Caravan Cooking: The Versatile Vegetarian

Caravan Cooking: The Versatile Vegetarian

by Faith Hancock


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This book shows that you don't need a large kitchen, expensive ingredients and fancy equipment to produce good food. Almost every one of the healthy and delicious vegetarian recipes is inexpensive and easy to prepare in the restricted space of a caravan - although they'll be equally at home in more permanent structures! With an eye on the environment as well as the purse, this book is packed with suggestions for making the most of leftovers.

Faith Hancock worked as a nanny in France before travelling to Thailand, where she learned to cook Thai style. After a year spent in Australia she returned to the UK where she has lived in a caravan for the last five years. She has also written an ebook which is available from


Introduction 7; Acknowledgements 9;

Starters 11; To Begin at The Beginning 14
Vegetarian Sushi with Dipping Sauce 15; Mushroom Pâté 16; Humous with Vegetable Sticks 17; Spring Rolls 18; Chilli Quorn Strips 19; Tomato Pâté 20; Red Onion and Goat's Cheese Tarts 21; Homemade Onion Bhajis 22; Comfrey Pakoras 23; Fried Haloumi 24; Stuffing Patties 25

Soups 27; Soup For The Soul 29; Roast Tomato 30; Carrot, Coriander and Sesame 31; Curried Parsnip 32; Creamy Leek and Potato 33; Mushroom 34; Squash 35; French Onion with Croutons 36; Coconut, Leek and Quorn 37; Leftover Salad 38; Mediterranean Vegetable 39; Celery and Watercress 40; Homemade Croutons 40

What's in a Main? 41; What's in a Main? 45; Onion and Thyme Tart 46; Homemade Pizza 47; Stuffed Peppers 48; Cheese and Onion Quiche 49; Vegetable Stew 51; Baked Garlic Risotto 52; Filled Field Mushrooms 53; Coconut Curry 54; Thai Stir Fry 55; Mushroom Stroganoff 56; 'Chicken' and Mushroom Puff Pastry Pie 57; 57; Vegetable Crumble 58; Marrow and Brie Layer 60

Optional Extras 61; Optional Extras 63; Roasted Squash 64; Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables 65; Spuddy Wedges 68; Spiced Courgette 69; Honey Glazed-Carrots 70; Braised Red Cabbage 71; Garlic Potatoes 71; Sweetcorn Surprise 72; Sweet 'n Sour Celery 73; Balsamic Peas 73; Congee 74

Ooh, Saucy! 75; Ooh, Saucy! 78
Spaghetti Bolognese 79; Blue Cheese And Pine Kernel 80; Sundried Tomato 81; Creamy Port and Chestnut 82; Red Onion Gravy 83; Simple White Sauce 84; Homemade Honey Glaze Gravy 85; Naam Prick 86; Simple Salad Dressing 87; Tzatziki 87

Sweets For My Sweet 89; Sweets For My Sweet 90; Bread and Butter Pudding 91; Coconut and Rosewater Custard 92; Summer Pudding 93; Apple And Blackberry Crumble 94; Trifle 95; Mini Cakes 95; Banana Cake 96; Fruit Salad 97

Pickled Pink - Jams and Preserves 99; Pickled Pink 100; Onion Relish 101; Sweetcorn Relish 102; Marrow Chutney 103; Apple Chutney 104; Rhubarb Chutney 105; Pickled Onions 106; Pickled Beetroot 107; Piccalilli 108; A Quick Word On Jams... 109; Blackberry And Apple Jam 110; Raspberry Jam 110; Strawberry Jam 111; Plum Jam 111

Index 113

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