The Customer Service Activity Book: 50 Activities for Inspiring Exceptional Service

The Customer Service Activity Book: 50 Activities for Inspiring Exceptional Service

by Darryl S. DOANE, Rose D. SLOAT


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From seasoned veterans to first-timers, any instructor, trainer, manager, consultant, or coach charged with improving customer service will find The Customer Service Activity Book a powerful resource. The activities can easily be used as a complete customer service training program or customized and used individually to address areas of concern.

The Customer Service Activity Book presents an array of dynamic and engaging activities that:

* Reinforce what good customer service is -- and is not
* Demonstrate how to work together most constructively and efficiently
* Prove the value and the importance of ""sharing the load""
* Show how to increase productivity and performance while enhancing relationships with customers

Assembling 20 years of sales and customer service experiences in a wide variety of industries, The Customer Service Activity Book is a treasure trove of exercises for enhancing the quality of any customer service training program.

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ISBN-13: 9780814433355
Publisher: AMACOM
Publication date: 05/03/2005
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 1,065,390
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Age Range: 17 Years

About the Author

Darryl S. Doane and Rose D. Sloat (Canton, OH) are international performance-based training and development specialists, and the owners of The Learning Service, Ltd.

Table of Contents


A New Revolution in Customer Service.

What This Resource Manual Provides

A Memorable Experience

The Seasoned Trainer

The New or Occasional Trainer

The Documenter

How to Use This Resource Manual

Part A: Service Attitude

1.Attitude Check

2.Whose Attitude

3.Both Sides of Change

Part B: Customer Service Icebreakers

4.Team Task

5.Promoting Communications and Teamwork

6.Who Are You?

7.You’ve Got the Power

Part C: Call Centers and the Telephone

8.Have You Ever Called You?

9.The Power of Repetition

10.Calling Your Own Company

11.Evaluating Self

Part D: Professionalism with No Excuses

12.Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

13.Make It a Miracle

14.Overcoming Obstacles

15.The Rules Have Changed Game

16.Defining Spectacular Service: How We Impact Our Customers Every Day

Part E: Communication: Listening To Your Customers

17.Active Versus Passive Communication

18.Say What You Mean — Mean What You Say!

19.Name That Tune! How Moods Influence Customer Communication

Part F: Customer Treatment (Internal and External)

20.The Grab Bag

21.When You Were a Customer


23.The People in Your Office

24.The Internal Customer

25.The Golden Rule

26.A Visit to the Zoo

27.Team Circle — Together We Are One

Part G: Essential Tools for Success

28.Check Out Your Work Environment



31.Best Practices in Customer Service

Part H: Customers and the World Wide Web

32.Think Before Clicking the Send Key

33.Putting Your Company to the Test: Being Your Own Customer

Part I: Asking for the Order

34.Interdependence and Selling Up

35.Achieving Closure

Part J: Fulfilling Needs/Providing Solutions

36.Reacting vs. Responding

37.Transformations and Their Impact: A Reality Check

38.Probing the Mind of the Customer

39.Holding On

40.Candid Customer

41.Customer’s Perceptions: How Their Expectations Are Created

Part K: Customer Service Assessments

42.HRD Press

43.What Do You Do? The Gifts You Bring to the Workplace

Part L: Uncomfortable Situations

44.Real World Customer Encounters

45.Training Activity for Customer Treatment

46.Losing Control

47.Most Embarrassing Moment

48.Your Customer’s Perception of Reality

Part M: Customer Service Stories

49.Service in the News — Do Customers Have to Look the Part?


Bonus Section

Being in the Real World — Collected Bits of "Sage" Advice

Appendix A The Documenter Learning Tool

Customer Service Documenter

Appendix B Customer Service Reminders

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