Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design

Design Literacy: Understanding Graphic Design

by Steven Heller

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A sequel to its popular forerunner, this edition casts the net even farther in examining the reasons and history behind various objects of design that have had a significant impact on our culture.

The objects discussed range from the vintage posters that promoted concerts and fairs during the 1930s to a Roiling Stones CD cover from the 1990s. This volume also investigates larger movements and phenomena, including Norman Rockwell's effect on Americana, and the Cartoon Network's hold on children. Like the first volume, this is an eclectic look at how, why, and if graphic design, in the broadest sense, works as an influence on the public eye. Designers, students, and anyone interested in the history and dynamics of graphics as art and craft will find this an engaging and instructive read.

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ISBN-13: 9781581159448
Publisher: Allworth
Publication date: 07/01/2004
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 464
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Steven Heller is co-chair of the MFA Design: Designer as Author+Entrepreneur program at New York's School of Visual Arts. He is the author, editor, and co-editor of more than one hundred books on design and popular culture.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 7

Foreword Rick Poynor 9

Introduction 11

Section 1 Persuasion

Propaganda and the Art of Lying 17

Simplicissimus Poster Thomas Theodore Heine 22

Neue Jugend John Heartfield 25

The Peace Symbol 27

Black Power/White Power Tomi Ungerer 29

End Bad Breath Seymour Chwast, Designer 31

Men with No Lips Robbie Conal 35

Section 2 Mass Media

Jugend and Simplicissimus 41

PM and AD 44

Picture Magazines of the 1930s 46

Direction Paul Rand 53

Book Covers Edward Gorey 55

Portfolio Alexey Brodovitch 59

Industrial Design Alvin Lustig 61

Holiday Franr Zachary 63

Vogue Alexander Liberman 65

Scope Will Burtin 68

Esquire 71

Eros and Avant Garde Herb Lubalin 74

Push Pin Graphic Seymour Chwast Milton Glaser Reynold Ruffins Edward Sorel 76

Evergreen and Ramparts Ken Deardorf Dugald Stermer 79

East Village Other 84

Zap Comix 86

Culture Tabloids 91

Emigre Rudy Vanderlans Zuzana Licko 95

Raw Françoise Mouly Art Spiegelman 98

Beach Culture David Carson 102

Dell Mapbachs 104

Section 3 Type

Blackletter 108

Bauhaus and the New Typography 110

Type as Agent of Power 112

Peignot A.M. Cassandre 115

Cooper Black Oswald Cooper 117

Homage to Velvet Touch Lettering 120

Hand Lettering Joost Swarte 122

Pussy Galore Teal Triggs Liz McQuiston Sian Cook 125

Template Gothic Barry Deck 129

Manson/Mason Jonathan Barnbrook 131

Typography for Children 134

Berthold's 1924 Hebrew Type Catalogue 138

Section 4 Language

Depero: Futurista Fortunato Depero 145

Lorca: Three Tragedies Alvin Lustig 147

Merle Armitage's Books Merle Armitage 149

About U.S. Lester Beall BrownJotin Chermayeff Geismar Herb Lubalin Gene Federico 152

Ha Ha Ha: He Laughs Best Who Laughs Last Lou Dorfsman 154

Going Out Gene Federico 156

Man with the Golden Arm Saul Bass 158

The Area Code (Parenthesis) Ladislav Sutnar 160

Modern Paperback Covers 163

Bestseller Book Jackets Paul Bacon 168

Blues Project Victor Moscoso 173

The Split Fountain 175

Red 177

Best of Jazz Paula Scher 179

The Bald Soprano Robert Massin 182

Section 5 Identity

Modern Mark Maker Wilhelm Deffke 189

Flight E. McKnight Kauffer 194

McGraw-Hill Paperback Covers Rudolph De Harak 197

Dylan Milton Glaser 199

NeXT Paul Rand 201

Dr. Strangelove Pablo Ferro 204

Restaurant Florent: M&CO. 207

The Public Theater Posters Paul Davis 209

The Public Theater Paula Scher 211

Section 6 Information

Catalog Design Progress Ladislav Sutnar 217

The Medium Is the Massage Quentin Fiore 219

New York Subway Map Massimo Vignelli 222

New York Subway Map Goes Digital Massimo Vignelli and Associates 225

Section 7 Iconography

The Master Race's Graphic Masterpiece 231

Clipping Art, One Engraving At a Time 233

1939/1940 New York World's Fair 235

Shooting Targets 238

Darkie Toothpaste 240

Jambalaya Stefan Sagmeister 243

Section 8 Style

Mise en Page 251

The Great Gargantua and Pantagruel W. A. Dwiggins 254

Vanity Fair and Fortune Covers Paolo Garretto 256

Artone Seymour Chwast 259

The Lover Louise Fili 261

The Cult of the Squiggly 264

French Paper Charles Spencer Anderson 266

Section 9 Commerce

Show Cards 271

Priester Match Poster Lucian Bernhard 273

The First Record Album Alex Steinweiss 276

Cheap Thrills R. Crumb Bob Cato 278

Dust Jackets of the 1920s and 1930s 281

Atoms for Peace 283

Comic Strip Ads 285

Bibliography 289

Index 292

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