Brave Surrender: Let God's Love Rewrite Your Story

Brave Surrender: Let God's Love Rewrite Your Story

by Kim Walker-Smith

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Kim Walker Smith's passionate performance of "How He Loves" helped transform Jesus Culture into a global worship movement. Brave Surrender is the story of how Kim journeyed from a place of shame and fear to stages around the world where she boldly proclaims the unconditional love of God. Through her own story, Kim inspires us to experience true freedom and healing with Jesus.

Coming from a painful childhood, Kim struggled to believe that God could heal her heart or bring any sense from her past. Yet when faced with the choice to hand her struggles over to God and receive His love in return, everything began to change. On the other side of surrender, Kim began a journey of looking at one painful memory at a time with God and exchanging her perspective for His truth - a journey in which God rewrote her story of pain into a story of redemption and hope.

If you are longing to experience God more than the shame or hurts of your past, the pressures of your present, or the fear of your future, Brave Surrender offers a soul-healing path forward. As Kim learned in her own life, the first step - and the bravest step - is letting go. Once we let go of anything that gets between us and God, we are freed to take hold of the life that truly matters. As Kim writes, "When we encounter God's love, it changes the way we see. And when we learn to see what He sees, we will never be the same again."

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ISBN-13: 9780310354017
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishing
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 157,236
File size: 433 KB

About the Author

Kim Walker Smith is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, and founding member of the Jesus Culture, a global worship movement. For over fifteen years she has played a major role in influencing worshippers and worship teams around the world toward a passionate pursuit of Jesus.

Today Kim lives just outside of Sacramento, California with her husband Skyler, their two boys Wyatt and Bear, and daughter Maisie.  When she’s not leading worship at her church Jesus Culture Sacramento, she travels internationally to lead others into genuine encounter with Jesus. You can keep up with Kim on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @kimwalkersmith.

Table of Contents

1 He Loves Us 11

2 Safety Shattered 29

3 Church Girl, Interrupted 43

4 Born Again 53

5 New Eyes 71

6 MY First Worship Teacher 99

7 Abiding Trust 113

8 Fireworks 131

9 His Justice 139

10 The Knock-Down-Drag-Out with Fear 155

11 Love Drives Out Fear 179

Acknowledgments 189

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Brave Surrender: Let God's Love Rewrite Your Story 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
A must read, to anyone who has ever taken a breath!
Kozlof 11 months ago
I’ve never been one to read many personal story books, I generally pass over them and lean toward books with greater application to my life. However with Brave Surrender I was drawn to it because of the subtitle “Let God’s love rewrite your story.” A statement very fitting to the content of the book. Kim Walker-Smith doesn’t spend any real time developing an introduction here, she simply goes right for the meat of the story – fear can be crippling. This book is full of incredible stories of her journey through life and how every step of the way was surrounded by God even though she did not recognize until many years later. It’s the kind of story we all live, good things, bad things, some mediocre things and we just assume we’ve been alone it all. Then we look back and realize someone else was with us ensuring our lives were not meant for lack or loss. The development of Kim’s story and how God walked her through many different trauma moments gripped my spirit. The truth is both her title and subtitle were so well covered within the book. It takes a surrender to allow God to rewrite your story. When we are completely covered by his love, only then will we see his presence every step of the way. What I enjoyed most about this book is the realness within, that Kim covered hard journeys and didn’t shy away from what many would call the ugly moments. Her voice is strong and yet very compassionate toward the reader. I believe this is a model of the anointing on her life. I do recommend this book especially for any interested in life stories, for worship leaders and for anyone looking for freedom from fear, anxiety or anything holding them back from entering what God has planned for them. A great read for sure. *I received this book free from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. These are my honest thoughts.
Bryan_Js_Mom1 More than 1 year ago
This book will touch your soul. It will open your eyes to see how God can heal you and reveal why He made you and His purpose for your life. If you've ever asked God, "Where were You?" and "Why did you let this happen?", then you must read this book. Brave Surrender is hard to put down and is every bit as powerful as Kim's amazing voice, but in the written word. Most books deliver entertainment. This book delivers life-changing revelations. Thank you, Kim, for being vulnerable and sharing your story. You're a blessing!
OakTreeReviews More than 1 year ago
Kim Walker-Smith is a talented singer with a powerful story to tell. In her book, Brave Surrender: Let God's Love Rewrite Your Story, she encourages readers through her story of hope and resilience. The book focuses on themes such as surrendering to God and accepting His love. She talks about finding faith and healing from trauma. [The following paragraphs contain spoilers.] The book begins with major events in Kim's childhood, including her life-changing introduction to Jesus. Kim's parents divorced, and her mother remarried three times. Kim's first two step-fathers were abusive, though her third step-father was a kind Christian man. One of the most touching parts of the book was when Kim's little brother, Matt, who had felt the sting of rejection by his biological father, happily announced to the family that his stepfather George was his new daddy now. I loved reading Kim's story, and seeing how she landed in ministry and started leading worship. One of my favorite parts in the book was when she talked about how she met her husband, Skyler. Another favorite part was when she talked about her little boys, Wyatt and Bear. The book shows readers that surrendering to God is a courageous thing. I received this book for review.