CREZZA: From AFL glory to prison and the long road to redemption

CREZZA: From AFL glory to prison and the long road to redemption

by Daryn Cresswell




For more than a decade Daryn Cresswell gave his all for the Sydney Swans. Over a career spanning 244 games he was smart, strong, unflinchingly brave and unwaveringly loyal. But when the curtain fell, things changed fast. Embroiled in a world of fast earns, chronic gambling and entangled in a web of lies, Cresswell lost everything—his wife, his money, friendships and, in the end, almost his life. In a very real way it was only jail that could save him. Here Cresswell tells his story, one of hard-earned highs and self-inflicted lows. It's the story of a driven man who risked everything and lost. It's also the story of a man who clawed his way back.

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ISBN-13: 9781742758299
Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia
Publication date: 11/01/2013
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Daryn Creswell was born in Tasmania and played with Glenorchy and North Hobart via a stint at the Geelong Reserves before being drafted by the Sydney Swans for whom he played for 12 seasons and an impressive 244 games. He was declared bankrupt in 2009 owing almost $700,000. He admitted that a gambling addiction had led him to lose everything after he retired from playing football. In December 2010 Cresswell was found guilty of fraud offences and sentenced to a minimum 10 months jail. Now out of jail, he lives in Queensland and is senior coach with Palm Beach Currumbin in the AFLQ.

Table of Contents

Prologue Matthew Webber ix

1 Sentencing 1

2 Tasmania - First Time Around 17

3 The Swans Climb 39

4 Windows Open, Windows Close 53

5 The Spend 63

6 No More 75

7 The Cattery 85

8 The Brisbane Experiment 91

9 The Disintegration 111

10 Jo 119

11 The Past Catches Up 127

12 A Well-kept Secret 133

13 Cruel Karma 137

14 The Prison Life 143

15 My First Visitor 149

16 The Farm 155

17 The Routine 163

18 Ticking Off the Days 171

19 The Interview 183

20 Starting Anew 191

21 Don't Let Them Win 197

Afterword Joanne Foster 199

Getting Help 205

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