Circle of Six: The True Story of New York's Most Notorious Cop Killer and the Cop Who Risked Everything to Catch Him

Circle of Six: The True Story of New York's Most Notorious Cop Killer and the Cop Who Risked Everything to Catch Him

by Randy Jurgensen, Robert Cea


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Circle of Six is the true story of what is perhaps the most notorious case in the history of the New York Police Department. It details Randy Jurgensen's determined effort to bring to justice the murderer of Patrolman Phillip Cardillo, who was shot and killed inside Harlem's Mosque #7 in 1972, in the midst of an all-out assault on the NYPD from the Black Liberation Army. The New York of this era was a place not unlike the Wild West, in which cops and criminals shot it out on a daily basis.

Despite the mayhem on the streets and the Machiavellian corridors of Mayor Lindsay's City Hall, Detective Jurgensen single-handedly took on the Black Liberation Army, the Nation of Islam, NYPD brass, and City Hall, capturing Cardillo's killer, Lewis 17X Dupree. He broke the case with an unlikely accomplice, Foster 2X Thomas, a member of the Nation of Islam who became Jurgensen's witness. The relationship they formed during the time before trial gave each of the two men a greater perspective of the two sides in the street war and changed them forever. In the end, Jurgensen had to settle for a conviction on other charges, and Dupree served a number of years. The murder case is still officially unsolved. In 2006 the NYPD re-opened the case, and it is once again an active investigation with full media attention.

The book has received acclaim from current New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, as well as former Commissioner William Bratton.

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ISBN-13: 9781932857856
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 09/01/2007
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 612,015
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

A highly decorated veteran, Randy Jurgensen joined the NYPD in 1958. Among other highlights of his career, he arrested Lenny Bruce and broke what became known as the Bag Murders, later to become a movie called "Cruising". He earned over 40 citations, medals and numerous plaques. He has appeared in 30+ films and television shows and has produced several movies.

Robert Cea retired in his early thirties from the NYPD receiving over 140 decorations. He was awarded 'Cop of the Month' eight times, including his near fatal capture of the "Flatbush Rapist" detailed in his critically acclaimed memoir, No Lights No Sirens. Since retiring he splits his time between LA and New York writing and developing projects in tv/film.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction     xv
Prologue     xvii
"Ten-Thirteen!"     1
"Riot, What Riot?"     15
"Search Those Cops"     27
"No Legal Right"     33
"Never Forget Phil Cardillo"     47
Aftermath     57
Twyman Meyers     63
The Blue Book     73
Takedown     81
"You Got Cardillo"     89
"Ground Rules"     101
Down to Business     109
Crossing the Line     117
FBI     125
Witness     139
"Thank You, Phil"     145
Foster 2X Thomas     153
"Run"     159
No-Tell Motel     165
Strange Bedfellows     175
Mitchell 5X San-San     183
"Farrakhan's a Collar"     191
"Am I Under Arrest?"     205
"Lewis 17X Dupree, You're Under Arrest"     213
Trials     223
Nolo Contendere     241
Epilogue     249
Appendix     252
Afterword     259
About the Authors     263
Index     265

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