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Type 2 diabetes is increasing at epidemic rates. Dr. Cherry, host of the TV program The Doctor and the Word, explores ways to prevent, recognize, and treat this devastating disease.

About the Author:
Reginald B. Cherry, did his pre-med at Baylor University and graduated from the University of Texas Medical School. He practiced diagnostic and preventive medicine in Houston, Texas, for 25 years. Dr. Cherry and his wife, Linda, a clinical nurse, host the popular television program, The Doctor and the Word.

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ISBN-13: 9780737738711
Publisher: Cengage Gale
Publication date: 11/30/2007
Series: Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders Series
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 7.26(w) x 9.31(h) x 0.56(d)
Age Range: 15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction     7
Understanding Diabetes
The Scope of the Problem   Altha Roberts Edgren   Teresa G. Odle     11
New Treatments for Diabetes   Terri D'Arrigo     19
The Search for a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes$dJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation     26
Discrimination in the Workplace   Richmond Times-Dispatch     31
Stem Cell Treatment Could Reverse Type 1 Diabetes   Karen Kaplan     36
Controversy Surrounding Research and Treatments of Diabetes
Obesity Is a Major Predictor of Type 2 Diabetes   F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer     44
Obesity's Role in Type 2 Diabetes Development Is Overemphasized   Paul Campos     50
Chromium Supplements Treat Diabetes   Densie Webb     57
Chromium Supplements Do Not Treat Diabetes   Paula R. Trumbo   Kathleen C. Ellwood     63
Herbal Remedies Can Help Control Blood Sugar   Dave Tuttle     70
Herbal Remedies Are Not Necessarily Safe   C. Day     77
Embryonic Stem Cells Are Needed for Diabetes Research$dJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation     84
Success with Adult Stem Cells Reduces the Need for Embryonic Stem Cells Diabetes Research   William J. Cromie     90
Personal Perspectiveson Diabetes
Della Reese Tells Her Diabetes Story   Marcia Levine Mazur     97
A Cruise Director Shares Her Experience with Diabetes   Cathie Goodman     103
Mr. Universe Shares His Experience with Diabetes   Linda Von Wartburg     108
Glossary     115
Chronology     119
Organizations to Contact     123
For Further Reading     127
Index     130

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