Braxton Bragg- Military Strategist

Braxton Bragg- Military Strategist


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Braxton Bragg progressed through a diverse and demanding career to become a military strategist and ultimately General-in- Chief of Confederate States of America (CSA) Armies. General Braxton Bragg devoted over four years, of his life to senior CSA Army leadership positions, mostly in command. He surpassed every general officer in the CSA and Union in holding such a wide range of senior officer responsibilities. Bragg observed closely and operated in and around the operational and strategic environment for the majority of his life. By virtue of his previous duties, assignments, and experiences, Bragg observed, participated in, and influenced hundreds of meetings and decisions that are best described as "strategic art." He developed his strategic competencies through: civilian and military education; an honorable, diverse, demanding, and rare service and assignment history; and, life-threatening experiences that only a few would ever taste. Braxton Bragg strategized with the best experts of his day.

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