The Big Wave

The Big Wave

by Pearl S. Buck


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The powerful novel by Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl S. Buck, about two friends who must face the pain of losing everything—and how to face their grief with courage.

Kino lives on a farm on the side of a mountain in Japan. His friend, Jiya, lives in a fishing village below. Everyone, including Kino and Jiya, has heard of the big wave. No one suspects it will wash over them, until the rushing water sweeps away the whole village—including Jiya's family.

As Jiya struggles to overcome his sorrow, with the help of Kino and his father, he comes to understand that it is only in the presence of danger that one learns to be brave, and that even in the face of terrible tragedy, life and love are stronger than death.

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ISBN-13: 9780064401715
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/18/1986
Series: A Trophy Bk.
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 64
Sales rank: 99,076
Product dimensions: 5.12(w) x 7.62(h) x 0.19(d)
Lexile: 790L (what's this?)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Pearl S. Buck is the author of many distinguished books for children and adults. She won the Child Study Association's Children's Book Award for The Big Wave, the Pulitzer Prize for her novel The Good Earth, and in 1938 received the Nobel Prize for literature.

Date of Birth:

June 26, 1892

Date of Death:

March 6, 1973

Place of Birth:

Hillsboro, West Virginia

Place of Death:

Danby, Vermont

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Chapter One

Kino lived on a farm. The farm lay on the side of a mountain in Japan. The fields were terraced by walls of stone, each one of them like a broad step up the mountain. Centuries ago Kino's ancestors had built the stone walls that held up the fields.

Above all the fields stood the farmhouse that was Kino's home. Sometimes he felt the climb was a hard one, especially when he had been working in the lowest field and he wanted his supper. But after he had eaten at night and in the morning, he was glad that he lived so high up because he could look down on the broad blue ocean at the foot of the mountain.

The mountain rose so steeply out of the ocean that there was only a strip of sandy shore at its foot. Upon this strip was the small fishing village where Kino's father sold his vegetables and rice and bought his fish. From the window of his room Kino looked down upon the few thatched roofs of the village, running in two uneven lines on both sides of a cobbled street. These houses faced one another, and those that stood beside the sea did not have windows toward it. Since he enjoyed looking at the waves, Kino often wondered why the village people did not, but he never knew until he came to know Jiya, whose father was a fisherman.

Jiya lived in the last house in the row of houses toward the ocean, and his house did not have a window toward the sea either.

"Why not?" Kino asked him. "Ile sea is beautiful."

"The sea is our enemy," Jiya replied.

"How can you say that?" Kino asked. "Your father catches fish from the sea and sells them and that is how you live."

Jiya only shook his head. "The sea is our enemy," herepeated. "We all know it."

It was very hard to believe this. On hot sunny days, when he had finished his work, Kino ran down the path that wound through -the terraces and met Jiya on the beach. They threw off their clothes and jumped into the dear sea water and swam far out toward a small Wand which they considered their own. Actually it be,longed to an old gentleman whom they had never seen, except at a distance Sometimes in the evening he came through the castle gate and stood looking out to sea. Then they could see him, leaning. on his staff, his white beard blowing in the wind. He lived inside his castle behind a high fence of woven bamboo, on a knoll outside the village. Neither Kino or Jiya had ever been inside the gate, but sometimes when it was left open they had peeped into the garden. It was beautiful beyond anything they could imagine. Instead of grass the ground was covered with deep green moss shaded by pine trees and bamboos, and every day gardeners swept the moss with bamboo brooms until it was like a velvet carpet. They saw Old Gentleman walking under distant trees in a silver-gray robe, his hands clasped behind his back, his white head bent. He had a kind, wrinkled face, but he never saw them.

"I wonder if it is right for us to use his island without asking?" Kino asked today when they reached its beach of smooth white sand.

"He never uses it himself," Jiya replied. "Only, the sacred deer live here."

The island was full of sacred deer. They were not aftaid, for no one hurt them. When they saw the two boys they came to than, nuzzling into their hands for food. Sometimes Kino tied a little tin can of cakes about his waist and brought them with him to feed the deer. But he seldom had a penny, and now he reached high and picked the tender shoots of the rushes for them. Ile deer liked these very much and they laid them soft heads against his arm in gratitude.

Kino longed to sleep on the island some night, but Jiya was never willing. Even when they spent only the afternoon there he looked often out over the sea.

"What are you looking for?" Kino, asked.

"Only to see that the ocean is not angry," Jiya replied.

Kino laughed. "Silly," he said. "The ocean cannot be angry."

"Yes, it can," Jiya insisted. "Sometimes the old ocean god begins to roll in his ocean bed and to heave up his head and shoulders, and the waves run back and forth. Then he stands upright and roars and the earth shakes under the water. I don't want to be on the island then."

"But why should he be angry with us?" Kino asked. "We am only two boys, and we never do anything to him."

"No one knows why the ocean grows angry," Jiya said anxiously.

But certainly the ocean was not angry this day. The sun sparkled deep into the clear water, and the boys swam over the silvery surface of rippling waves. Beneath than the water was miles deep. Nobody knew how deep it was, for however long the ropes that fishermen let down, weighted with iron, no bottom was ever found. Deep the water was, and the land sloped swiftly down to that fathomless ocean bed. When Kino dived, he went down-down-down, until he struck icy still water. Today when he felt the cold grasp his body he understood why Jiya was afraid, and he darted upward to the waves and the sun.

On the beach he threw himself down and was happy again, and he and Jiya searched for pebbles, blue and emerald, red and gold. They had brought little baskets woven like bags, which they had tied with string around their waists, and these they filled with the pebbles. Jiya's mother was making a pebble path in her rock garden, and nowhere were the pebbles so bright as on Deer Island.

The Big Wave. Copyright © by Pearl Buck. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Big Wave (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) 2.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 88 reviews.
DanielleisAwesome14 More than 1 year ago
The title of this story is "The Big Wave" It takes place in Japan. The characters are Kino, Jiya's father, Jiya's mother, Setsu, and Old Gentleman. Kino lives on a farm on the side of a mountain in Japan. His friend Jiya lives in a fishing village. The sea is their enemy. They don't have windows facing the sea. They are scared that the big wave will wipe them all out, which it did. After, the big wave hit no one built anything on the beach. Until one day Jiya built a house on the beach. People began rebuilding what they had before, their happiness, and homes. Kino and Setsu got married! They are now living happy with each other. The big wave that caused all kinds of damage is past them. Their fear for the sea is better they put windows facing the sea. My opinion on this book is that it's a great book. I think that other people will enjoy reading this book. I think the book "The Big Wave" is an awesome. It is now one of my favorite books to read.
ohbabymclovin More than 1 year ago
september 30 2010 The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck Kino and Jiya live in Japan. Kino lives on the mountain while Jiya lives by the sea. Kino's family fears the volcano on the mountain; but Jiya and his family are very afraid of the sea. Jiyas family fears the sea so much they do not even have windows out to the sea. One day a giant storm was going to hit their town, they did not know that the storm was a giant tsunami. Kino's family took Jiya to their house up on the hill so he would not get swept away. Jiya did not want to leave his family who was staying at their house on the sea. So they watched as the tsunami hit and wiped his family away. Jiya was in so much shock he fainted. When he awoke still in shock of what had happened, was upset. The old man who lived on the island paid Jiya a visit asking him to live on his island, but Jiya refused. So Kino and JIya grew into adults. One day Jiya asked Kino if Setsu would like to live by the ocean. And Kino replied, why? Because I want to marry Setsu. So JIya and Setsu got married and built a house on the beach. The book was pretty good I would probably rate it a four. The book seemed pretty fake but I kind of liked it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tiffany Taylor The Big Wave The Big Wave is about a family that lives on the beach and the big wave comes and the son Jiya was the only on left, and his friend Keno's family left him live with them. One day there was an old gentleman knocking on Keno's door and asked if Jiya was there. He was sleeping because he wasn't ready to live. The old gentleman asked to speak with him, and Keno's father said he will send him to see you when he awakes. When Jiya woke up Keno took him to see the old gentleman. " Jiya will you be my son?" asked the old gentleman, "no" Jiya said. A couple years go by and Jiya see's a couple with kids building a house on the beach. Jiya runs down to the beach and talks to them. When Jiya returns he talk to Keno And said " Do you think Setsu (Keno's little sister) will live on the beach again?" Setsu and Jiya lived happily on the beach. I think the story was good and it has me thinking, I have to face my fears sometimes. The Big Wave is a good story because it has a lot of different emotions. Plus I think it was a good story because Jiya learns to make choices on his own, and face his fears.
kourtneyiscool89 More than 1 year ago
At the beginning Jiya and other families have houses on the beach. But the walls facing the ocean of those houses do not have windows. No- one knows why. Then the big wave comes. It knocks out Jiya's house and all of his except, except for him. After the big wave is over, Keno's family takes Jiya in to live with them. Jiya is depressed and just wants to sleep. That afternoon, a man shows up at Keno's house. The old gentlemen, who wants to see Jiya, even though at the time he is sleeping. The old gentleman goes into the room where Jiya is at. He stares at him for a moment and then tells the father of Keno that he wants to take Jiya to live with him in his castle. The next morning, Keno's father tells Jiya the news. Jiya agreed to go tour the castle, but wasn't making any promises to move in with him quite yet. Soon after Jiya toured the castle, he turned the offer down. He wanted to live with Keno and his family on their farm. Even though Keno's house was not even a comparison to the old gentlemen's castle, he insisted he wanted to live with Keno. Time goes by and by and Jiya falls in love with Keno's sister, Setsu. He wants to go live with her in their own house. Keno is just beside himself when he finds out this. He feels he will be all by-self now. But then again, he is proud for Setsu and Jiya to start their lives together. I enjoyed this book because it's unusual and very interesting for kids my age. Those terrible storms might of happened to their family and it helps them understand the situation a little better. Or it might be the complete opposite and somebody might want to learn what happens with people that are under those horrible conditions.
Abbs123 More than 1 year ago
The main characters are: Jiya, Kino, the father, the mother, and Setsu. This book takes place in Japan. Kino lives on a mountain in a small, boring farmhouse; Jiya lives by the ocean in a small fishing village. None of the villagers' houses windows face the water because Jiya, and his village, are afraid of the ocean; on the other hand, Kino thinks that the ocean's beautiful, but is afraid of the land. One day, when no one was suspecting, the volcano erupted and there was a massive earthquake! All of a sudden a big wave comes and sweeps up the entire fishing village, including Jiyas' family. Jiya was very sad and Kino was shocked. But, Jiya got over it and saw how wonderful and unsuspecting life could be. He married Setsu and built a house a window that faced the ocean. This story was a fairly good story, and it shows how wonderful and unsuspecting life could be really be.
twinkieCB More than 1 year ago
The Big Wave The Big Wave by Pearl Buck is a fiction book about two Japanese children who live on a Japanese island. One of the children, Jiya, lives on the shore and his father is a fisherman .The other child, Kino, lives in the mountains and his father is a rice farmer. During school the children become best friends. The fisherman and their families are afraid of the ocean, because it can cause great destruction. Then a tsunami hits the island and Jiya's family is killed, but Jiya survived. Jiya then lives in the mountains with Kino's family, where he falls in love with Kino's sister, Setsu. When they grow up, they get married, and go to live on the shore again. I thought this book was pretty good but it's a more appropriate book for little children. I rate the book 2 out of five for teenage readers. But I rate the 4 out of 5 for younger readers.
maceylynnvancamp More than 1 year ago
The Big Wave By: Pearl S. Buck Macey VanCamp Kino was Jiyas best friend in the whole wide world. And one day the bells rang at the castle up on the mountain because a storm was coming towards the island. Some villagers stayed in their homes because they didn't want to leave. Others left and went to the castle up on the mountain. Well Jiyas mom, dad, and brother decided to stay in their home. They told Jiya to go up to Kino's house so he would be safe and wouldn't die. He begged and pleaded for them to come up with him but they wanted to die in their home. So jiya started climbing the wall and as soon as he was at the top this big, huge wave came and took everything. Kino and his father was standing outside and when Jiya came up the father held the boys and was prepared for the worst. Before the wave hit them it stopped and went back down in the sea. They thought it was a miracle from god. The big wave basically took everything on the beach leaving nothing but the remains of some houses. Jiya was so devastated that his family died that he passed out. Whenever he woke up he cried. Kino's dad said it was okay for Jiya to mourn over his deceased family. Jiya wouldn't eat or speak for days. He would cry and cry and cry then he would fall back asleep for hours. Finally Kino's father thought that it was time for Jiya to stop crying and become strong. He said it was okay to cry sometimes but not all the time. Kino's father wanted Jiya to become his son and go to school to get a good job. But the old farmer on the hill in the castle wanted Jiya as his son to. When Kino's dad went to the castle it was beautiful and big. The old farmer said to Kino's father take me to Jiya. So the father did and the old farmer asked Jiya if he wanted to become the old farmer's son. Jiya thought about it and said no. That he wanted to be apart of Kino's loving family. So Jiya becomes apart of the family and when he gets older he talks to Kino and tells him he is inlove with setsu Kino's little sister. Kino thought he was crazy but accepted his wishes. So Jiya and Setsu get married and Jiya builds a house on the beach and if the big wave ever comes again he will be ready for it because he has a window that opens up to the ocean.
Anthonybarnhart24 More than 1 year ago
Book Review Outline Book title and author: The Big Wave, Pearl S. Buck Title of review: the Big Wave Number of stars (1 to 5): 4 Introduction The Big Wave is about a boy named Kino who lives in Japan. His friend Jiya lives in a fishing village. One day a tidal wave came and killed Jiya's family. Description and summary of main points One day a tidal wave came and killed Jiya's family. It also hurt him and had a serious concussion for weeks. Kino's parents said that they will raise him as their son. When he woke up he never played with Kino for a while, he just ate and then went back to bed. One day when he woke up an old man was sitting by his bed. The old man asked him to come live with him. He had a much bigger house then Kino, and it was at the top of the mountain so the big wave wouldn't hurt him again. He gave Jiya a tour of his house and then asked him if he would like to stay with him. Evaluation This is a book for kids age 10 to 16. It is short, but it is good. The main characters were Kino, Jiya, and their parents. The story is set in Japan. It is about a boy who loses his parents in a tidal wave and his best friends parents take him in and raise him. Conclusion The Big Wave is about a boy named Kino who lives in Japan up on the mountains. His friend Jiya lives in a fishing village. But one day a tidal wave came and killed his family. Kino's parents toke him in and raised him like a son. Your final review The book wasn't the best book in the world, but it was good reading.
knpar More than 1 year ago
The title of the book is The Big Wave by Peal S. Buck. This story takes place in Japan. Kino and Jiya are friends, who live in Japan. Kino lives on farm land with his family, his dad is a farmer, and Jiya lives by the ocean with his family and other family's along the beach, his dad is a fisherman. One day after Kino and Jiya where finished with their work Kino wanted to go swimming in the ocean Jiya was nerves about going into the ocean because if afraid of the ocean because a long time ago there was a wave they called it the big wave and it destroyed some of Japan. They ended up going swimming, Jiya was nerves. They were having fun so they lost track of what time it was getting to be. Jiya looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was setting so the swam home. When they got there Jiyas dad was waiting for him worried. A couple days later Kino had noticed the volcano behind his house was getting redder then it usually was. Later on the next day the big wave hit! The volcano was even redder and the ocean was higher. Jiya was safe but his family died in the big wave. Jiya lived with Kino and his family for a while. They where helpful with him and his death of his family and the whole town. One day a king comes by and asked to see Jiya, but he was sleeping. So king had said when he wakes up he may beside weather to live with Kino and his family or the king. When Jiya woke up he eat and they had talked about it. They went to the king's kingdom and talked to him. Jiya wanted to live with Kino and his family even thought the king said that he would give the family money and Kino could come up anytime. Jiya ended up marring Kino's sister and they lived on the beach and he did what his father did and was a fisherman. My opinion on this story is that it is a good story for kids at the age of 9-11.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The characters are Kino, his farther the farmer, his mother and his sister Sets, Jiya , his farther the fisher man, his mother and brother, Old Gentleman, town folks .The setting is Japan in a little town. The plot is that a big wave is coming and Jiya climbs up the mountain, where Kino lives then Jiya wants to go get his brother, mother and his farther so they can live, but Kino dad doesn't let him go because the wave is to close but the time he get their he would be dead then the hole town was gone nothing was left. Two people come to the beach and start building their house so they can live. My opinion that the book could be a little long and should be more things that "The Big Wave" destroyed maybe give us more about the two people who started building a house, give us more information who came to live on the beach did the wave come back did anyone see anybody
lorowashere More than 1 year ago
The Big Wave The characters are Kino, Jiya, setsu, Kino's father and mother, and the Old gentle man. The story began on the side of a mountain in Japan. This one day Kino and Jiya were meeting each other down by the beach. Kino wished his dad fished like Jiya's dad did, but instead kino's dad work on their farm; because that's the only way they can eat. But then suddenly Kino and Jiya heard a really loud bell. So they got scared and ran to Kino's house where his family was safe and the dad was looking out the window. Then all sudden a red flag came up from the Old gentle man's castle. Then black smoke filled the air and the water was angry. So the old gentle man's castle gate started to open and said hurry into my castle you'll be safe. Then after the black smoked went away Jiya feel to the ground. Then Kino and his dad took Jiya back to their home and laid him on their couch to rest. Then later that day the old gentle man came and gave them a visit. Then the old gentle man asks Kino if the boy that lost his family is here. Jiya said, "Yes he is?" Then Kino and Jiya tells the old gentle man he wants to live with Kino.
Beast_Mode_-ON-_off More than 1 year ago
The book is The Big Wave and it is by Pearl S. Buck, and the story takes place on an island in Japan. The main characters are Jiya and Kino, Jiya lives on a mountain beside a volcano and his family plants beans for a living, Kino lives by the river and his family fishes for a living. The basic plot is that there is a flood and it kills a lot of people including Kino's family. Then the volcano erupts and kills everybody on the village including Jiya and Kino. My opinion of the book was that it was good.
Twinkie69 More than 1 year ago
The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck Kino lives on a farm on the side of a mountain in Japan. His friend, Jiya, lives in a fishing village below. Everyone, including Kino and Jiya, has heard of the big wave. No one suspects it will wipe out the whole village and Jiya's family too. As Jiya struggles to overcome his sorrow, he understands it is in his presence of danger that one learns to be brave, and to appreciate life can be. The Old Gentlemen wanted Jiya to be his son; Jiya grew angry and sad about the idea of Jiya being the Old Gentlemen's son. So the next day came and it was time for Jiya to choose to stay with Kino and his family or to stay with the Old Gentlemen. Jiya chose to stay with Kino and his family, but the Old Gentlemen got mad about him living with Kino. After a while the Old Gentlemen got over being mad at Kino and Jiya. Then Jiya got married to Kino's sister Setsu and lived happily together on the beach.
Nikki-Nicole09 More than 1 year ago
The book is about two young Chinese boys that live near the mountains of Japan. One boys name was Kino and the other young boys name was Jiya. Kino's family was all about the farming, yet Jiya's family was all about the fishing. Jiya's family always believed that the "ocean was the enemy." Kino didn't believe so. One day Kino and Jiya was hanging out together and seen the ocean was getting rough. Jiya was scared and said they needed to get home. Kino didn't think much of it. When they went to their houses to tell their parents, the ocean was getting rougher. Jiya walked to Kino's house and a big wave came. Jiya's family was down by their house on the beach. Jiya's family got swept away. Kino's dad said he will take Jiya in as a son. In the morning an old gentleman wanted to take Jiya as a son. Jiya said no he wanted to live with Kino and his family. Kino and Jiya have seen that people have started to build houses on the beach again since the big wave hit. When Jiya got older he decided to build a house on the beach and marry Kino's little sister Setsu. Jiya and Setsu got married and lived in a house on the beach that Jiya built. There house was the only house with a window facing the ocean so if the big wave hits again, they will be prepared. I say the book is very good for kids on the age of 3rd to 6th grade. I thought it was a good, sweet little book. I recommend it to all primary students from the ages of 3rd grade and up.
Burnzy6678 More than 1 year ago
The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck This story is about two boys Kino and Jiya. Kino lives on the mountain, and his dad is a farmer. Jiya lives on the beach, and his dad is a fishermen. Kino and Jiya were good friends; they always hung out together when they were not helping their fathers. Then one day a big wave came along and as Jiya was running up the mountain side the Big Wave took all the people on the beach, along with Jiya`s family were all taken away by the wave. Kino`s father took Jiya in and made him his own son. For many days Jiya cried and slept all day. Then one day the Old Gentlemen came over and wanted to see Jiya. Jiya was sleeping but the Old Gentlemen just wanted to see the young boy, then he said "When he wakes up tell him I would like him to be my son." Kino was mad because he wanted Jiya to be his brother and that Jiya was now a part of his family. Jiya woke up and Kino`s father told him about how the Old Gentleman wanted Jiya to come live with him. Jiya went over to where the Old Gentlemen lived look at his castle and he decides "This is a very nice house but I would rather live up on the mountain side with my new family." Kino was so shocked that Jiya decided that he would rather live with him and his family then the Old Gentlemen. So Kino, Jiya, and Setsu all grew up together and worked on the farm. Jiya decided that farming was fun but he wanted to be a fisherman; Jiya started saving up his money to buy a boat. People eventually started rebuilding houses on the beach and Jiya wanted to move back to the beach. Before Jiya started to build a house on the beach he asked Setsu if she would marry him. She said yes, and then Jiya and Setsu got married and built a house on the beach. Jiya final saved enough money to buy a boat and he and Setsu went out on the water. More and more started building houses on the beach but the one thing Jiya did different then everyone else he put a window towards the ocean so he would see if another big wave was coming. I thought that the book was very good I would recommend it to teenagers and young adults.
kody13 More than 1 year ago
Kino lived on a farm in the mountains of Japan. Kino then met Jiya on a beach nearby. Jiya lives in a fishing village. They went in search of the big wave. Everyone has heard of it. The wave was from an underground volcano and it bursted up steam and lifted up the water. The village got covered with water. Nothing remained. Kino's father called everyone at the village strong and brave. Kino and Jiya grew up to be nice and tall. Some storms came but none of them were like the big wave. At the end Jiya married Kino's sister Setsu. I liked the book because it had a lot of suspenseful parts. Some of them were when the wave crashed into the village and Jiya slipped and hit his head.
Hannah80 More than 1 year ago
Hannah Boyce September 29, 2010 4th Period The Big Wave Kino lived on a farm and Jiya lived by the sea. They were best friends and they7 were with each other almost every day. One day there was a big wave and Jiya's family told him to go to the Old Gentleman's castle, but Jiya knew he would not make it to the castle in time so he went to Kino's house with Kino and his family. They watched as the big wave swept away all the houses on the beach, including Jiya's. When Jiya seen this happening, his house and family being swept away by the sea, he blacked out. He didn't wake up until the next day. When Jiya woke, Kino's father told him that Jiya can be part of their family now. I would recommend this book to a teenager, or even an adult with children. It's a nice short story that will keep their interest. The story takes place in Japan.
Megalicious456 More than 1 year ago
Kino and his family lived on a farm. Jiyas father was a fisherman, and his family lived down on the beach. This big wave came one day, and since all the people of the village were scared of the ocean, they had no windows facing the sea. So when the wave came, they didn't know when it would come to the shore. The old gentleman was ringing a bell to tell all children to come into his castle or go up the hill to Kino's house. So Jiyas family told him to go up the hill and he didn't want to leave his mom dad and brother behind. But he did what he was told and made his way up the hill. When he was there he turned around and the wave ate up all the homes and people with it. He fainted. As Kino's family waited for Jiya to awake, Kino's father kept telling him, "Life is stronger than death". When he woke up all he did was sit there and he wouldn't talk, but he would cry, "We must let him cry." Kino's father would say. One night when Jiya was asleep, the old gentleman came up to the farm house and asked to see him. The father took the old gentleman to see Jiya and he smiled. "A wonderful young boy" he said. I would like him for my son, since he has suffered through so much. Kino was sad because Jiya was his friend. But they told old gentleman they would tell Jiya and he would come to see him when he woke up. The next day, Kino took Jiya down onto the beach and went into old gentleman's castle. Jiya thought it was wonderful. But he told the old gentleman he would think. A few days later, Jiya went back to the castle and told him No. He didn't want to leave Kino and his family. So he stayed with Kino, who was happy. They grew older, and they worked hard, and one day Jiya told Kino he wanted to marry Setsu, Kino's little sister. Kino was surprised that anyone would want to marry Setsu, but he told his father. And so they were married. They built a home on the beach, to remember those who died from the big wave. And so Jiya put a large window facing the sea. This is a story I liked, but it's not what I usually read. I would recommend it to people my age or even older or younger. This book has a lot of things the reader could relate to, Such as loss of a loved one, or even making a big decision.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The title of the story is The Big Wave, the author of this story is Pearl S. Buck. The main characters are Kino and Jiya. This story is about a boy named Kino, who lived on a farm, and his father who is a farmer. Jiya's father is a fisherman. Kino wondered why no one had windows that faced the sea, because he thought it was one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen. Jiya told him that the sea is evil. Jiya did not like the quality time of the beach, but eventually they swam to an island. He did not enjoy it much. Later on that week the red flag rose up the flag pole, as the sky began to grow black. Jiya was filled with fear as his family told him to get to safety. As the sea turned into a huge wave, it wiped out many houses and families. After it was over, Jiya's family was killed by the big wave. Kino's family took Jiya into their home and let him rest. Setsu, Kino's sister, was thrilled to have Jiya stay and live with them as if it was her own brother. As Jiya woke up, he knew what had happened to his family. Kino's parents told Jiya he was welcome to live forever at their home. Jiya told them that he was not ready to live again, then he went back to sleep.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book "The Big Wave" by Pearl S. Buck is a story about two young boys named Kino and Jiya who live in a small village in Japan. In the story, a tsunami hits and takes the lives of nearly everyone in the village. The young boy Jiya must learn to overcome his sadness, and as he lives with Kino and his family, learn to live again even after losing his family in the big wave. I think that this book gives readers a good understanding on how the characters feel, and state clearly the happenings of the story. I liked the effect on how when the big wave hit and Jiya lost all hope, I could relate to how he felt by looking at the times I felt depressed and alone. Because of the simpler concept of this book, I would recommend it to younger readers; I would say that this is more of a book for students in the 5th or 6th grade. Some parts in the story were very predictable, so that is why I would recommend it to younger kids. Even though the plot and events in the story are simple, I still think that the author makes the events fit together nicely. The word choice that was presented in the story gave me a sense that it was in less modern times and far from America, which was a good technique that the author used. There were times in the story where events passed by very quickly with less detail, but I still had a good understanding of what was going on. Overall, I think that this was a well placed story with a simple plot and events that lead to an ending with a good lesson that life always goes on.
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Kino is a boy who lives on a farm and Jiya is a boy who lives on the beach in Japan. They are the same age and now they are best friends after they meet. But they think differently about the sea because Jiya thinks the sea is dangerous and Kino thinks the sea is harmless, but only one of them is right. Kino has a little sister and a mother and father but Jiya has an older brother and a mother and father. Kino and Jiya love to play outside but one day the sky turns red, the sea rises, and the volcano rumbles the ground and Kino and Jiya's families are scared because the big wave is coming. The bell on Old Gentleman's castle rings telling everyone to get in his castle fast. But Jiya's family stays at the beach and the big wave wipes all of the buildings on the beach out into the ocean and on the land. Jiya takes cover with Kino's family. Then the big wave is over. After all the destruction is done Old Gentleman comes down to Kino's house and asks the family to ask Jiya to come up to the castle to talk if Jiya wants to be Old Gentleman's son. When Jiya awakes he and Kino go up to Old Gentleman's castle to talk and Old Gentleman asks his question but Jiya refuses. Jiya and Kino get older into adults and Jiya told Kino that he wanted to marry Setsu, Kino's little sister, and Jiya got embarrassed and Kino couldn't believe that Jiya wanted to marry Setsu. But when Jiya asked Setsu if she would marry him she said yes and the wedding was held and they were married. Then Jiya builds a house on the beach for them to live in but Jiya is more confident that he will face the big wave because their house has a room that has a window that faces the ocean and when the big wave comes again he will not be afraid to face it. Finally they live all happy together with their families. I think this story is a great story for parents to read to their children like for bedtime stories.
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Randy Bowe September 29TH, 2010 Reading 8 6th period The main characters are; Kino , jiya, Kino's father, Kino's sister, and jiya's family Kino and jiya are best friends they do everything together yet they have different careers. Kino is a farmer , Jiya is a fisherman. One day a storm approached and all of the kids were sent to the castle at the top of the mountain. So jiya did yet his ; brother, mother, and father stayed behind. A wave came and hit the town and wiped out jiya,s family. Jiya was devastated. Jiya sleep the pain away for several days. And one day he wakes up and wants to move down to shore and marry Kino's sister. And that is what he did moved to that beach were his father and mother and brother had got killed. In my opinion I think this is a very good book and I like the character descriptions because they describe deeply into there characters it makes you free there emotions.
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The Big Wave Kino lives on a farm on the hillside of a mountain. His friend Jiya lives on a beach by the ocean. Everyone on the beach knew that a wave could take out there house at any moment. Then one day a volcano erupted with very little warning and the rich guy was very nice to open his doors to anyone. Not everyone goes because they the men want to stay with the boat, the wives want to stay with the men, and the children want to stay with the mom. Kino's is safe from danger because they live on a hill. Then the rich guy sounded another bell, but not everyone knew what it meant so they did not care. That second bell was for a wave but since they didn't have windows they got swept away. Then jiya's family was killed by the wave. Jiya was so sad he was asleep for days until it was time to eat then he would go back to bed. Then the rich guy wanted jiya as his son because he looked strong. Jiya told the man no he was staying with Kino. At the end Jiya marries Setsu, Kino's little sister, because she makes him laugh. I would like to read a book with more suspense and action. I would recommend this book to smaller kids. Kids my age like a lot of suspense and action in their books
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The Big Wave By Pearl S. Buck Austin Lee There was a boy named Kino. He worked out in the field with his father. One day, he was playing with his friend, Jiya, who lived on the flat part of town. When they were playing, a big wave came and destroyed the town. As the town got wiped out, Jiya's family got killed by the wave. Kino and Jiya had gone up in the field as the wave was coming closer. They were with Kino's father. As they watched the wave, Jiya slipped and hit his head hard on the rocks. He was unconscious for a long period of time. While Jiya was unconscious, Kino was out in the field working with his father. When Jiya woke up, all he wanted to do was sleep. So they let him sleep. The Old Gentleman came to their home and asked if he could have Jiya as his son. Jiya and Kino went down to the man's castle and looked around. Jiya's decision was no. When they got back, they saw two men building a house. When they got home, Jiya wanted to marry Setsu. So they got married and lived at a newly built home on the beach. They have a window looking at the ocean. I thought the story was epic. It was one of the best I've read.
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Book Review Outline Book title and author: The Big Wave, Pearl S. Buck Title of review: A Review Number of stars (1 to 5): 2 Introduction Don't take any thing for granted, that is the theme of this. I didn't like this book the beginning just had stuff in it that meant nothing. It was a simply children's story. Description and summary of main points Kino and Jaya are best friends. Then one day a big wave rose up from the ocean and wiped out the entire village where Jaya lives. Luckily he was playing with Kino at the time but does Jaya's family make it! Evaluation The book achived its purpose of telling you about a big wave. The plot was just all over the place I didn't get what the plot was it seemed to me there were four or five plots. The setting of the book was a good place. Conclusion If you are buying this book for a kid about 7 to 10 it would be a good fit. But for someone in eighth grade it was just boring. I think I would have liked this book if I was in the fifth grade when I read this I would of liked it. This just wasn't my kind of book. Your final review This book l just wasn't my kind of book. So any one who likes that kind of a book I recommend it.