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Facts on File, Incorporated
Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry

Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry


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Energy is what people use to exist, to grow, and to make their lives easier. The world's reliance on oil, gas, coal, and electric power will evolve over the next several decades, but it is unlikely to disappear. Companies in the U.S. energy sector take in nearly {dollar}1 trillion in revenue annually, out of the {dollar}17 trillion earned by all U.S. businesses. As many in the industry reach retirement age, demand for workers is expected to grow. In more than 70 career profiles, Career Opportunities in the Energy Industry details more than 135 jobs in this vital industry, including Coal Gasification Engineer, Geoscience Technician, Electrical Engineer, Power Plant Operator, Line Installer and Repairer, Nuclear Engineer, Geophysicist, Chemical Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Refinery Operator, Oil Well Driller, Electrician, Geologist, Solar Engineer, Engineering Technician.

Throughout the book, the reader will find a quick-reference Career Profile for each job summarizing its notable features, a Career Ladder illustrating frequent routes to and from the position described, and a comprehensive text pointing out special skills, education, training, and various associations relevant to each post. Appendixes list educational institutions, periodicals, professional associations, and useful industry Web sites.

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ISBN-13: 9780816069163
Publisher: Facts on File, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/28/2008
Series: Career Opportunities Series
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Foreword     v
Industry Outlook     viii
Acknowledgments     xiii
How to Use This Book     xiv
Energy Industry Engineers and Technicians (General)
Civil Engineer     2
Engineering Technicians     6
Environmental Engineer     9
Mechanical Engineer     12
Coal Industry
Engineers and Scientists
Analytical Chemist     18
Coal Gasification Engineer     21
Geologist     24
Mine Safety Engineer     27
Mining Engineer     30
Manual Labor Personnel
Machine Operators     34
Rotary Auger Operator     38
Semiskilled Personnel
Machinery Maintenance and Repair Personnel     42
Other Semiskilled Personnel     45
Supervisors and Support Personnel
Geoscience Technician     50
Mine Inspectors and Senior Supervisors     53
Other Supervisory Positions     57
Electric Power Industry
Engineers and Scientists
Electrical Engineer     64
Performance Engineer     67
Power Distributor and Dispatcher     70
Power Plant Operator     73
Manual Labor Personnel
Electrical and Electronics Installer and Repairer     78
Line Installer and Repairer     81
Maintenance Supervisor     84
Support Personnel
Clerical and Administrative Associate Positions     88
Nuclear Energy Industry
Materials Engineer     94
Mechanical, Structural, and Electrical Engineers     97
Nuclear Engineer     101
Other Nuclear Engineers     104
Life and Physical Scientists
Chemist     110
Geophysicist     113
Health Physicist     116
Nuclear Physicist     119
Manual Labor Personnel
Other Manual Labor Personnel     124
Pipe Fitter     130
Nuclear Power Plant Technicians and Operators
Hazardous Materials Removal Worker     134
Instrument Technician     137
Nuclear Monitoring Technician     140
Nuclear Reactor Operators     143
Nuclear Research Technicians and Operators
Accelerator Operator     148
Hot-Cell Technician     151
Other Nuclear Research Operators     154
Oil and Natural Gas Industries
Business Operations
Accountant     162
Compliance Manager     165
Customer Service Representative     168
Marketing Manager and Market Research Analyst      171
Public Relations Representative     174
Engineers and Scientists
Chemical Engineer     178
Chemist     181
Geologist     184
Geophysicist     187
Petroleum Engineer     190
Petrophysicist     193
Refining and Processing
Natural Gas Processing Plant Operator     198
Refinery Operators     201
Semiskilled Personnel
Laborers     206
Pumper     209
Well Service Equipment Operators     212
Skilled Personnel
Oil Well Drillers     216
Oil Well Operators     219
Support Personnel
Landman     224
Mechanical Engineer and Maintenance Technician     227
Renewable Energy Industries
Engineers and Scientists
Chemical Engineer     234
Design Engineer     237
Electrical Engineer     240
Geotechnical Engineer     243
Hydrologist and Hydraulic Engineer     246
Meteorologist     249
Solar Engineer     252
Manual Labor Personnel
Electrician     256
Iron and Sheet Metal Worker     259
Welder     262
Educational Institutions      266
Major Trade Periodicals and Other Publications     339
Professional, Industry, and Trade Associations, Guilds, and Unions     342
Useful Web Sites for the Energy Industries     350
Glossary of Energy Terms     355
Bibliography     359
Index     362
About the Authors     368

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