The Crazy Life of James Wallace McDonald

The Crazy Life of James Wallace McDonald

by James Wallace McDonald

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My story begin in a city park where I was talking to a lady in the city park and the lady talk to me as I looked like a grown man. But she didn’t 't know I am a ten year old kid on the inside of a fifty year old man, I love to be a kid for life. My home is in the state hospital and I have been living in the state hospital for fifty years. My parents took me to see many doctors to found out what wrong with me, my father put me in the state hospital. One year at the state hospital a Pastor visit the state hospital and the Pastor saw me and the Pastor walk over here I was sitting at and the Pastor sit down and we begin to talk for hours and hours. One of the doctors that work at the state hospital saw the Pastor and I was talking for hours and the doctor came over to talk to us about the weekend. The doctor told the Pastor, you can take Wallace with you every weekend since you are a Pastor. Pastor said ok, where I got to sign Wallace out at. Pastor told doctor at my church the members going to show Wallace love and Wallace will feel love. One month later the Pastor realize Wallace is change, he doing crazy thing and second later Wallace is very funny that why the members love him. Months later there was a big change in Wallace, he became a monster and the Pastor didn't see that coming. Wallace the monster wanted to take over the world and the people whom that were in the world. Something happen to Wallace the monster to make Wallace normal again, now Wallace want to undo all the damage that the monster had done because Wallace want the people to love him again. Wallace still go back to the state hospital to see the doctors, Wallace keep up with his doctor appointments with all his doctors in the state hospital. The last doctor Wallace had we had a meeting last over six hours and the doctor found out what is wrong with me. Then the doctor realize that Wallace is not human but all the times Wallace been an Alien.

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Publication date: 05/03/2011
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