Dangerous Choice

Dangerous Choice

by Barbara Freethy

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FBI Special Agent Diego Rivera is searching for his family when a clue leads him to a quaint Colombian village, which suddenly erupts into violence. Diego is caught in a shooting and discovers an explosive family secret.

Tara Powell comes to Colombia to look for her missing friend. When the village priest who's supposed to have information for her is gunned down, she finds herself entangled with Diego, who is on a personal mission of his own.

Danger follows Tara and Diego from Colombia to the US, and it's not clear which one of them is the target. As they search for the people they love, shocking details emerge. Will their fierce loyalty blind them to the truth...or will their trust in each other save them?

Don't miss this new thrilling, chilling, romantic suspense by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy.

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"PERILOUS TRUST is a non-stop thriller that seamlessly melds jaw-dropping suspense with sizzling romance, and I was riveted from the first page to the last...Readers will be breathless in anticipation as this fast-paced and enthralling love story evolves and goes in unforeseeable directions." USA Today HEA Blog

"Barbara Freethy's first book in her OFF THE GRID series is an emotional, action packed, crime drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat...I'm exhausted after reading this but in a good way. 5 Stars!" Booklovers Anonymous on PERILOUS TRUST

"RECKLESS WHISPER is intriguing, complicated and chilling. Bree finds herself drawn into a web of deceit that has close personal ties. What makes this tale so scary is that the pieces to the puzzle are lying in plain sight but putting them together is a confusing mind game. The twists are endless, the danger is far reaching, and the thrills are nonstop." Isha C. Goodreads

"DESPERATE PLAY is flat out wonderful and will have you gasping, twitching, frantically turning pages, and hoping our favorite author writes the next story quickly! Undercover FBI agent, astrophysicist whose best friend has been murdered, a boatload of potential suspects, complicated family dynamics and lots of danger and yes, some heat all add up to a very satisfying read." Jane – Goodreads on Desperate Play

"ELUSIVE PROMISE is another five-star read from Barbara Freethy! This is the story of Parisa and Jared! I think they may be my favorite couple thus far!" Robin – Goodreads

"ELUSIVE PROMISE is a captivating, suspenseful & passionate story. Grabs you from the very first pages to the last! It will keep you on the edge of your seat, guessing who it is. You will love the chemistry between Parisa & Jared. This is an amazing book, with memorable characters, making the perfect read!" Doni – Goodreads

"What I love best about Freethy's books are the characters and the depth she puts in them, the story can be as good as ever, but if you don't care about the characters you can't help but be unbothered by the events unfolding. This story has so many twists and turns that I read it in one sitting...a must read for everyone, I don't want to ruin anything so I will just say...WOW" Booklovers Anonymous Blog on PERILOUS TRUST

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BN ID: 2940161333167
Publisher: Fog City Publishing
Publication date: 03/06/2019
Series: Off the Grid: FBI Series , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 678
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Barbara Freethy is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of 64 novels ranging from contemporary romance to romantic suspense and women's fiction. Traditionally published for many years, Barbara began indie publishing in 2011 and has since sold over 7 million books! Twenty-three of her self-published titles have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists, including one title, SUMMER SECRETS, which hit #1 on the NYT and DON'T SAY A WORD, which spent 12 weeks on the NYT. Barbara was also the first Indie writer to sell over a million books on Barnes and Noble.

Known for her emotional and compelling stories of love, family, romance and suspense, Barbara is a six-time finalist and two-time winner in the Romance Writers of America acclaimed RITA contest for her novels DANIEL'S GIFT and THE WAY BACK HOME.

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Dangerous Choice 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just love this series! FBI agent Diego Rivera has been searching for his mother and brother and get information that sends him to a remote town in Columbia. Tara Powell is searching for her best friend, a tour guide in Columbia who has gone missing. They’re both happen to be at the same church to talk to the Father Manuel and see if he can help. He’s late for mass and tells them he’ll talk to them after the service. Shots ring out and Father Manuel is killed! Now the fun begins! Barbara Freethy writes a beautiful, edge of the seat story, full of intrigue, mystery and romance. This is my favorite FBI series! Can’t wait to read the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the whole series cant put down looking forward to the next story fabulous writing don't stop thank youii
Anonymous 4 months ago
This is the fifth book in the Off The Grid:FBI series. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this series by Barbara Freethy is phenomenal. Wow! It just keeps getting better. It is so very well written. Full of mystery, intrigue, suspense, a plot loaded with twists and this time a romance between FBI agent Diego Rivera & Tara Powell. Tara’s trying to find her friend/sister Bethany in Columbia and Diego is searching for his long lost mother and brother. Again I was so caught up in reading this book, that I couldn’t wait to finish it. Well done Barabara! You definitely know how to weave a tale of mystery and suspense, along with some wonderful romance. Now I’m curious and looking forward to reading Flynn’s story in Ruthless Cross when it releases.
Sandra Lancaster 11 months ago
This book hooks you from the get go with suspense, intrigue and mystery. Add in some romance and you’ve got an amazing story. Diego and Tara end up together after a tragic event and that’s just the beginning of their adventure. Barbara as a way of weaving a story that keeps you engrossed. I loved having the whole team together and the way it wrapped up the underlying mystery that has been interwoven in the series. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find out there are going to be more books in the series. Looking forward to reading them. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.
CarolASM More than 1 year ago
Loved Diego and Tara's story. Full of action, intrigue, love and honor. Friends, family and friends who are family. Thrilling adventure across the globe. Another excellent Barbara Freethy novel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
XstitcherKansas More than 1 year ago
Dangerous Choice is exceptional! I liked the chemistry, action, and suspense. It’s a fast-paced story from the beginning. The action was constant to the end. The mixture of suspense and romance was perfect. I enjoyed all the characters, both new and returning ones. I thought it had a great ending. I’m excited that this isn’t the end of the series, and can’t wait to read Flynn’s story.
arubaqueen More than 1 year ago
Last book in the FBI series and what a great way to end! Diego and Tara are both in Columbia searching for loved ones. While Diego needs answers as to what happened with his mother and younger brother, Tara is searching for her best friend who has disappeared and she fears is in trouble. They are both in the same place at the same time to talk to the same person when things go bad. They end up together running for their lives, looking for answers and just trying to survive! With the help of Diego's trusted friends that we've met in the previous books, they start to find the answers they are after. They learn to trust each other and come to really care for each other. Their lives are so different and wonder how they can continue the relationship once the adventure ends. Another fantastic book by Ms. Freethy, who has a great knack for developing her characters and their relationships with each other. I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving my review.
_NormaJean More than 1 year ago
Ms. Freethy has done it again. Just when I think her books couldn’t get any better, she comes out with another blockbuster. I have been hooked on this series from Book 1. The characters are well-developed and believable. The action is nonstop. I became so involved with the characters that they seem like old friends. The friendships that these FBI agents formed at Quantico is the core of this series. Diego Rivera is searching for his mother and younger brother that he hasn’t seen since he was a child. Tara Powell is searching for her best friend who seems to have disappeared. They meet in during an attack on a church by a drug cartel. The action in this book is fast and furious. The twists and turns kept me reading well into the night when I should have been sleeping. I couldn’t put this book down! I highly recommend this book and this series. I look forward to Book 6 in the series. The only bad thing is that I know the series has to end sometime...and I don’t want it to end!
Sandra Seppi More than 1 year ago
Another great book by Barbara Freethy! Dangerous Choice is another book in the Off the Grid : FBI Series. I've read all of the books in the series and this one was another favorite. Diego and Tara meet in Colombia and their story continues when they get back to the US. This book kept me up late turning pages to find out what happened. I can't wait for the next Barbara Freethy book! *I received an ARC from the author.
Mpomper514 More than 1 year ago
Another amazing story by Barbara Freethy. This is the fifth book in the Off the Grid: FBI Series. Don't know how she does it, but each book gets better and better. Diego just completes a mission in South America. He takes a few days leave and goes to Columbia to a quaint village to try to continue his search for his mom and his brother from whom he was separated from when he was only 13. Even with all his FBI contacts he was never successful. Hopefully the tip he got from a fellow FBI agent will finally pay off. Enter Tara, she is in the same quaint Columbian village trying to find her missing friend. Both were given a tip to speak to the village priest. Each were told it had to wait until after the service was over. When gunshots ring out Diego grabs Tara's hand and the chase begins. They stay together as a team, and face many perils first in Columbia and eventually back in the U.S. The question remains - are they being chased because of Diego or because of Tara? Loved all the twists and turns. So happy to have the whole group together helping each other. The strong bonds of friendship are amazing. If you like adventure with many twists in the plot, then you'll love this book.
Catdad More than 1 year ago
I always get sucked in to any Barbara Freethy book I read. Somehow she manages to write a story so well that I feel like I know these people and this story is happening around me. This book is about an FBI agent, Diego, who is looking for his mom and younger brother who he was separated from as a teenager. After 18 years of looking, he gets a tip and goes to Columbia to speak with a priest who might be able to help him. While in Columbia, he meets Tara, who is there looking for her best friend that has suddenly gone missing. The two pair up on their search and it's quite an adventure. Lots of twists and danger ensue. This book is the 5th in a series and all the characters come back in this one, which is really cool, but it could also be read as a stand alone. Love this series and now I see there's gonna be another book added which I am very excited about!
perriknows More than 1 year ago
Open this book and the intrigue begins immediately! Diego and Tara are both in Columbia looking for answers. The priest, who has promised information to both as soon as Mass is over, is assassinated. Diego and Tara, strangers to each other at the outset, are running from the carnage in the church. They take refuge in a cemetery, where they are attacked. Not knowing which of them is the target for the assassins, they decide to work together to get to the bottom of both of their mysteries. Tara Powell is looking for her best friend who was her foster sister. Diego Rivera is looking for his mother and brother who left when he was a young teen. This is in the FIRST CHAPTER people!! What a page turner. Dangerous Choice is the 5th story in Ms. Freethy’s, OFF THE GRID: FBI Series. This series follows the 6, now 5 people who went to FBI training at Quantico and became friends and allies. They have each other’s backs, always. Not knowing exactly what they’re looking for, Diego and Tara’s hunt for the people they love soon becomes entangled. Heading back to the US, they need reinforcements. The Quantico group and their significant others are there to help unravel the mystery. Will the danger that stalked Diego and Tara in Columbia follow them to the States? Are they in danger from a mad man who blames them for the death of his son? Will they all survive? Excellent writing and the pacing is spot on. Love these people and am so happy that this is NOT the last book in the OFF THE GRID series. You miss so much if you don’t have the back story of the whole group, so I advise to read them all, in order. What a fabulous series.
SixtySomething More than 1 year ago
A wonderful addition to Barbara Freethy’s FBI series. It starts slow, but builds to a huge finale. I highly recommend reading the FBI series in order because the characters show up in all of the books, but it is well worth the investment. One of her best series!
GwenL More than 1 year ago
Barbara Freethy doesn’t disappoint in DANGEROUS CHOICE, Book 5 of her Off the Grid: FBI Series. Each title in the series focuses on one of five FBI agents who became a family while training at Quantico. Because there is a mystery running through all five titles, you definitely want to read them in order. DANGEROUS CHOICE follows Freethy’s successful formula from the earlier four titles. One of the FBI agents — this time Diego Rivera — is using some personal time to work on solving the personal mystery that has haunted him since he was a teenager. He quickly meets Tara Powell, a civilian, who is trying to solve her own personal mystery — the disappearance of her childhood friend and foster sister. It quickly becomes clear both Diego and Tara are working on the same case. And because this is a romantic suspense novel, they become lovers. Freethy knows how to tell a suspenseful tale. I read this book over two nights (only because I had to go to work in between). On a weekend, it would have been a one-day binge read. The romance is an added layer that doesn’t overpower the book. And her sex scenes are tastefully nongraphic. Fans of the FBI series will love this book — and the unexpected surprise at the very end!! Everyone else, start with Perilous trust and binge read all five books. You will not be disappointed.
Boaters92 More than 1 year ago
Barbara Freethy has done it again! Book #5 in the Off the Grid series, Dangerous Choice, will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Tara Powell and Diego Rivera both have someone they need help finding, and one man has information that can help them both. Diego Rivera is an FBI agent who just finished an assignment and is taking a few days to look into a tip he was given. He was told to talk to a priest in Columbia who might have some information on the location of his missing mother and brother who he’s been searching for for 18 years now. When he arrives at the church however, the priest is already in what looks like a heated discussion with a woman. When he finally gets to talk to the priest, the priest tells him he’ll talk to him after the service. Unfortunately for Diego, he doesn’t get that chance. Gunfire breaks out during the service and the priest is shot. Diego is standing beside the woman who’d been talking to the priest so he grabs her hand and takes off running. Tara is a high school Spanish teacher who is searching for her best friend, Bethany. No one seems to think Bethany is actually missing because she likes to just take off on a whim, but Tara knows something is wrong. She had talked to a priest who said to come back the next day and he’d tell her what he knew, but the next day, he says he can’t help her. She goes inside the church, hoping to try talking to the priest after the service, but doesn’t get that chance. When the gunfire goes off, killing the priest, a man grabs her hand and tells her to run. After getting a safe distance away, she finds out the man who saved her is Diego. She doesn’t know much about him, but after explaining why she’s there, Diego agrees to help her find Bethany. I loved all the twists and turns in this book. The characters are thrown into life threatening situations over and over again but because of their trust in each other, they always make it out alive. Tara and Diego work so well together, and the chemistry between them is intense! Once I started this book, I just couldn’t stop! This was another amazing installment in the Off the Grid series, and I can’t wait to read the next one!
BrandyJB More than 1 year ago
Book #5 of the FBI Off The Grid Series: FBI Special Agent Diego Rivera is searching for his family, which leads him to a remote Columbian Village. At the same time Tara Powell is searching for her friend who is missing and comes to the same Columbian Village. Both have received messages that there is information for them on their separate searches from a Village Priest. But before he can deliver his messages he is gunned down so neither receive the information they sought from the Priest. When Diego & Tara meet they join forces to solve both mysteries. Twists and turns & shocking facts, make this book Barbara Freety's, most thrilling, romantic, suspense book in this series. A must read. May also be read as a Stand Alone. You will not be able to put this book down till you have finished reading the whole book. Who is the Culprit? Read to find out!!!
Renee25 More than 1 year ago
Diego is looking for his mother and brother. Tara is looking for her best friend. There first meeting is quite dangerous and life threatening. Their individual searches lead them down an interconnected road. A romance with mystery, suspense, and lots of questions being answered. Loved seeing the members of the team. I thought this would be the end of this series but so glad it's not. There are so "hot" scenes.
JennieF More than 1 year ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation Dangerous Choice is book 5 in the Off the Grid: FBI series by Barbara Freethy. This is such an amazing series you will want to read and reread it!! Tara Powell has traveled to Colombia in search of her missing friend, Bethany and has been led to Father Emmanuel for answers... Diego Rivera, FBI agent on a so called vacation also comes to Colombia to search from his long lost mother and brother who he hasn’t seen in over 13 years and is led to Father Emmanuel too. Sitting behind Tara at the church mass they watch as the priest is killed and others are injured. He grabs her and they run into the church cemetery away from the gunfire but somehow they are fired upon there also...now Diego is not sure if the shooters are after him or Tara. What happens next will keep you guessing.... This book has it all...suspense, drug cartels, more FBI agents, friends, family, answers to long ago questions and so much more! What a page turner, edge of your seat and roller coaster ride to find out who wants revenge?? Can’t wait for the next book in this series!!!!
jstryker More than 1 year ago
If you like books with mystery, action, and love then Dangerous Choice is the right choice for you. I really liked this book a lot. Along with the mystery and action, Ms. Freethy shows us what makes up a family. That touched my heart how there are so many different ways a family can be put together wether it is relatives or close friends. Dangerous Choice starts out with two people, Diego and Tara, meeting as they both are on a journey to find missing family members. From a shoot out at the church to the end of the book, there is non stop action while Diego and Tara together search for their loved ones. I definitely recommend this book and the whole Off the Grid series.
IAGrams More than 1 year ago
Dangerous Choice by Barbara Freethy is the 5th book in her Off the Grid:FBI series. Although I have enjoyed all of the books in the series, this one was especially good! Special Agent Diego Rivera is searching for his mother and younger brother when a “hot” tip takes him to a small town in Columbia. Tara Powell, a teacher, ends up in the same village looking for her best friend who has been missing for over a week. So of course they both end up needing to talk to the same priest in the same small church. When he is killed while performing mass, Diego and Tara run out of the church together into the church’s graveyard. Diego stumbles across his mother’s tombstone and is shocked to learn she remarried and has been dead for years. A gunman attacks the pair in the graveyard, and they flee again into the thick vegetation. Finally they make their way back to the hotel only to find Tara’s room ransacked. Deciding that it is much better to stay together they pack all of their belongings into Diego’s car and head to the bar to see if they can find out anything about the priet’s death. They don’t find out much, but being attacked when they leave the building has them running for their lives. And that’s just the first three chapters! I had a really hard time putting this one down and read it in 2 days! Didn’t get much of anything else done! Dangerous Choice is full of twists and turns, plenty of action, and connections you won’t believe. It was a great read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WOW just WOW. Barbara out did herself on this one. Lots of questions answered and many new beginnings. Suspense, romance and a touch of humour. Thank you Barbara
Ellen-oceanside More than 1 year ago
Village of Cascada did his mother and brother walk thru these streets at one time. With another hope, a lead, of many he has had in eighteen years. The priest, asking for a moment if he knew of her, replying with Camilla, you don’t know ? Shots fired, and the priest was dead. Fleeing to the graveyard with the American he saw earlier. Looking at the grave stones with the name, was it real, she was dead before he started to look for her. It also showed the connection to the drug cartel.Another shooter, was it aimed at Tara or Diego. Was her friend and his brother connected and working for the mafia. He was a FBI agent he needed to get his head in the game, who was the shooter, and to keep them safe. Once again the author has given a tense plot that includes families, friends and the loyalties they had to them. The action includes the drug cartels, shots, being chased, and with an attraction to each other. She draws in the other characters from the previous stories. Her plots leave us with an. unusual ending and wanting more. GivenARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.
Grinandstampit1 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. It filled me with tension as I read waiting to see what would happen to Tara and Diego as they searched for friends and family. Like the characters, I felt relief as they got back to LA but that was short lived. I loved that the entire Quantico team was now in LA. The underlying story linking these FBI agents continued through this book as well as the previous ones. The resolution to that base story was so unexpected but riveting. Barbara Freethy is a master of her writing genre. Mystery and romance abound.
ledLD More than 1 year ago
Fifth in this suspenseful series. In this book, the love interests take on a cartel, dodge bullets,deal with an old nemesis, kidnapping, hit and run,murder, yet find time for romance and meet the parents. This story is packed with action, mystery and excitement. Strap in and enjoy this fast paced ride.