of occupation, age, or career stage. You are designed to flourish in your workplace. Come on this journey to transcend your occupation and discover your true vocation.

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ISBN-13: 9780830857982
Publisher: IVP Books
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Shundrawn A. Thomas is president of a trillion-dollar global investment management business, and is a management group member of a leading financial services company. He previously advised institutional equity investors as a vice president for Goldman Sachs, and held positions in sales, trading, and research in the fixed income division of Morgan Stanley. He is an engaged civic leader serving as a trustee for Wheaton College and as a board director of the Museum of Science and Industry. Thomas is a motivational speaker and lecturer speaking nationally on topics including professional development, leadership, values, faith, strategy, and finance. He is the author of Ridiculous Faith: Ordinary People Living Extraordinary Lives, and Driving Under the Influence: Finding Your Way on the Road of Life.

Table of Contents

Preface: Work and Happiness

Introduction: No Joy in Mudville

Part I: Your Workplace

1. Change Your Attitude

2. Alter Your Approach

3. Raise Your Aptitude

4. Ensure Your Achievement

Part II: Your Work Ethic

5. For the Love of Money

6. For the Praise of People

7. For the Pride of Life

Part III: Your Work Life

8. Work Reveals Purpose

9. Work Requires Effort

10. Work Promotes Growth

11. Work Develops Skill

12. Work Fosters Relationships

13. Work Produces Value

14. Work Glorifies God

Epilogue: Joy to the World



What People are Saying About This

Larry Robinson

"Throughout my career as a scientist, administrator, and educator, I have had the privilege of mentoring talented professionals and brilliant students. I can personally attest that one of the greatest needs of professionals and students alike is wise career counsel. Shundrawn Thomas provides this oft sought-after wisdom and so much more. Whether you are just beginning your career journey or are well along the path, Discover Joy in Work offers the unique insights, inspirational guidance, and practical applications that will help you flourish professionally, personally, and spiritually."

C. William Pollard

"Most of us will spend many of our waking hours in our work environment. Few of us have reflected on how our work can be joyful. The author of this book was able to find joy in his work and transform his occupation into his vocation. As a result, he grew into the person he was becoming and in his contributions to those he worked with and those he served. Discover Joy in Work will open new opportunities for work to become a pathway to joy in your life."

Eboo Patel

"Shundrawn Thomas has written a remarkable book, a work full of cosmic wisdom and concrete advice for anybody seeking to live a life of greater joy, fulfillment, and service. By highlighting the ways our work lives might be improved, Shundrawn shows us a path where our whole selves can be enriched. I highly recommend this book."

Darrell L. Bock

"Discover Joy in Work is about transforming the way the worker sees work by understanding why God has us do it as stewards. What is amazing is that as you read this book you will see it not only can change the way you see work, it will change you as a person in ways that both include and go beyond your work."

Carla A. Harris

"Transformed! That is the best word to describe your mindset after reading Discover Joy in Work. Shundrawn Thomas's ability to seamlessly weave together timely research, piercing insights, and vivid storytelling provides a truly unique perspective on work as a calling. Reader beware! This book will impact you intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, encouraging your growth in the process."

Greg Waybright

"In Shundrawn Thomas's Discover Joy in Work, I've found at last the book I've been seeking for the business people, professionals, and students looking for career guidance in my church. I love the fact that this book is both current in its research about issues related to occupation and vocation as well as rooted in sound theology and biblical understanding. Amazingly, it is also a wonderful read, filled with well-told stories and practical application. In reading this book, people's lives will be transformed as we begin to see our work not as something we have to do but as a place, people, and task to which God has sent us."

Samuel C. Scott III

"During my career I have had the opportunity to work with many exceptionally talented individuals all of whom, to a varying degree, have practiced some of what Shundrawn Thomas offers in this groundbreaking book. After reading Discover Joy in Work all of our views on work and the workplace will be significantly changed."

Emery Lindsey

"Shundrawn Thomas delivers a prophetic message to this generation and generations to come. In Discover Joy in Work, his keen insight and principled character shine through as he inspires the novice and the elder to realize their true vocation and higher calling."

Philip Ryken

"As a dynamic leader in business, higher education, church ministry, civic engagement, and family life, Shundrawn Thomas knows how finding joy in our daily work can impact our personal well-being and professional success. In this enthralling book full of personal experiences and practical insights that come from his Christian convictions, Thomas guides his readers through a process of self-reflection that can transform the drudgery of a job into the joy of a calling that serves other people and gives glory to God."

Nicholas Pearce

"Shundrawn Thomas is a shining example of the power of merging purpose and profession to the glory of God. Discover Joy in Work is a timely invitation to experience God's best in your daily work."

Lisa Warner Wardell

"With Discover Joy in Work, Shundrawn brings an insightful and unique perspective to the age-old question of how we find joy in the work that we do every day. His book is a practical guide to the steps anyone can take to create a more fulfilling career journey and to love what they do."

Leslie D. Hale

"With Discover Joy in Work, Shundrawn Thomas combines profound insights, practical experience, and vivid anecdotes to produce a road map for those seeking greater fulfillment in their work. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to grow professionally and personally."

Emery Lindsay

"Shundrawn Thomas delivers a prophetic message to this generation and generations to come. In Discover Joy in Work, his keen insight and principled character shine through as he inspires the novice and the elder to realize their true vocation and higher calling."

Joe Stowell

"From the very beginning work has been a significant part of our human experience. And thankfully we are wired for it. Adam was built to work the garden and steward its beauty. But like everything else in life, managing what we are built for can be a challenging task in and of itself. So for all of us who are tempted to think that work is a necessary evil . . . we desperately need to read Shundrawn Thomas's revolutionary thoughts about how to turn our work from drudgery to joy!"

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Discover Joy in Work: Transforming Your Occupation into Your Vocation 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Jamal_Austin 15 days ago
I found this book to be a great guide for those of us who want more out of work and looking for fulfillment. It seems like most people hate their jobs but love to complain about it. This book focuses on the root cause and provides the fuel to help you make a lasting impact and change. This is a refreshing take and provides a more comprehensive viewpoint. Most books focus only on surface level issues, this book book on the other hand takes a deep dive to explore a more meaningful approach with practical insight. This book is a must read for anyone serious about finding fulfillment in work.
TriTLC 16 days ago
Whether you are a college student contemplating your first career choice, a seasoned professional at the peak of your career, or nearing retirement and considering your next move this is the guide for you.
Kelly Hodgkins 3 months ago
“My objective is to challenge, encourage, and inspire you. Specifically, this book will challenge you to engage in deep personal introspection, encourage you to have a healthy attitude when facing inevitable challenges, and inspire you to view your work as a calling or vocation.” - From Discover Joy In Work by Shundrawn Thomas The quote above outlines what Shundrawn Thomas sets out to do in Discover Joy In Work and he does just that. He sets up the context as “The world has an employee engagement crisis, with serious and potentially lasting repercussions for the global economy.” and systematically unpacks what creates and diminishes engagement at work. He established joy as the measure for work, rather than engagement, and places it within the Christian construct. The book is divided into three parts: the workplace, work ethic and work life. In the workplace, Shundrawn walks the reader through changing one’s attitude, altering one’s approach, raising one’s aptitude and ensuring one’s achievement to make the shift in perspective about the workplace. “How we perceive our work environment also has a significant impact on our experience in the workplace. To maintain the proper motivation and remain productive we must perceive we are in a healthy work environment. It is impossible to find joy in our work if we do not have a constructive view of our coworkers and our work environment. Since we spend many of our waking hours at our workplace or on activities related to work, this has carryover implications for our quality of life.” - From Discover Joy In Work by Shundrawn Thomas In the second part, work ethic, Shundrawn changes the perspective on society’s success measure: money, praise and pride. With a Godly view, he shifts the measure to joy and glorifying God. This section resonated for me as it shifts the power for change into our hands rather than it being uncontrollable. He also frames leadership as a skill for everyone to develop. “Leadership in large part involves the ability to effect positive influence, and an individual can demonstrate leadership in any position.” - From Discover Joy In Work by Shundrawn Thomas The third part discusses the purpose for work and it’s benefits, they are numerous! “When you have confidence in your convictions and your contributions, you enthusiastically commit your time and talent to your work.” - From Discover Joy In Work by Shundrawn Thomas I have been fortunate to be able to work in a career aligned with my gifts and with colleagues who are Christian and supportive, I can attest to much of this book. Joy in work is wonderful and worth working for, If you are looking to reframe work as a vocation, draw the connection from your spiritual self through to your work self and to develop your life skills, this book is for you. It’s five out of five on the en-JOY-ment scale and highly recommended.