Coming Up

Coming Up

by Suede


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Brett Anderson carried on after Bernard Butler's departure, adding a teenage guitarist and restructuring the intent of Suede, if not the sound, for their third album, Coming Up. The most striking thing about Coming Up is the simplicity. Gone are the grand, sweeping gestures of both Suede and Dog Man Star, leaving behind the glam, which is now spiked with an invigorating sense of self-belief -- Anderson is out to prove that he's a survivor, and he does give a damn whether you believe he is or not. So Coming Up has none of the lush, melancholy, and paranoid overtones of Dog Man Star. It's about celebrating being young, going out, taking drugs, having sex, and living life. And it sounds just like it reads -- Richard Oakes pounds out fizzy, fuzzy guitar riffs while the rhythm section lays back with dirty, sexy grooves and new keyboardist Neil Codling exudes a sultry, unattainable cool. Even on the wistful ballads "By the Sea" and "Picnic by the Motorway," there's none of the enveloping melancholy that consumed Dog Man Star -- they're as optimistic as the buoyant, melodic rockers that comprise the rest of the album. As a statement of purpose, Coming Up is unimpeachable. Though it doesn't break any new ground for the band -- unless you count the newfound sense of optimism -- it's a remarkable consolidation and crystallization of Suede's talents and all the evidence anyone needs that Brett Anderson was always the guiding force behind the band. [Edsel's 2011 expansion of Coming Up is a generous two discs and one DVD, all filled with rare bonus material. The first CD contains a remastered version of the album and seven early demos, including working versions of "Lazy," "Trash," and "Beautiful Ones," plus three B-sides. The rest of the album's 19 B-sides -- those truly were the golden days of the multi-part CD single -- are gathered up on the second CD, with the previously unreleased "Motown" functioning as a disc-capper. The DVD has the five videos from the album, plus videos for "Europe Is Our Playground" and "Shipbuilding" (the latter strangely absent on the audio portion of the reissue), a full concert from the Roundhouse in December of 1996 at the close of the tour, and an October 1994 gig from Paris showcasing Richard Oakes' early days in the band; also, there are recent interviews with Brett Anderson, Oakes, and Neil Codling.]

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Release Date: 06/21/2011
Label: Edsel Records Uk
UPC: 0740155800338
catalogNumber: 5580033
Rank: 27943


Disc 1

  1. Trash
  2. Filmstar
  3. Lazy
  4. By the Sea
  5. She
  6. Beautiful Ones
  7. Starcrazy
  8. Picnic By the Motorway
  9. The Chemistry Between Us
  10. Saturday Night
  11. She
  12. Lazy
  13. Dead Leg (Beautiful Ones)
  14. Filmstar
  15. Pisspot (Trash)
  16. Ballad Idea (Saturday Night)
  17. Tiswas (Starcrazy)
  18. Asda Town
  19. Together
  20. Bentswood Boys

Disc 2

  1. Europe is Our Playground
  2. Have You Ever Been This Low?
  3. Another No One
  4. Every Monday Morning Comes
  5. Sound of the Streets
  6. Young Men
  7. Sam
  8. Money
  9. This Time
  10. Wsd
  11. Jumble Sale Mums
  12. These Are the Sad Songs
  13. Feel
  14. Sadie
  15. Graffiti Women
  16. Duchess
  17. Motown

Disc 3

  1. Trash
  2. Beautiful Ones
  3. Saturday Night
  4. Lazy
  5. Filmstar
  6. Europe is Our Playground
  7. Shipbuilding
  8. She
  9. Trash
  10. By the Sea
  11. Lazy
  12. Saturday Night
  13. Rent
  14. Europe Is Our Playground [
  15. Beautiful Ones
  16. Starcrazy
  17. This Hollywood Life
  18. We Are the Pigs
  19. Killing of a Flashboy
  20. Animal Nitrate
  21. Heroine
  22. The Wild Ones
  23. So Young
  24. Metal Mickey
  25. 2011 Interview
  26. [Bonus Material]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

London Suede   Primary Artist
Brett Anderson   Vocals,Group Member
Simon Gilbert   Drums,Group Member
Mat Osman   Electric Bass,Group Member
Richard Oakes   Guitar,Group Member
Neil Codling   Keyboards,Group Member

Technical Credits

Clive Langer   Composer
Brett Anderson   Composer,Liner Notes,Cover Art
Craig Armstrong   String Arrangements
Ed Buller   Producer,Engineer
Bernard Butler   Composer
Ian Caple   Producer
Mike Christie   Director
Simon Gilbert   Composer,Director
Bruce Lampcov   Producer
Chris Lowe   Composer
Mat Osman   Composer
Gary Stout   Engineer
Neil Tennant   Composer
Declan MacManus   Composer
Richard Oakes   Composer
Peter Saville   Cover Art
Nick Knight   Cover Art
Neil Codling   Composer
Pedro Romhanyi   Director
David Mould   Director
Johnny Ogle   Authoring
Leah   Cover Model
Lee   Cover Model
Paula   Cover Model
Zoqie Broach   Director

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