Bomber Command

Bomber Command

by Max Hastings

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Bomber Command’s air offensive against the cities of Nazi Germany was one of the most epic campaigns of World War II. More than 56,000 British and Commonwealth aircrew and 600,000 Germans died in the course of the RAF’s attempt to win the war by bombing. The struggle in the air began meekly in 1939 with only a few Whitleys, Hampdens, and Wellingtons flying blindly through the night on their ill-conceived bombing runs. It ended six years later with 1,600 Lancasters, Halifaxes, and Mosquitoes, equipped with the best of British wartime technology, razing whole German cities in a single night. Bomber Command, through fits and starts, grew into an effective fighting force.In Bomber Command, originally published to critical acclaim in the U.K., famed British military historian Sir Max Hastings offers a captivating analysis of the strategy and decision-making behind one of World War II’s most violent episodes. With firsthand descriptions of the experiences of aircrew from 1939 to 1945—based on one hundred interviews with veterans—and a harrowing narrative of the experiences of Germans on the ground during the September 1944 bombing of Darmstadt, Bomber Command is widely recognized as a classic account of one of the bloodiest campaigns in World War II history. Now back in print in the U.S., this book is an essential addition to any history reader’s bookshelf.

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About the Author

Sir Max Hastings is a famed British journalist and military historian who has served as a foreign correspondent for the Evening Standard and as editor-in-chief of the Daily Telegraph. Currently, he writes columns for the New York Review of Books, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, and the Sunday Times and is also the bestselling author of numerous history books on World War II, the Korean War, and the Falkland Islands.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Norfolk and Heligoland Bight, 18 December 1939

Chapter I In the Beginning, Trenchard: British Bomber Policy, 1917–40

Chapter II 82 Squadron, Norfolk, 1940–41

Chapter III 10 Squadron, Yorkshire, 1940–41

Chapter IV Crisis of Confidence, 1941–42

Chapter V The Coming of Area Bombing, 1942

Chapter VI 50 Squadron, Lincolnshire, 1942 
1. Harris Conducts an Overture
2. Operations

Chapter VII Protest and Policy, 1942–43 
1. Dissent
2. Casablanca—The Airmen Victorious
3. The Tools of Darkness

Chapter VIII 76 Squadron, Yorkshire, 1943 
1. The Ruhr
2. Hamburg
3. Courage
Chapter IX The Other Side of the Hill: Germany 1940–44 
1. The Destruction
2. The Defenses

Chapter X Bomber Command Headquarters, Buckinghamshire

Chapter XI Conflict and Compromise, 1943–44 
1. The Battle of Berlin
2. The American Breakthrough

Chapter XII Pathfinders: 97 Squadron, Lincolnshire, 1944

Chapter XIII “A Quiet Trip All Round”: Darmstadt, 11/12 September 1944

Chapter XIV Saturation

Chapter XV The Balance Sheet

Appendix A Bomber Command sorties dispatched and aircraft missing and written off, 1939–45

Appendix B Specifications and performance of the principal aircraft of Bomber Command and Luftwaffe night-fighters, 1939–45

Appendix C Letter to Sir Norman Bottomley, Deputy Chief of Air Staff, from Sir Arthur Harris

Appendix D Comparison of British and German production of selected armaments, 1940–44

Appendix E Schedule of German cities subjected to area attack by Bomber Command, 1942–45

Appendix F Comparison of Allied and German aircraft production, 1939–45

Bibliography and a note on sources
Notes and references
Glossary of ranks, abbreviations and codenames

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