Cowabunga! The Surf Box

Cowabunga! The Surf Box



Massive, though not quite definitive, four-CD, 82-track box set of surf music. The first three discs are devoted to material from the genre's '60s prime, and the fourth devoted to revivalists from 1977 to 1995. Most listeners are still better off with the several excellent single-disc surf compilations available (the best of which, like this one, are on Rhino). If your interest runs very deep, this should satisfy, placing most of the emphasis on instrumentals rather than vocals (though significant efforts in the latter vein by the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and others are included). It has most of the big hits, and quite a few of the ones which were principally popular in Southern California, as well as some neat rarities that are hard to find anywhere, like the Illusions' storming "Jezebel," and the Surfmen's "Paradise Cove," the Latin-surf hybrid of Dave Myers's "Moment of Truth," the Sandals' "Theme From Endless Summer," and the Sunrays' pale Beach Boys Xerox, "I Live for the Sun." The fourth disc of modern-day revivalists, alas, was probably unnecessary in the minds of everyone except the compilers; it's the first three that really deal with the heart of the matter, with voluminous annotation in the 66-page booklet.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/21/1996
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227241827
catalogNumber: 72418

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Glen Campbell   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
P.F. Sloan   Guitar,Vocals
Beach Boys   Track Performer
Challengers   Track Performer
Dick Dale   Guitar,Track Performer
Jan & Dean   Track Performer
Chris Montez   Vocals
Leon Russell   Organ,Bass,Piano
Surf Punks   Track Performer
Trashmen   Track Performer
Ventures   Track Performer
Brian Wilson   Bass,Percussion,Vocals
Frank Capp   Percussion
Plas Johnson   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Lou Blackburn   Trombone
Richie Allen   Guitar
Halibuts   Track Performer
Insect Surfers   Track Performer
Sandy Nelson   Drums
Sunsets   Track Performer
Bob Welch   Drums
Annette Funicello   Vocals
Astronauts   Track Performer
Bel-Airs   Track Performer
Centurions   Track Performer
Chantays   Track Performer
Chris Darrow   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Nokie Edwards   Guitar
Walter Egan   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Fantastic Baggys   Track Performer
Johnny Fortune   Bass,Guitar
David Gates   Bass
Randy Holden   Guitar
Bruce Johnston   Piano
Jon & the Nightriders   Track Performer
Lively Ones   Track Performer
Mike Love   Vocals
Malibooz   Track Performer
Jack Nitzsche   Track Performer
Craig Nuttycombe   Rhythm Guitar
Sunrays   Track Performer
Surfaris   Track Performer
Wedge   Track Performer
Carl Wilson   Guitar,Vocals
Kathy Young   Vocals
Crossfires   Track Performer
Denis Farley   Guitar
Surfmen   Track Performer
Darlene Love   Vocals
Dick Dodd   Drums
Eliminators   Track Performer
Dave Myers   Guitar
New Dimensions   Track Performer
Billy Strange   Guitar
Fireballs   Track Performer
Honeys   Track Performer
Peter Anders   Vocals
Larry Taylor   Bass
Aqua Velvets   Track Performer
Johnny Curtis   Rhythm Guitar
Teisco del Rey   Track Performer
Dennis McCarthy   Bass,Piano,Vocals
Mermen   Track Performer
Man...or Astro-Man?   Track Performer
Ace the Bass   Bass
Richard Allen   Track Performer
Hal Blaine   Drums
John Barbata   Drums
Steve Barri   Vocals
Bruce Benson   Bass
Jan Berry   Vocals
Ginger Blake   Vocals
John Blakeley   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Bob Bogle   Bass
Max Buda   Harmonica,Vocals
Corky Carroll   Vocals
Byron Case   Guitar
Bill Cooper   Rhythm Guitar
Lloyd Davis   Bass
Richard Delvy   Drums
Bob Demmon   Rhythm Guitar
Marty DiGiovanni   Piano
Dennis Dragon   Drums,Vocals
Wayne Edwards   Drums
Ron Eglit   Bass
Rich Fifield   Guitar
Art Fisher   Guitar
Ed Fournier   Rhythm Guitar
Bobby Fuller   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Track Performer
Randy Fuller   Bass
Jim Gallagher   Drums
Rick Gardner   Drums
David Garland   Saxophone
Ralph Geddes   Guitar
Gaston Georis   Percussion,Keyboards
Walter Georis   Percussion,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Fred Grabert   Guitar
Jimmy Greenspoon   Piano
Janne Haavisto   Drums
Rene Hall   Guitar
Sharkey Hall   Drums
Richard Henn   Percussion,Vocals
Cliff Hills   Bass
Howard Roberts   Guitar
Vince Hozier   Bass,Vocals
Elliot Ingber   Rhythm Guitar
Fanita James   Vocals
Jardine   Bass,Vocals
Ray Johnson   Piano
Howard Kaylan   Tenor Saxophone
Jackie Kelso   Saxophone
Jean King   Vocals
Mikko Lankinen   Guitar
Michael Lindner   Bass,Keyboards
Dennis Lindsey   Rhythm Guitar
Looney Tunes   Track Performer
Johnny Malibu   Guitar,Vocals
David Marks   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Bob Marshall   Piano
Bob Mason   Guitar
Scott Mathews   Percussion,Drums
Raul Matute   Piano
Lou Maxfield   Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Medora   Guitar,Vocals
Scott Monahan   Keyboards
Mike Moran   Guitar
Steve Morris   Rhythm Guitar
Art Munson   Rhythm Guitar
Nichol   Guitar
Tom Nyman   Bass
Mike O'Neil   Bass
Don Owens   Rhythm Guitar
Earl Palmer   Guitar
Bill Pitman   Guitar
Matti Pitsinki   Organ,Rhythm Guitar
Ray Pohlman   Bass,Electric Bass
Vini Poncia   Vocals
Prairie Prince   Percussion,Drums
George Price   French Horn
Phillip Pruden   Saxophone
Rick "Casper" Rawls   Rhythm Guitar
Bob Reed   Bass
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Emil Richards   Percussion
Barry Rillera   Saxophone
Gale Robinson   French Horn
David Rodriguez   Drums
Diane Rovell   Vocals
Ron Smith   Piano
Donn Spindt   Electronic Drums
Drew Steele   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Jerry Stevens   Drums
Bill Swanson   Saxophone
Mel Taylor   Drums
Tommy Tedesco   Guitar
Gary Usher   Bass,Vocals
Nick Venet   Barking
Mark Volman   Alto Saxophone
Bill Warren   Drums
Dusty Watson   Drums
Allan Whitman   Bass
Jimmy Wilcox   Acoustic Bass
Dennis Wilson   Vocals
Dick Wilson   Electric Bass
Ron Wilson   Drums,Vocals
Dal Winslow   Rhythm Guitar
John Zambetti   Guitar,Vocals
Teddy Zambetti   Drums
Sentinals   Track Performer
Laika & the Cosmonauts   Track Performer
Tornadoes   Track Performer
Tradewinds   Track Performer
Peter Curry   Bass,Guitar
Bob Berryhill   Rhythm Guitar
Vibian J. "Corki" Casey   Rhythm Guitar
Pat Connolly   Bass
Jim Fuller   Guitar
Frank Hughes   Bass
Martyn Jones   Drums
DeWayne Quirico   Drums
Jim Reese   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Rhythm Rockers   Track Performer
Larry Robbins   Tenor Saxophone
Jerry Walker   Piano,Vocals
Dave Aerni   Multi Instruments
Wayne Bouchard   Rhythm Guitar
Dick Burns   Guitar,Vocals
Ed Chiaverini   Rhythm Guitar
John Convertino   Drums
Joe Dominic   Drums
Tim Fitzpatrick   Drums
Ernie Furrow   Rhythm Guitar
Pat Gaguebin   Baritone Saxophone
Ron Griffith   Bass
Chris Holgun   Drums
Jeff Lear   Bass
Jim Masoner   Guitar
Chuck Portz   Bass
Ken Robison   Tenor Saxophone
Dennis Rose   Guitar
Joel Willenbring   Tenor Saxophone
Annette   Track Performer
Robert J. Dalley   Guitar
Randy Nauert   Bass
Bob Taylor   Drums
Bud Coleman   Guitar
Stan Lark   Bass
George Tomsco   Guitar
Tony Andreason   Guitar
Eddie Bertrand   Guitar
Mike "Sticks" Biondo   Drums
Seaton Blanco   Bass
Danny Brawner   Drums
Eric Budd   Drums
Freddy Buxton   Bass
Chris & Kathy   Track Performer
Bob Colwell   Drums
Leonard Delaney   Drums
Eddie & The Showmen   Track Performer
Fabulous Playboys   Track Performer
Fender IV   Track Performer
Frogmen   Track Performer
Gamblers   Track Performer
John Gibson   Bass
Gene Gray & The Stingerays   Guitar
Ray Hunt   Guitar
Illusions   Track Performer
Norman Knowles   Tenor Saxophone
Jack Lake   Drums
Ron McMullen   Drums
Jim Macrae   Drums
Skip Mercer   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Dennis Merrit   Saxophone
Chris Murray   Vocals
Nick O'Malley   Rhythm Guitar
Mike Patterson   Piano
Pharos   Track Performer
Ed Quarry   Piano
Rondels   Track Performer
Rotations   Track Performer
Marilyn Rovell   Vocals
Ray Samra   Bass
Gerald Sanders   Bass
Jesse Sanders   Rhythm Guitar
Norman Sanders   Guitar
Rod Schaffer   Drums
Sea Shells   Track Performer
Chuck Tharp   Rhythm Guitar
Dean Torrence   Vocals
Valdez   Piano
Chuck Vehle   Rhythm Guitar
Steve Wahrer   Drums,Vocals
Dale Walton   Rhythm Guitar
Warren Waters   Bass
Derry Weaver   Guitar
Larry Weed   Guitar
Weiser   Saxophone
Doug Weisman   Tenor Saxophone
Cruncher   Track Performer
John Fortune   Track Performer
Boss Martians   Track Performer
Phantom Surfers   Track Performer
Surf Raiders   Track Performer
Surfdusters   Track Performer
Aki Aleong & The Nobles   Track Performer
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones   Track Performer
Dave Myers & the Surftones   Track Performer
Looney Tunes   Track Performer
Tommy Nunes   Guitar
Randi Anglin   Bass
Frank DeLuna   Guiro,Animal Sounds
Scott Betts   Bass
Birdstuff   Drums
Nick Contento   Organ
Evan Foster   Guitar
Frank Barbuto   Bass
Johnny Bartlett   Guitar
Danny Belsky   Saxophone
Larry Casper   Drums
Star Crunch   Guitar
Delecto   Rhythm Guitar
Gary Dodson   Rhythm Guitar
Nick Drury   Rhythm Guitar
Kay Garbrecht   Bass,Rhythm Guitar
Paul Geddes   Bass
Doug Harlow   Drums
Randy Haskins   Drums
Norbert Hauke   Organ
Joe Kurkowski   Guitar
Neal Kuzee   Rhythm Guitar
Tracy Longstreth   Drums
Jim Macmurdo   Vocals
Paul Macri   Bass
Debbie Melville   Vocals
Art Mistashkin   Drums
Frank Nichols   Drums
Jim O'Keith   Saxophone
Bruce Paddy   Keyboards
Wolfgang Peters   Bass
Ulf Rehwagen   Drums
Tom "Sparkle Plenty" Scarp   Drums
Doug Schaper   Rhythm Guitar
Grant Shankaruk   Bass
Bob Spicard   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Joey Sudetta   Drums
Gary Winburne   Bass
Larry Wnuk   Piano
Harald Zeidler   Percussion
Don Murray   Drums
Mar-Kets   Track Performer
Jim Tran   Bass
Steve O'Reilly   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
David Arnson   Guitar,Wind Chimes
Dan Israel   Drums
Dave Davis   Rhythm Guitar
Louis Abella   Drums
Vern Acree   Guitar
Bernie Henighen   Track Performer
Sandals   Track Performer
Ricky Lewis   Guitar
Bob Schumacher   Drums
Chuck Spencer   Rhythm Guitar
Dan Darnold   Guitar
Armon Frank   Saxophone
Tom Brown   Drums
Casey   Guitar
Paul Johnson   Rhythm Guitar
Billy Barber   Piano
Barbara Adkins   Track Performer
John Hunt   Bass
Jim Young   Rhythm Guitar
Pyramids   Track Performer
Steve Leonard   Bass
Doug Stanley   Saxophone
Jim Thomas   Guitar
Roy Alvila   Saxophone
Gil Orr   Bass
Michael Anderson   Drums
Steve Douglas   Saxophone
Jim Roberts   Piano
Joe Lyou   Saxophone
Dan Sullivan   Guitar
Jeff Nicholson   Bass
Ron Edwards   Rhythm Guitar
Ready Men   Track Performer
John Blair   Guitar
John Russell   Drums
Larry Bartone   Tenor Saxophone
Mel "Frostbite" Bergman   Rhythm Guitar
Klaus Brunner   Rhythm Guitar
Steve Carman   Saxophone
Colin Clark   Piano
Coco The Electronic Monkey Wizard   Bass
Mike Corbin   Guitar
Linda Dalley   Keyboards
Dave Doud   Bass
Larry Ellis   Rhythm Guitar
Brian Englund   Bass
Lee Farrell   Saxophone
Bud Gilbert   Bass
Larry Gillette   Saxophone
Rich Hagensen   Rhythm Guitar
Herbert Hooke   Guitar
Ralph Johnston   Guitar
Mike Lloyd   Guitar
Ron Lloyd   Vocals
Dennis "Ace" Lopez   Bass
Michael "Daddy Love" Lucas   Bass
Mickey Mills   Guitar
Gregg Nussle   Rhythm Guitar
Jon "Stormy" Patterson   Bass
Tom Pitman   Saxophone
Pence Potter   Rhythm Guitar
Debbie Ringer   Vocals
Rollin' Danny Seelig   Drums
Marty Smith   Rhythm Guitar
Chaz Stuart   Tenor Saxophone
Ray Sullivan   Alto Saxophone
John Thompson   Guitar
Preston Wilson   Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Brown   Saxophone
William Hinshaw   French Horn
Blazers   Track Performer
Revels   Track Performer
John Morris   Bass

Technical Credits

P.F. Sloan   Producer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Brian Wilson   Composer,Producer
Don Ralke   Producer
Aki Aleong   Producer
Chris Darrow   Producer
Lee Hazlewood   Producer
Alan Lorber   Director
Norman Petty   Producer
Murry Wilson   Producer
Peter Anders   Producer
Sade Adu   Composer
Jack Andrews   Producer
Steve Barri   Producer
Jan Berry   Producer
John Blakeley   Composer,Producer
Richard Bock   Producer
Jimmy Bowen   Producer
Chuck Britz   Producer
Harold Bronson   Producer
George "Funky" Brown   Producer
Denny Bruce   Producer
Paul Buff   Producer
Richard Delvy   Producer
Phil Dirt   Producer
Dennis Dragon   Producer
Gaston Georis   Producer
Walter Georis   Producer
Voyle Gilmore   Producer
Dick Glasser   Producer
Ralph Johnson   Composer
Howard Kaylan   Composer
Michael Lindner   Contributor
Bob Mason   Arranger
Stuart Matthewman   Composer
Jim Monsour   Producer
Richard Podolor   Producer
Vini Poncia   Producer
Nicholas Roubanis   Composer
Joe Saraceno   Producer
Schmitt   Producer
Gary Usher   Producer
Nick Venet   Producer,Contributor
Ron Wilson   Composer
John Zambetti   Producer
Jimmy Bond   Contributor
Peter Curry   Producer
Bob Berryhill   Composer
Pat Connolly   Composer
Jim Fuller   Composer
Vern Acree   Producer
Dave Aerni   Producer
John Gardell   Producer
Tony Hilder   Producer
John Hodge   Producer
Dale Smallin   Producer
Art Wenzel   Producer
Robert J. Dalley   Producer
Hite Morgan   Producer
Johnny Fisher   Producer
Gene Gray & The Stingerays   Producer
Norman Knowles   Producer
Bob Spickard   Composer
Bobby G. Summers   Producer
Frank DeLuna   Contributor
Birdstuff   Producer
Evan Foster   Producer
Pete Gram   Producer
J.P. Gutrock   Producer
Robert J. Hafner   Producer
David Arnson   Composer
Chaim Tauber   Composer
Berryhill   Composer
Tom Brown   Arranger
Paul Johnson   Composer
Paul Johnson   Composer
Dan Forte   Producer
John Blair   Producer
Bert Bertrand   Producer
Klaus Brunner   Producer
Mike Corbin   Producer
George Garrett   Producer
Herbert Hooke   Producer
George Huggins   Producer
Ralph Johnston   Producer
Thomas Ritter   Producer
Ralph Geddes   Composer
Rick Henn   Composer
Jim Greenspoon   Composer
Vern Acree   Composer
Gene Hofford   Composer
Star Crunch   Composer
Dave Holt   Composer
Gil Orr   Composer
Thomas Nunes   Composer
Dave Aerni   Composer
Michael Lucas   Composer
Nole Edwards   Composer
Mickey Mills   Composer
Ricky Lewis   Composer
Loyd Davis   Composer
Richard Burns   Composer
Robert Dalley   Composer
Mark Hilder   Composer
Sebastian Hartmann   Composer
John Earl Harris   Composer
John Thompson   Composer
John Blair   Composer
Jack Irvin   Composer
Kirk Ready   Composer
Patrick Connolly   Composer

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