A Cultural Guide to Denmark

A Cultural Guide to Denmark

by Andrew Taylor


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This is an irreverent cultural guide and visitors guide to Denmark. The bulk of the book is a blunt, yet insightful, manuscript "discovered" under a pile of discarded junk. It is written as a parallel text with English and Danish on facing pages. Its veracity is not assured! The remaining section includes cultural essays and describes some odd-ball sights to see around Copenhagen.
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Note from the editor:
Last year while rummaging through the bulk trash area in the courtyard of my Copenhagen apartment, I encountered a curious booklet hidden in a stack of discards behind a TV, some old computers and other electronic junk. The anonymous author distills Danish culture into outrageous statements such as, "Danish design is old chairs from the 50s." I was simultaneously fascinated and appalled as I stumbled upon insightful nuggets among so many dubious generalizations. An amusing Danish translation also accompanies the English text.

This volume includes a reproduction of that booklet together with additional essays and a visitors guide. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.
-Andrew Taylor

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