Cause 7 Ate 9

Cause 7 Ate 9

by Carbondale



As this debut's humorous title indicates, Carbondale applies a lighter, often self-deprecating touch to their music. Specializing in smirking, crunchy pop
ock similar to Weezer and Fountains of Wayne, this NYC-based quintet spins instantly hummable choruses around singer/songwriter Leroy's (no last name is indicated) sly vocals. Originally recorded for RCA, the band was dropped before the album was released. They kept ownership of the tapes though, and released them on this indie label. That results in a crisp, professionally recorded disc that, with the right promotion, could find a substantial audience similar to that of its more popular contemporaries. The sweeping arena rock of "Halos" and Matthew Sweet-styled crackling pop of "Radio Song" are indicative of the band's talents that shape concise hooks around a two-guitar attack and rocks like early Cheap Trick. Based on this disc, Leroy is a genuine talent, with his subtle, grinning vocals and a sure sense of how to construct memorable pop songs that don't pander to least-common denominator tricks. Although it's mostly his show, the band exhibits admirable restraint by never overplaying and supporting the songs' surging melodies. Even a mid-tempo ballad like "Fallen" with its wry lyrics ("I've already fallen for it, you don't have to trip me, not unless you... want to") doesn't succumb to filler tendencies. "The Lotto" begins with the sound of an old blues record played on scratchy vinyl for a few seconds, until its harmonica chorus kicks in. With songs mostly about love -- more specifically lost love -- Leroy expresses clichéd concepts in fresh ways. He's created a minor gem of a debut that deserves major label attention.

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Release Date: 11/25/2003
UPC: 0677516535427
catalogNumber: 20001

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