Buggy Riddles

Buggy Riddles

by Katy Hall, Lisa Eisenberg

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Using their cache of already published easy-to-read books, Puffin launched their Easy-to-Read program. Favorite stories by such beloved authors as James Marshall, Jean Van Leeuwen, and Harriet Ziefert are certain to attract readers to this series. Though the quality of stories in this series is uneven, some of them are superb. Like most other beginning-to-read series, Puffin Easy-to-Read is divided into reading levels. Level 1 uses sentences with clear and simple words and illustrations that help the reader understand the story line. Level 2 is the springboard for emerging readers: the stories use longer sentences, yet maintain a vocabulary easy enough for the child to feel comfortable on his or her own. Level 3 offers more challenging sentences and longer stories. Grade 2 - Grade 4.

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ISBN-13: 9780833545381
Publisher: Sagebrush Education Resources
Publication date: 10/01/1999

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