Counter Culture Christianity: What in Hell has gotten into The Church?

Counter Culture Christianity: What in Hell has gotten into The Church?

by Rickey Dean Martin Sr


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I've been stimulated by the disparity between 'what God says' and what is being 'modeled or taught' by younger ministers and believers today. I know God raises up a new generation of leaders every decade or two. He intends them to be a powerful, encouraging force in the lives of their constituents. Yet, God also expects them to stay consistent with the principles and concepts recorded in His Written Word.

This is a book of discovery! It presents a personal discovery about our current American culture, and it exposes 'culture's discovery' that it really is capable of persuading the Church to hold and keep societal values instead of maintaining godly values. It is also intended to help you the reader discover or rediscover what God's defined values and perspectives are-and how to observe them within your own life.

Many of today's young people struggle against the idea there is a defined set of moral standards to live by. It seems true that some of the younger Millennials entering the ministry hold some form of moral standard, but struggle to find that specific bar or standard as outlined in scripture. I am confident they will eventually find and accept the fact that the Holy Scriptures do set a bar or standard they are to live out. But until then, someone needs speak boldly about what that standard is.

Until they accept God's standard, the flux of today's pressures and societal expectations and political correctness binds them to societal standards that are not necessarily God's defined standard. This then is the reason for this book-to provoke each reader to consider God's Word-until they see what the Bible says is God's standard-and accept it-and then live it out within their own lives.

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About the Author

Rickey has been in full-time Christian Ministry for well over 35 years. He was the founding pastor of four churches situated throughout the Northwest mostly in Washington; including the cities of Ellensburg, Issaquah, Burien, and Tumwater.

He also was the Founding President of South King County Bible School, and also of New Life Bible School in Issaquah. He was also the Administrator and main Instructor at Faith Bible School in Covington, Washington.

Rickey also traveled extensively as a revivalist in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nevada and California during the late 1990s. He also began a coaching ministry to small-sized local churches in order to help them gain clearer vision of their purposes and to numerically grow.

In recent years he has been an Associate Minister in several local churches with The Fellowship of Christian Assemblies, as well as American Baptist Churches of the Northwest.

Although now retired, he is still actively involved in a local church and home Bible study groups taking place in Auburn, Washington.

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