Bubby's Stories: Belarus to the Bronx

Bubby's Stories: Belarus to the Bronx

by Roslyn Rothstein


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BUBBY'S STORIES Belarus to the BronxAn inspiring biography - BUBBY'S STORIES is a wonderful true story. It is the history of seven generations of a Jewish immigrant family. Dating from the late 1800s and their medieval shtetl existence in rural war-torn Belarus, Russia we follow this family's journey across the European continent, and half the world, into the modernity of the political scene of 20th century New York City. This non-fiction saga is written in the form of a narrative, and as much as possible in the vernacular, in order to capture the charm and picturesque wonderment of surprise that was heard in the original telling of these stories. The book begins in 1979 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in Bubby's kitchen. Bubby (the Yiddish word for grandmother), is describing her life as a little girl, in turn-of-the-century Belarus to her young grandson. She tells him the stories of their family's history and how she and her sister, all alone and barely more than little girls, came to Ellis Island, and how they assimilated into American life. The stories Bubby tells her grandson, and others I have included that he was too young to hear, are some of the most charming, heartwarming and heartbreaking stories that you could imagine. Some of these stories are poignant, others are funny and some are unbelievable; but all are true and historically accurate. My family's names are on the memorial wall at Ellis Island. Through these stories, historical background and interesting descriptions of life in the shtetl and the Jewish experience of assimilation in the United States are told.

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ISBN-13: 9781539591238
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/13/2017
Pages: 392
Sales rank: 801,559
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Bubby's Stories: Belarus to the Bronx 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
EVAN KALIN More than 1 year ago
Bubby's Stories is a journey of One's Woman's Desire to search for life's destiny for herself. Her inner self of of finding & having the courage of taking one step at a time is an amazing feat in itself. Not everyone in this world has the ability or strength with in one's soul to get up each day & or night to go outside & have no plan but only the will to find what he or she feels in her bones she or he needs to do. This is my destiny, for I have to do this for myself and know in my heart, soul & mind has a greater meaning behind why my life has to take this unknown journey, step by step. The world is a very complex but simple place to live. If we all followed this Woman's belief in herself to just keep going forward and doing for herself & not relying on others to keep her afloat but the ability & desire to put herself in a position to accomplish what she sets out to do, is the most amazing thing life has to offer. Always look inside your own thoughts and ask yourself if your doing enough in this world for your self not to burden others with the expense of your own life. Just step by step and search for your meaning of life is the gift we were given when we learned how to breathe, eat, walk & find what we want & desire out of life. This Woman's instinct, insight, inner strength & desires to just keep on going and survive & do for herself first & then her building a family will always be an example we should all look inside our selves and say are we doing enough to contribute to this world or just relying on others as an Expense & try to become an Asset and be able to give back instead of keep Taking. This Woman always gave back & never wanted to take what she didn't earn. The Desires & inspiration of this woman's Travels is Life....!! I hope you have the time to read & learn about life the way everyone can find their place in this world and where their future takes them.....!!