Danny's Boy

Danny's Boy

by Laurie Ann Rossin


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The young coed Danielle O’Neil has her whole career ahead of her. Her parents and friends encourage Danny to stay close to home in rural Iowa but she ventures to the big city of Minneapolis to study Journalism at the University of Minnesota. Wanting more than the traditional role of wife and mother, her plans are dramatically altered when her path literally collides with the handsome Dr. Nicholas Goodman and his stormy colleague.

Nick Goodman has his dream job. As a scientist at the University of Minnesota’s stem cell research center working alongside the brilliant Italian doctor Sonny Marino, Nick is close to developing the first human stem cell therapy. Foregoing love and money, Nick is driven to use the controversial medical technology to cure the most devastating human diseases and injuries

As Nick and Danny find themselves in an unexpected romance, Nick begins to question Dr. Marino’s motives and their disagreement around cloning escalates. Through a series of tragic and troubling events, Danny's life is nothing like she had planned.

A story of profound love, tragic loss and moral dilemma, Danny’s Boy will carry you along as Danny discovers the unbelievable truth about her son.

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ISBN-13: 9780997851830
Publisher: Highview Creative
Publication date: 12/23/2016
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

Laurie Ann Rossin (Swonger) was born in July, 1953 and spent most of her childhood with parents and two brothers in the Saint Paul suburb of Maplewood, Minnesota. When she was about nine years' old, she found a book of Alfred Hitchcock stories on her aunt's bookshelf (she was supposed to be napping) and was hooked. She loved to watch "The Twilight Zone" on TV, read stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King and other spooky authors and was thrillingly scared to death by the movie "Wait Until Dark." Her favorite scary stories contained enough reality to be plausible but stretched her imagination to wonder "what if?"

Her teen years were spent in Golden Valley and she graduated in 1971 from Armstrong High School in Plymouth. In the early seventies, she attended Concordia University in Saint Paul as a liberal arts student with a concentration in music and English literature. She decided that she didn't want to teach and didn't think she could make a living in either music or literature so at age 19 she quit college to work in business. Later in life, as an adult student in Augsburg's Weekend College program, she earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration followed by a challenging and rewarding career in the 401(k) retirement plan industry.

In 1996, as moral and legal controversies swirled around the news of Dolly the first cloned sheep, Laurie wondered what a human clone would experience in family and social life. She began writing Danny's Boy and as the story developed found that it wasn't a spooky or sci-fi story, but one that challenged her once again to explore "what if?"

Danny's story waited patiently while the author's professional life, new marriage to conductor Dr. Thomas Rossin and love for her step-children and grandchildren took priority. In 2013 she found the original printed manuscript and floppy disc in a box and after reading it wondered, "Whatever happened to Danielle?"

Published in 2016, Danny's Boy is only the beginning of Danielle's story. Rossin plans to release book two - a continuation of Danny's story.

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