Critical Marketing: Defining the field

Critical Marketing: Defining the field


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Marketing is still widely perceived as simply the creator of wants and needs through selling and advertising and marketing theory has been criticized for not taking a more critical approach to the subject. This is because most conventional marketing thinking takes a broadly managerial perspective without reflecting on the wider societal implications of the effects of marketing activities.

In response this important new book is the first text designed to raise awareness of the critical, ethical, social and methodological issues facing contemporary marketing. Uniquely it provides:

· The latest knowledge based on a series of major seminars in the field

· The insights of a leading team of international contributors with an interdisciplinary perspective

. A clear map of the domain of critical marketing

· A rigorous analysis of the implications for future thinking and research.

For faculty and upper level students and practitioners in Marketing, and those in the related areas of cultural studies and media Critical Marketing will be a major addition to the literature and the development of the subject.

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ISBN-13: 9780750680660
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/18/2007
Pages: 280
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About the Author

Michael Saren is Professor of Marketing at Leicester University Management Centre. He has a doctorate from University of Bath and previously held Chairs in Marketing at the Universities of Stirling and Strathclyde. His research covers the marketing of technology, critical marketing, consumer culture and marketing theory. His work has been published in many academic management journals in the UK, Europe and the USA, including the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Omega, British Journal of Management, the Journal of Business Ethics, Service Industries Journal and Industrial Marketing Management. He is a founding editor of the journal Marketing Theory Professor Saren is co-author with David Ford of Marketing and Managing Technology (Thomson Business Press, 2001) and co-editor with Douglas Brownlie, Robin Wensley, and Richard Whittington of Rethinking Marketing, (Sage Publications, 1999). He has been convener of the Marketing Stream at the first four Critical Management Studies International Conferences, 1999-2005 and one of the ‘Gang of Six’ who ran the ESRC Seminar Series in Critical Marketing. He was Chair of the 7th International Relationship Marketing Colloquium in 1999 and Chair of the 2003 European Marketing Academy Conference

Avi Shankar is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Consumer Research in one of the UK’s premier schools of management at the University of Bath. His research applies social theory to the analysis of marketing and marketing related phenomenon, studies of tribal forms of consumption and most recently investigations into the management of pleasure in consumer culture. His work has been published in a variety of journals including: European Journal of Marketing; Consumption, Markets and Culture; Marketing Theory and the Journal of Marketing Management.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Defining the Field of Critical Marketing
Gang of Six


Chapter 2 Critical Research in Marketing: An Armchair Report.
Linda L. Scott, University of Oxford

Chapter 3 Critical Marketing: Insights for Informed Research and Teaching
Jonathan E. Schroeder, University of Exeter

Chapter 4 Rethinking Critical Marketing
Alan Bradshaw, University of Exeter & A. Fuat Firat, University of Texas Pan-American

Chapter 5 Concerning Marketing Critterati: Beyond Nuance, Estrangement and Elitism
Douglas Brownlie, University of Stirling & Paul Hewer, University of Strathclyde

Chapter 6 Local Accounts: Authoring the Critical Marketing Thesis
Dr Shona Bettany, University of Bradford


Chapter 7 Beyond Marketing Panaceas: In Praise of Societing
Bernard Cova (Euromed Marseilles & Bocconi Milan),
Olivier Badot (ESCP-EAP Paris) & Ampelio Bucci,

Chapter 8 Customer-Driven or Driving the Customer? Exploitation versus Exploration
Gilles Marion, E M Lyon

Chapter 9 Advertising Literacy Revisited
Brian Young, University of Exeter

Chapter 10 Which half?: Accounting for Ideology in Advertising Liz Mcfall, The Open University

Chapter 11 Can Consumers Escape the Market?
Eric J. Arnould, University of Arizona


Chapter 12 The Critical Role of Social Marketing
Ross Gordon, Gerard Hastings, and Laura McDermott
Institute for Social Marketing, Stirling & The Open University, & Pierre Siquier, Ligaris Advertising Agency

Chapter 13 Making Sense of Consumer Disadvantage
Kathy Hamilton, University of Strathclyde

Chapter 14 Sustainable Marketing : Marketing Re-thought, Re-mixed and Re-tooled
Ken Peattie, Unversity of Cardiff

Chapter 15 Journeying Beyond Marketing’s Collective Consciousness
Ingrid Kaiser, University of Strathclyde

Chapter 16 Relevance of Critique: Can and Should Critical Marketing Influence Practice and Policy?
Robin Wensley

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