Bob Covington

Bob Covington

by Archibald Clavering Gunter


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BOOK II. A Very Unfortunate Young Lady. CHAPTER VII. KITSON JARVIS SHAKES HANDS WITH HIMSELF. On that same Monday, filled with hopes, joys, and fears, for there are one or two of the latter connected with his "best stroke of business in the Crescent City," Mr. Kitson Jarvis, full of the remembrance of the pretty picture Miss Tournay and Mr. Covington had made the afternoon before, goes down to his offices on Lafayette Street, just off Peters, and therefore quite convenient, not only to the courts, but to seafaring and steamboat men, who are his principal clients. These consist of two rooms, over the doors of which the sign is conspicuously displayed: KITSON JARVIS, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR-AT-LAW, Proctor in Admiralty and Avocat Franfais. The larger of these apartments is devoted to the routine business of the office, and is adorned by volumes of " Blackstone," "Kent's Commentaries," "Chitty on Pleadings," the "Civil Code of Louisiana of 1853," "Code Napoleon," and various other works on French and American law, all tending to display the legal acumen of the gentleman whose sign is over the door. This connects with a smaller and inner chamber which Mr. Jarvis uses as a private office; his particular desk and safe containing his more important and confidential papers being prominent in the furniture of the room. The appearance of the place is brisk and businesslike in both the main and the private office, the usual legal documents and papers bearing general evidence of a bustling business. For Mr. Jarvis has quite a little practice up and down the river with smaller planters, and is considered extremely effective in handling seamen's cases, legally bulldozing Jack Tars who refuse to leave New Orleans in unseaworthy vessels, and doing the general business of an...

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Publication date: 04/20/2019
Pages: 328
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