Beyond The Beach: The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute

Beyond The Beach: The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute

by Bill Levy


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Bill Levy's "Beyond the Beach: The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute" offers readers the opportunity to experience Nevil Shute.

British novelist Nevil Shute (1899-1960) is remembered primarily for his novel "On the Beach." But he wrote over twenty other fascinating novels that are still extremely relevant today.

The book is divided into two sections. The first section, "Beyond the Beach," is an overview of Nevil Shute's life and career and consists of (1) a biographical sketch of Nevil Shute including a brief analysis of his work, and (2) a discussion of reasons why he should be read today and tomorrow. The second section, "The Wit and Wisdom of Nevil Shute," is divided up into nineteen sub-sections. Each sub-section contains quotations from one of Shute's books. These quotations demonstrate Shute's perceptions of people, places, and ideas; they also illustrate his subtle humor, his gentle yet masculine use of language, his unique sense of timing, and his genius for succinctly capturing a universal concept with deceptive simplicity.

Shute had the unique capacity to combine an astute and pragmatic knowledge of technology with an optimistic humanism and, quite often, with a compelling sense of mysticism. His books continually emphasize the power of the individual to shape history while his genuine and generous protagonists provide excellent heroic prototypes. Nevil Shute had an uncanny ability to predict the future. He also had the skill to sculpt stories that open up his readers' minds.

The author states in the Prologue, "Nevil Shute's novels have provided me with a sanctuary from many of the absurdities of contemporary life, given me much of my moral base, and helped to expand my personal horizons. Hopefully, this book will stimulate others to explore and re-explore his world."

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About the Author

Born in California, raised on Long Island, and a resident of New Jersey for forty years, Bill Levy is a retired special education teacher who now devotes himself to freelance writing and speaking engagements. He is the author of John Ford: A Bio-Bibliography (Greenwood Press). He is also currently completing three books: The John Ford Stock Company (Bear Manor Media), Fifty Forgoten Gems (a collection of his published columns on overlooked and overshadowed movies from Hollywood's Golden Era), and Using Humor to Combat and Conquer Stress (a collection of strategies including his published "Levy's Wry" humor columns).

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