China's Rise, Taiwan's Dilemma's and International Peace

China's Rise, Taiwan's Dilemma's and International Peace

by Edward Friedman

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If we are to believe the media then a war between China and Taiwan is inevitable. Incorporating interviews, archives and original research, this book examines the troubled relationship between China, Taiwan and the US, bringing Taiwanese views on identity politics to the forefront of the discussion.

Centering on the primary issues facing Taiwan, China and the US, the book analyzes Taiwan’s need to prevent China’s rule suffocating their cherished democracy. It questions whether China will pursue military force to achieve political and economic dominance over Taiwan, and how the US proposes to maintain peace between these two countries to ensure both a continuation of democracy in Taiwan and good relations with China. In highlighting these issues, the book seeks to offer practical policy alternatives that could help to advance the cause of freedom and international peace. Featuring chapters from an international group of academics, the book makes a valuable edition to the understanding of Taiwan-China relations within an international context.

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ISBN-13: 9781134003396
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/13/2006
Series: Politics in Asia
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 28
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Table of Contents

Preface  Part 1: Taiwan’s Identity and China’s Policy  1. Taiwanese Nationalism and the "Unforgettable Others"  2. The Political-Economic Paradox  Part 2: Taiwan’s Dilemmas  3. China Isolates Taiwan  4. The High Cost of Excluding Taiwan from the WHO  5. One China, Diplomatic Isolation and a Separate Taiwan  5. Civil Society, Grassroots Aspirations and Diplomatic Isolation  7. Taiwan Adapts to the Network Society  Part 3: China’s Rise and International Peace  8. Taiwan’s Participation in International Organizations Vincent Wei-cheng Wang  9. Taiwan’s Bid for U.N. Membership  10. Taiwan’s Asia-Pacific Geo-Strategic Value  11. China’s Dilemma on Using Military Force  11. Marginalizing Taiwan Weakens Mainland Security

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