Dating and the Single Parent: * Are You Ready to Date? * Talking With the Kids * Avoiding a Big Mistake * Finding Lasting Love

Dating and the Single Parent: * Are You Ready to Date? * Talking With the Kids * Avoiding a Big Mistake * Finding Lasting Love


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Trustworthy Stepfamily Expert Offers Single Parents a Guide to Dating

Single parents who are dating or want to begin a dating relationship wonder, How will dating affect my children and my parenting? They probably have figured out that "dating in a crowd" is complicated. Now they're looking for help. Ron Deal, who has counseled single parents and remarried couples for many years, helps single parents--as well as those who date them--navigate the potential pitfalls involved. He gives perspective on when a relationship may be harmful to the children as well as how it can be a blessing to all. Always at the forefront is the goal of strengthening families. Includes questions for individual or group study.

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ISBN-13: 9780764206979
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/01/2012
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 523,921
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Ron is a marriage and family author, speaker, and therapist. He is Founder and President of Smart Stepfamilies and Director of Blended Family Ministries for FamilyLife. Ron is author of The Smart Stepfamily, The Smart Stepdad, and Dating and the Single Parent, and coauthor with Laura Petherbridge of The Smart Stepmom and with David H. Olson of The Remarriage Checkup. Ron is a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor who frequently appears in the national media including FamilyLife Today, Focus on the Family, HomeWord, and The 700 Club. He's also been interviewed by Ladies Home Journal, New York Daily News, WGN-TV and

He is a popular conference speaker and his video series The Smart Stepfamily DVD is used in communities, churches, and homes throughout the world. Ron is a member of the Stepfamily Expert Council for the National Stepfamily Resource Center and is a featured expert on the video curriculum Single and Parenting. Ron and his wife, Nan, and their sons live in Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information, visit and

Table of Contents

Foreword Dennis Rainey 11

Preface 15

Introduction: Striving for Love 17

Section 1 Getting Past Butterflies and Warm Fuzzies

Chapter 1 Dating in a Crowd: Dating With Purpose 29

Chapter 2 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Am I Ready to Date? 47

Chapter 3 Ready or Not, Here I Come: The Readiness Factors 61

Chapter 4 The Fear Factor: Preparing Yourself and the Kids for Dating 79

Chapter 5 Kid Fears and Dating Considerations 95

Section 2 Going Fishing

Chapter 6 Finding Love in All the Right Places… and in All the Right Ways 117

Chapter 7 Yellow Light. Red Light Green Light 141

Chapter 8 Going Deeper 163

Section 3 Marital Commitment and Stepfamily Preparation

Chapter 9 Re-Engage? Decisions About Marriage 183

Chapter 10 Preparing for a Good Blend 203

Appendix 1 Social Networking Do's and Don'ts for Single Parents 223

Appendix 2 Sample Purity Pledge 225

Notes 231

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Dating and the Single Parent: * Are You Ready to Date? * Talking With the Kids * Avoiding a Big Mistake * Finding Lasting Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
IBELIEVE2BK More than 1 year ago
This book is not a surface-feel-good book, but one that makes you look at yourself realistically. You can't just skim it; every page is important. He quotes a single parent who said, "we had no idea what we were getting into"... after reading THIS book, that won't be you! The author is up front and in your face with real issues -- he asks you first of all to want God's blessing in whatever you do. He asks questions so you can avoid repeating past mistakes and discern if you are ready to be serious again. At the end of each chapter he lists discussion questions that hammer home the information, and help you to realistically look at yourself and those you are with. The author explains the difference between "coupleness" and "familyness" which will give the reader a lot to consider. Coupleness does not equal familyness and should be kept in the forefront of every meeting and activity. He will probably shock a lot of people about 'soul-mate' but what he says hits the mark; he is right-on and will save people a lot of heart-ache if they listen. I liked how he promotes involving God and His ways in every area of one's life i.e. a spiritually determined purpose in dating, everyone can learn from. Here is one of the thoughts he puts forth: "In what way is your purpose in dating blocking God's purpose for you in dating?" Like I said, he asks thought-provoking and self-examining questions only you can answer. One piece of wisdom I'll share here is when he says "marry someone, not as a replacement parent, but because you love them and believe they will help you raise your kids in the Lord." The author gives a behavior list and says he would limit it to 1-4; I would have to say in that area, I would limit it 1-3. You'll have to get the book to see what I am talking about! I am not a reviewer who 'gives away' the whole story, but I hope this review will give single parents or those dating a single parent, a taste to read this book. It is well worth it. I was given this book to review by Bakerpublishinggroup with no restrictions as to how I would review it. I do highly recommend it. IBELIEVE2bk
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book and full of Godly wisdoms. I will be reading it more then once im sure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author, Ron Deal, shares wisdom gained through many years as a family counselor. Mr. Deal covers several subjects that single parents might not consider when they begin to date, and also provides insights for those who are dating a single parent. I love how the discussion questions at the end of each chapter helped me to strengthen my own perspective on dating as a single parent, as well as being great tools to spark conversation with my significant other. I highly recommend this book!