Diggin' in and Piggin' Out: One Man's Love for Real Food, Home Cookin' and High Spirits

Diggin' in and Piggin' Out: One Man's Love for Real Food, Home Cookin' and High Spirits

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There has been much written about food and the senses--and how it tantalizes our taste buds, warms our bellies, and stimulates our sniffers. But not until Diggin' In & Piggin' Out has food's relationship to an often overlooked sense--our sense of humor--been given its due. Here author Roger Welsch, a great lover of food, an anthropologist who has spent much of his life studying food and culture, and a pretty funny guy, reveals his own unique, distinctly manly brand of cuisine. Roger shares his secrets for tickling the palate--from how to properly prepare barbecued ribs (hint: drink while you cook) to the basic tools of male culinary arts (hint: you've got ten of them This richly funny tour of food includes Roger's favorite tried-and-true recipes: Uncle Roger's Nutrition Bombshells, Mick's Blind Duck, Linda's Man-Magnet Mashed Potatoes, Boom John Carter's Huevos Rancherous (Acts I and II), Red Beer wild Fruit Wines, and the list goes on.

If you love to eat, if you love to laugh, if you love even the mere thought of a table laden with food, here's the book you've been waiting for since your last great meal.

"Roger Welsch is America's premier storyteller. From his lips small-town life takes on the dignity of history and the currency of the evening news."
- Charles Kuralt, author of On the Road with Charles Kuralt and former host of CBS Sunday Morning

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ISBN-13: 9780060929053
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 02/29/2000
Edition description: 1 HARPER
Pages: 240
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