Building Diaspora: Filipino Cultural Community Formation on the Internet

Building Diaspora: Filipino Cultural Community Formation on the Internet

by Emily Noelle Ignacio

Paperback(None ed.)

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The dramatic growth of the Internet in recent years has provided opportunities for a host of relationships and communities—forged across great distances and even time—that would have seemed unimaginable only a short while ago.

In Building Diaspora, Emily Noelle Ignacio explores how Filipinos have used these subtle, cyber, but very real social connections to construct and reinforce a sense of national, ethnic, and racial identity with distant others. Through an extensive analysis of newsgroup debates, listserves, and website postings, she illustrates the significant ways that computer-mediated communication has contributed to solidifying what can credibly be called a Filipino diaspora. Lively cyber-discussions on topics including Eurocentrism, Orientalism, patriarchy, gender issues, language, and "mail-order-brides" have helped Filipinos better understand and articulate their postcolonial situation as well as their relationship with other national and ethnic communities around the world. Significant attention is given to the complicated history of Philippine-American relations, including the ways Filipinos are racialized as a result of their political and economic subjugation to U.S. interests.

As Filipinos and many other ethnic groups continue to migrate globally, Building Diaspora makes an important contribution to our changing understanding of "homeland." The author makes the powerful argument that while home is being further removed from geographic place, it is being increasingly territorialized in space.

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ISBN-13: 9780813535142
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Publication date: 12/14/2004
Edition description: None ed.
Pages: 208
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About the Author

EMILY NOELLE IGNACIO is an assistant professor of sociology at Loyola University in Chicago. She has published articles on the effect of media technologies on communities in the Sociological Quarterly, Journal of the American Society for Information Science, and Library Trends.

Table of Contents

Preface: Why Filipinos?xvii
1Introduction: Filipino Community Formation on the Internet1
2Problematizing Diaspora: If Nation, Culture, and Homeland Are Constructed, Why Bother with Diasporic Identity?28
3Selling Out One's Culture: The Imagined Homeland and Authenticity53
4"Ain't I a Filipino (Woman)?": Filipina as Gender Marker78
5Laughter in the Rain: Jokes as Membership and Resistance113
6E Pluribus or E Pluribus Unum?: Can There Be Unity in Diversity?134
Appendix AStudying the Definition of "Filipino"149
Appendix BYou May be Married to a Filipina if150
Appendix CAre You Really Filipino?152

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