Collected Papers I: 1952-1970

Collected Papers I: 1952-1970

by Serge Lang

Paperback(2000. Reprint 2013 of the 2000 edition)

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Serge Lang is not only one of the top mathematicians of our time, but also an excellent writer. He has made innumerable and invaluable contributions in diverse fields of mathematics and was honoured with the Cole Prize by the American Mathematical Society as well as with the Prix Carriere by the French Academy of Sciences. Here, 83 of his research papers are collected in four volumes, ranging over a variety of topics of interest to many readers.

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ISBN-13: 9781461461364
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 05/29/2013
Series: Springer Collected Works in Mathematics
Edition description: 2000. Reprint 2013 of the 2000 edition
Pages: 525
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

[1952a] On Quasi Algebraic Closure.- [1952b] Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz in Infinite Dimensional Space.- [1952c] On Chevalley’s Proof of Luroth’s Theorem (with J. Tate).- [1953] The Theory of Real Places.- [1954a] Some Applications of the Local Uniformization Theorem.- [1954b] Number of Points of Varieties in Finite Fields (with A. Weil).- [1955] Abelian Varieties over Finite Fields.- [1956a] Unramified Class Field Theory over Function Fields in Several Variables.- [1956b] On the Lefschetz Principle.- [1956c] L-Series of a Covering.- [1956d] Sur les Séries L d’une Variété algébrique.- [1956e] Algebraic Groups over Finite Fields.- [1957a] Sur les Revêtements non-ramifiés des Variétés algébriques (with J.-P. Serre).- [1957b] On the Birational Equivalence of Curves under Specialization (with W.-L. Chow).- [1957c] Divisors and Endomorphisms on Abelian Varieties.- [1958a] Reciprocity and Correspondences.- [1958b] Principal Homogeneous Spaces over Abelian Varieties (with J. Tate).- [1958c] Algebraic Groups and the Galois Theory of Differential Fields (with E. Kolchin).- [1959a] Rational Points of Abelian Varieties over Function Fields (with A. Néron).- [1960a] Existence of Invariant Bases (with E. Kolchin).- [1960b] Integral Points on Curves.- [1960c] Some Theorems and Conjectures in Diophantine Equations.- [1960d] On a Theorem of Mahler.- [1961] Review of Eléments de Géometrie algébrique (A. Grothendieck).- [1962a] A Transcendence Measure for E-functions.- [1962b] Transcendental Points on Group Varieties.- [1962c] Fonctions implicites et Plongements Riemanniens.- [1964a] Diophantine Approximation on Toruses.- [1965a] Report on Diophantine Approximations.- [1965b] Division Points on Curves.- [1965c] Algebraic Values of Meromorphic Functions.- [1965d] Asymptotic Approximation to Quadratic Irrationalities I.- [1965e] Asymptotic Approximation to Quadratic Irrationalities II.- [1965f] Some Computations in Diophantine Approximation (with W. Adams).- [1966a] Algebraic Values of Meromorphic Functions II.- [1966b] Asymptotic Diophantine Approximations.- [1966c] Introduction to Transcendental Numbers.- [1970a] Analytic Subgroups of Group Varieties (with E. Bombieri).- [1970b] Review of Diophantine Equations (L.J. Mordell).

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