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Ethiopia is a vast country of remarkable scenic beauty. The vivid contrast in its geographical environment, from fertile plains to hostile scrublands, has produced remarkable differences in lifestyles. Many groups of people make their homes in this little known land, speaking 80 different languages, practicing a variety of religions and maintaining a diversity of cultures. The lowlands are a sea of Islam, the highlands an island of Christianity religions existing side by side with age-old rituals unique to the various peoples of Ethiopia. From the beauty of Labilela's rock churches to the traditional ceremonies of the people of the Omo Valley, this book reveals the hidden face of this striking, mysterious land. Photographer Kazuyoshi Nomachi captures the unique mosaic of Ethiopia as it was meant to be experienced, from the traditions of an ancient people to the daily chores of survival. Bless Ethiopia represents the mystique of an inaccessible land, torn by political upheavals and harsh climate that limits travel. Nomachi transcends these traditional barriers to bring the reader in tune with the pulse of today's Ethiopia, focusing on adherents of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. In this land of rugged extremes, diversity abounds both geographically and culturally. Having lived in Ethiopia and championed her cause for much of his adult life, Professor Richard Pankhurst in his Introduction brings profound expertise to this vivid and informative look at Ethiopia. His text evokes the spirit of a lost land, and helps the reader comprehend what few outsiders are privileged to experience.

The son of the suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst, who championed the cause of Ethiopia during Mussolini's 1935-36 fascist invasion, Professor Richard Pankhurst has devoted his entire life to the study and popularization of Ethiopian history and culture. Born 1927 in Hampstead, England, he earned a B.Sc. (Economics) and Ph.D. from London School of Economics, University of London. He began teaching in Ethiopia in 1956, at the University College of Addis Ababa and joined Haile Sellassie I University (later Addis Ababa University) in 1960. Pankhurst became director of the University's Institute of Ethiopian Studies in 1963, and ten years later was awarded the Haile Sellassie I Prize for Ethiopian Studies. He is currently Research Professor at the Institute.
Married with two children, Professor Pankhurst has traveled widely throughout the country. He is the author of over two dozen monographs and several hundred articles on Ethiopia. He was also involved in the successful campaign for the return to Ethiopia of the Aksum obelisk looted by Mussolini in 1937.

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