Boundaries in Recovery: Emotional Sobriety Through Setting Personal Limitations

Boundaries in Recovery: Emotional Sobriety Through Setting Personal Limitations

by Taite Adams


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Boundaries in Recovery - Emotional Sobriety Through Setting Personal Limitations

Many in recovery love to think of themselves as unique and, in some ways, we really are. Often from either very dysfunctional homes or, having spent a significant portion of our lives in a chemical-induced fog, it's no wonder that boundaries are either quite warped or simply non-existent when we finally clean up our acts and strive to live as productive members of society.

Sometimes this is easier said than done and we find that our relationships with those about us could really use some work. We either love too quickly and too much or put up walls and don't let anyone get close to us, fearing pain and rejection. These are all boundary issues and are a big part of emotional sobriety. Learning to set limits in recovery is a learned skill for many and it most certainly can be done.

Boundaries in Recovery was written to help you do just that. Written by someone who has been there and has had the same emotional sobriety struggles as most, this book takes a look at setting limitations from the perspective of the recovering person. Whether you need to learn to set healthy boundaries with family, partners, children, friends, or business associates, guidance is given to help the reader recognize and set healthy limits. If you learn to honor and respect yourself, and treat others with the same dignity you would want to be treated with, your whole life will change for the better.

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