Church Usher's Manual: A Systematic Approach to Church Ushering

Church Usher's Manual: A Systematic Approach to Church Ushering

by Clyde Jackson


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Church Usher’s Manual: A Systematic Approach to Church Ushering has prayerfully been written for the specific purpose of giving a clear insight into how to effectively serve as a church usher.

Please be advised that nothing in this book takes the place of any instructions your pastor might have given you related to ushering in your church.

As you study this book, you will learn that at no time should a parishioner walk the aisle looking for seats. Assign them immediately. Ushers should be alert at all times.

This book if necessary can be used in conjunction with any other church ushering materials.

About the Author

Clyde Jackson has served as a church usher since early childhood. He served in many capacities, including president, vice-president, chairman, and parliamentarian. He had the privilege of organizing the Usher’s Board at his church, the Harvey memorial Church in Chicago, Illinois, and served as its president over twenty-five years.

Information contained in this book stems from Jackson’s experience and knowledge gained from attending Bible College, workshops, seminars, conventions, conferences, and school of ushering.

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ISBN-13: 9781480972582
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
Publication date: 12/20/2016
Pages: 52
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