Dark Is The Dawn

Dark Is The Dawn

by Cynthia Morey


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As a child in World War 2, Cynthia Morey spent many hours in the air raid shelter and watched the Battle of Britain taking place in the skies above her home in Croydon.
This account - 'the story of an ordinary family in extraordinary times' - describes those unforgettable years. Cynthia tells of the anxieties and tragedies which, drawing people together, engendered the amazing wartime spirit that helped everyone to survive. Her great admiration and pride in the RAF began when her brother trained as a navigator on Wellington bombers, making regular night raids over Germany.
Even in the difficult conditions which then prevailed, life was not all doom and gloom; there were plenty of laughs, too, as she describes so well in this fascinating book Cynthia Morey has enjoyed a long career in the theatre - performing in the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, in opera, musicals, pantomime and cabaret.
Her previous four books have all had a theatrical theme, but Dark is the Dawn is something quite different These days Cynthia does some directing, spends much of her time writing, and is delighted to be the President of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. But she can still be enticed on to the stage to perform the odd number or two!

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Publication date: 06/21/2009
Pages: 162
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