Cats: The Best of the Classic Breeds

Cats: The Best of the Classic Breeds

by David Alderton




Cats are wonderful pets. Despite their generally independent natures, they become faithful and loving companions to people of all ages in a variety of household situations. All are fascinating, and most are funny, often without intending to be. Many are just happy to curl up on your lap or on a sofa, or in a make-shift bed, they find around the house. Others can't wait to play, indoors or out, with climbing frames and toys, up trees and in flowerbeds, or to just frolic about on missions known only to themselves. Don't they just take over?

But, independent though they may be, cats do need some tender loving care, and even veterinary treatment from time to time. This book expertly guides you through the points to watch for in keeping your cat healthy and happy, and even up to show standard, from kittenhood through to graceful old age.

Presenting more than forty-five distinct and recognized breeds, both shorthair and longhair, it helps you choose the right feline companion for you and your own circumstances, whether it be a "rescue" or a pure-bred potential show winner. It describes in detail the breed types and variations, as well as ideal characteristics, giving you the pros and cons, the good points and those that need careful consideration when selecting a cat. All this vital information is accessible at a glance, and is accomplished by superb color photographs.

David Alderton is an international best-selling authority on cats and their care, with his titles having sold over a million copies worldwide. His work has won a commendation from the Cat Writers' Association of America, while two of his books on cats were cited by the well known zoologist Dr. Desmond Morris as being in his personal list of "The 100 Best Cat Books" published since 1727. David contributes to a wide range or general and specialist publications about cats on a regular basis. A frequent participant in radio programs, often live phone-ins, David has also appeared on television on numerous occasions. He is a consultant for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council based in Washington, D.C., and has visited cat shows and breeders in the United States, as well as in mainland Europe, Japan, and Australia. He keeps Abyssinian and British Shorthair cats at home.

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Publication date: 09/30/2006
Pages: 192
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