Direct to Brain Windows, Remote Neuron Reading and Writing and Other Science Big Secrets, Lies, and Mistakes: Remote Neuron Reading and Writing and Other Science Big Secrets, Lies, and Mistakes

Direct to Brain Windows, Remote Neuron Reading and Writing and Other Science Big Secrets, Lies, and Mistakes: Remote Neuron Reading and Writing and Other Science Big Secrets, Lies, and Mistakes

by Ted Huntington


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If you have to read this book, then you do not get Direct-to-Brain Windows!
The first ever tell-all book about Direct-to-Brain Windows. Do you see little semi-transparent windows and videos in front of your eyes? No?! Then you are excluded too! It sounds crazy, but getting video directly to our eyes and ears removes the need to look at a screen or to wear headphones, and is just as safe and harmless.
Ted Huntington breaks the silence for the first time in history by telling the public openly and explicitly many secret details about Direct-to-Brain Windows, remote neuron reading, writing, and muscle moving. But perhaps even more importantly, Huntington reveals the truth about many "science" lies, frauds, secrets and mistaken beliefs.
It?s shocking, vicious, and beyond belief, to realize that many millions secretly see inside houses and heads in windows in front of their eyes, but for centuries, have denied that same benefit to millions of other fine people - not even telling them that such a thing happened long ago in the past. But it's all there, clearly spelled out by many heroic thinkers through the many dark centuries of silence and violence.

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ISBN-13: 9780988192201
Publisher: Ted Huntington
Publication date: 09/20/2012
Pages: 364
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Ted Huntington is "the man who figured it out", being one of the extremely few people to recognize that they do not get direct to brain windows (D2BW) while many others do. Huntington has also famously demolished many popular but mistaken or dishonest scientific theories. In a sense, Ted is like a real-life "Good Will Hunting". Some of Ted's most important achievements are:
-theorized that light is made of material particles and is the basis of all matter, including all subatomic particles, atoms, and even so-called antimatter
-explained that globular clusters are the inevitable result of natural selection, and the cycle from nebula to globular galaxy
-showed that "diffraction", "polarization" and "refraction" are all "reflection"
-showed that light source distance changes the position of spectra, disproving the "Expanding Universe" theory
-dismantled the "Electromagnetic Theory" of light by showing that radio has no amplitude if brought to a focus by a mirror or diffracted with a big grating
-devalued the concept of "energy" with the simple truth that matter and motion cannot be converted into each other
-dismissed curved surface geometry as unlikely to apply to reality
-rejected theories of relativity, space and time dilation, in favor of a single time for the universe

Other notable theories include:
-that atoms, like molecules are low density and temperature objects that form near the surface of planets and stars
-that atomic transmutation and fusion is common and a major secret science
-the "all inertial billiard-ball universe" theory
-that humans will ultimately consume all the planets
-that the 30 base sounds of human language evolved in Africa
-that the ribosome evolved before the first cell
-coined "remote neuron reading and writing" and "direct-to-brain windows"
-first to show D2BW and "eyes" window publicly.

In the social realm:
-Ted's "Universe, Life, Science, Future" ( are the first free videos to tell the entire story of evolution, the history of science, and the future
-coined "stop violence, teach science"
-supports complete freedom of all information
-supports "full democracy" where the public votes directly on all government decisions
-sides with "9/11 was controlled demolition", "JFK shot from the front", and "Thane Cesar murdered RFK" theories
-for consent only health care
-against jailing people for drugs or consensual adult prostitution
-has original songs free on his web page and YouTube

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