Discourses of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Discourses of the Prophet Joseph Smith

by Alma P. Burton, Joseph Smith

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Discourses of the Prophet Joseph Smith is an invaluable reference work, one that should be in the library of every teacher, every priesthood leader, every parent, every person who is a serious student of the gospel.

The doctrinal teachings of the Prophet are arranged by subject matter, making them readily available for the researcher or seeker of information on a particular subject. Each chapter has been divided into many subsections, with headings for quick and handy reference. Each item in the book, whether as short as a sentence or as long as two or three pages, has been referenced to the writings of the Prophet. And finally, for this edition an expanded index has been prepared, giving detailed information sufficient to enable the reader to find specific doctrinal statements.

One chapter in the book is devoted to descriptions of, statements about, and testimonies regarding Joseph Smith and his mission, his accomplishments, and his greatness. These entries are from Presidents of the Church, from contemporaries of the Prophet who wrote eyewitness accounts, and from other prominent individuals who observed him and his work.

All these features combine to present a powerful compilation of the pronouncements of doctrine from the Prophet as he received revelation from heaven in restoring and establishing the true Church of Jesus Christ in the latter days.

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