Counterfeit Christs: A Look Into the False Ideologies of Modern Christianity

Counterfeit Christs: A Look Into the False Ideologies of Modern Christianity

by Trent Horn

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These days, this question has a lot of different answers. So many groups want to appropriate Jesus-tweaking his identity until he looks and sounds like one of them. But then you no longer have the Lord, says Trent Horn. You have an impostor. In Counterfeit Christs, Trent looks at eighteen phony versions of Jesus that we encounter today. Some are the creation of non-Christians: like skeptics who dismiss Jesus as a fictional composite of ancient myths, secular humanists who think he was just a Nice Man, or adherents of other religions who claim him as their own prophet or guru. Others stem from Christian or quasi-Christian theology gone so far wrong that its founder is no longer recognizable. Think of the greed-affirming Jesus of "prosperity gospel" preachers or the sects that strip Christ of his divinity. And of course there are enthusiasts for ideological causes who make him a model Marxist (or Democrat or Republican), or enlist him as a convenient spokesman for "tolerance" of the thing they want to do or promote. In all these examples and more, the authentic Jesus of Scripture and Tradition is obscured by a pate imitator, and so is the saving power of his wisdom and grace. Read Counterfeit Christs, then, and be able to recognize the fakes when you see them, explain why they're phony, and make a case for the full truth and beauty of who Jesus is: the Christ, son of the living God (Matt. 16:16).

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Publication date: 04/15/2019
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Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Counterfeits from the Non-Religious

1 Non-Judgmental Buddy 15

2 Victim of Conspiracies 25

3 Man of Mystery 35

Counterfeits from Atheists

4 Mythical Messiah 45

5 Pagan Copycat 55

6 Rotting Corpse 63

Counterfeits from Non-Christians

7 Rabbi Yeshua 73

8 Prophet Named Isa 83

9 New Age Guru 91

Counterfeits from Quasi-Christians

10 Jehovah's Greatest Creation 103

11 Our Eldest Brother 113

12 The Father in Disguise 121

Counterfeits from Ideologues

13 "Gay-Affirming" Savior 133

14 Socialist Liberator 143

15 Flawed & Failed Prophet 153

Counterfeits from Protestants

16 Prosperity Preacher 167

17 A Sacrifice Only for Some 175

18 The Anti-Catholic with No Face 183

Postscript: Who Do You Say That I Am? 193

Appendix: Counterfeit Christs in Politics 197

Endnotes 203

About the Author 221

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