The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Eating For Kids

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Eating For Kids

by Andrew Villamagna, Dana Villamagna


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Children can thrive on a vegan diet!

The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Vegan Eating for Kids shows parents how they can raise a happy, healthy child on a vegan diet. The guide presents all the nutritional needs for children up to 12 years old, outlining what they need at what stage in their lives, and what vegan foods can provide those nutrients.

•The only book to present a complete plan for raising a vegan child

•Includes delicious vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks that especially appeal to children

•Will appeal to the nearly 5 million vegetarians/vegans in the United States

•Includes complete nutritional lists of fruits, vegetables, and nuts

•Features tips for teaching children how to cope in a non-vegan world

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781592579785
Publisher: DK
Publication date: 02/02/2010
Series: Complete Idiot's Guide Series
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Andrew Villamagna, MD, MSc, is a family-medicine doctor. He coauthored The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Eating for Kids with his wife, Dana. They're also working together to raise three vegan children. A former chemical engineer, Dr. Villamagna enjoys water sports and snowboarding in his spare time. He has also earned a black belt in martial arts.

Dana Villamagna, MSJ,is a journalist, educator, and author. She teaches at Montessori school, reviews digital education technology for Common Sense Media, cofounded a teen mentoring and tutoring program, and launched a vegetarian parenting website. She coauthored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Eating for Kids with her husband, Andrew. They have three kids together.

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Basics of Raising a Vegan Child 1

1 Vegan Advantages for Kids 3

The Health Benefits of Being Vegan 4

Kids Are Naturally Healthy, Right? 4

Have a Heart 5

Ever Met an Obese Vegan? 6

Cancer Protection 6

Allergies 7

Puberty Slow-Down 8

Illnesses, Pathogens, and Toxins 8

The Best of Everything 9

Vegan Is as Vegan Does 9

Edible Ethics 10

2 Are You Vegan Enough? 13

What's Vegan Enough? 14

Making the Best of the Situation 14

Media Pressure 16

The Debate Continues 16

Defining Your Own Success 17

Family Talking Points 17

Democracy or Dictatorship? 20

Your Child's Food Personality 20

Creating a Vegan Family Mission Statement 22

Off-the-Wagon Moments 24

3 Dealing With Real-World Dilemmas 25

The Picky Eater 26

Choice 27

Control 27

Creativity 28

Mom's Vegan, Dad's Not 29

The Cool Friend Isn't Vegan 30

Reasons to Be a Proud Vegan Kid 31

Ways Kids Can Show They're Proud to Be Vegan 32

Grandma Knows Best 32

In a New Neighborhood 34

The Concerned Physician 35

Daycare and School Rules 37

4 Debunking Myths About Vegan Kids 41

Health Myths 42

Myth: Vegan Kids Are Weak and Sickly 42

Myth: You'll Stunt Your Child's Growth 43

Myth: Kids Need Meat for Protein 44

Myth: Fish Is the Only Source for Top-Quality Omega-3s 44

Myth: Dairy Is the Best Source of Vitamin D and Calcium 45

Social Myths 45

Myth: Veganism Is Child Abuse 46

Myth: Vegan Kids Are Lunchroom Bully Targets 41

Myth: Vegan Kids Are Party Outcasts 48

Myth: You're Depriving Them of Childhood Fun 49

Myth: Vegan Food Can't Taste Good 50

Part 2 Nutritional Needs of Vegan Kids 53

5 Vegan Babies (0 to12 Months) 55

Be Your Baby's Medical Spokesperson 56

Breast Is Best 57

Nutrition for Breast-Feeding Vegans 58

Is Your Breast-Fed Baby Getting Enough? 59

The Formula Option 60

Introducing Solid Foods 62

Beware: Choking Hazards 63

Basic Nutrition for Vegan Infants 64

Calories 64

Protein 64

Vitamins and Minerals 65

Fats/Omega-3s 65

Hydration 66

Sample Meal Plan for Vegan Babies 66

6 Vegan Toddlers (1 to 3 Years) 69

Breast Milk: Vegan Toddler Health Insurance 70

Toddler Eating Danger Zones 71

Choking Hazards 71

Continuing to Use Bottles 71

Nutrition-Poor, Flavor-Heavy Foods 72

Basic Nutrition for Vegan Toddlers 73

Calories 73

Protein 73

Vitamins 74

Minerals 74

Sample Meal Plan for Vegan Toddlers 75

7 Vegan Kids (4 to 8 Years) 71

Nutrition Negotiation 78

Common Eating Challenges for Kids 79

The Carb Queen 80

Sugar Is King 81

The Meal Skipper 82

Meal Monotony 83

Spice Isn't Nice 83

Real Love for the Artificial 84

Extra Challenge: Making the Transition for New Vegan Kids 85

Basic Nutrition for Vegan Kids 86

Calories 86

Protein 86

Vitamins 87

Minerals 88

Fats 88

Sample Meal Plan for Vegan Kids 89

8 Vegan Tweens (9 to 13 Years) 93

The Big Growth Spurt 94

Healthy Body Image 94

Media Pressures 96

Basic Nutrition for Vegan Tweens 98

Calories 99

Protein 99

Vitamins 100

Minerals 100

Fats 101

Sample Meal Plan for Vegan Tweens 101

9 When Things Aren't Working 105

Signs of Nutritional Deficiencies 106

Iron 101

Vitamin D 108

Zinc 108

Vitamin B12 109

Calcium 109

Vitamin A 110

Protein 110

DHA/Omega-3 111

Calories 112

Bottom-Line Nutrition 112

Working With Your Health-Care Provider 114

Other Means of Support 115

When It's Time to Consider Other Options 115

Part 3 Stocking the Vegan Kitchen 117

10 Let's Go Shopping! 119

Stress-Free Family Grocery Shopping 120

Time Savers 121

Organize Your Pantry 121

Make Your Lists (and Check Them Twice…) 121

Create a System 121

Prep the Kiddos 122

Money Savers 123

Shop Smart 123

Buy In Bulk 123

Buy Produce In-Season, Local, and Organic 124

Do It Yourself 124

Check Prices mid Coupons 125

Pick Your Splurges 125

Eat Ethnic 126

Shopping with Kids: Sanity Savers 126

The Insta-Treat 126

Think Comfort 121

Enlist Help 127

Keep It Fun 128

Stocking the Kid-Friendly Pantry 128

Meat Analogs 129

Nondairy Milk and Other Dairy Substitutes 130

Grains and Breads 130

Beans 131

Vegetables 132

Fruits 132

Dried Fruits and Nuts 133

Other Canned and Dry Goods 134

Oils, Vinegars, Spices, and Condiments 135

Finding Food Allies 136

11 Kids in the Kitchen 139

Tools of the Trade 140

Safety Features 141

Jobs for Apprentice Chefs 143

Ages 3 to 5 144

Ages 6 to 9 144

Ages 10 to 12 145

Part 4 Let's Eat! 147

12 Breakfasts They'll Wake Up For 149

The Most Important Meal of the Day 150

Quick Starts 151

Vegan Brunches 153

Sweetened Steel-Cut Oats 154

Kids' Scrambled Tofu 155

Tortilla Wraps 156

Puffy Pancakes 157

Punkin'-Raisin Bread 158

Fruit Soup 159

Berry Breakfast Smoothie 160

13 Lunches to Love 161

The Envy of the Lunchroom 162

Play Date Lunches 163

Out to Lunch 163

Christi's Secret-Ingredient Hummus 165

Tofu Dunkers 166

A-B-Vegan Soup 161

Vegan Pasta Salad 168

Veggie Chix Salad Sandwich 169

Pita Pizzas 170

How-Many-Layers? Burritos 173

14 Delicious Dinners 173

Peaceful Family Meal Times 174

Keeping the Holidays Happy 174

Crowd Pleasers 176

Barbecue Tofu 177

Garbanzo Bean-Curry Tofu 179

Everything in a Blanket 180

Goulash 181

Red Beans 182

Vegan Mashed Potatoes 184

Vegan Home Fries 185

15 Super Snacks 181

Why Vegan Kids Need to Snack 188

Snacks for Toddlers 188

Snacks for Children and Tweens 189

Packing a Vegan Snack Bag to Go 190

Homemade Vegan Pretzels 192

Vegan Dill Dip 193

Easy Vegan Guacamole 194

Deli Roll-Ups 195

Mini Nachos 196

After-School Smoothie Snack 197

16 Delectable Desserts 199

These Desserts Are Vegan? 199

Let Them Eat Birthday Cake! 200

Strawberry Malt Shake 201

Banana Mango Cream 202

Chocolate-Chip Cookies 203

Ginger-Molasses Cookies 204

Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake 205

Banana Cake 207

Orange Cake Glaze 208


A Glossary 209

B Resources 211

Index 215

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