Beware the Darkness

Beware the Darkness

by Alexandra Ivy

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The enemy may have changed, but the battle between good and evil burns hotter than ever in this scintillating new installment in Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity series.
There is only one thing more precious to vampire Tarak than his newfound freedom after five centuries of captivity, and that’s the promise of revenge. At last, he can destroy Riven, the merman who has drained his power in order to make himself king. But at the very moment when justice is a fang’s breadth away, Tarak’s quest is complicated by the beautiful mermaid princess who kept him sane and fed during his ordeal.
Waverly hoped that once Tarak escaped, he’d return to his own kind and enjoy the rest of his immortal life. She also hoped she might one day stop dreaming about the darkly handsome vampire. Instead, Tarak’s return draws Waverly into an unlikely alliance—and a passion that eclipses all her fantasies.
Hatred for Riven has sustained Tarak this long. But only Waverly’s love can give him the strength to claim eternity with her . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781516108435
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/20/2019
Series: Guardians of Eternity Series , #14
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 6,481
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Alexandra Ivy is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of romantic suspense, paranormal and erotic romance. She has also written Regency historicals under the name Deborah Raleigh. A five-time RT Book Award Finalist, Ivy has received much acclaim for her Guardians of Eternity, ARES Security, Immortal Rogues and Sentinels series. She lives with her family in Missouri and can be found online at

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The demon hotel in the depths of the Florida Everglades was a sprawling structure with two long wings surrounded by lush gardens. A week ago, it had been hidden behind a thick layer of magic, but the spell had been broken, and the demon guests had been encouraged to leave the premises.

At the time, Chiron's only thought had been to have some time alone with Lilah. After all, when a vampire finally located his true mate, it was a time of celebration. And since Chiron was quite convinced that his beautiful witch, Lilah, was the most special mate since the beginning of mates, the celebration had to be something spectacular.

Unfortunately, the best-laid plans of mice and vampires tended to go to hell. And even as Chiron had shooed away the guests and sent Ulric — his faithful Were guard — to track down his master who'd just escaped his prison, he'd realized that any hope of a private oasis was a fantasy.

And, as if to emphasize the fact that the honeymoon was on hold, the King of the Vampires had arrived a half hour ago, demanding a full account of the unfolding disaster.

Now they stood in the middle of the vast lobby of the hotel. Styx, the current Anasso, the formal title for king, stood well over six feet, with stark Aztec features. His hair was long and as dark as midnight. Currently he had it pulled into a braid that was threaded with turquoise medallions. And as usual, his massive frame was covered from head to toe in leather. Oh, and he had a sword the size of a shovel strapped across his back.

Chiron had dark hair as well, but he kept his neatly trimmed. He also preferred to wear designer suits that were tailored to fit his slender frame. He was a wealthy owner of a chain of hotels, spas, and casinos called Dreamscape Resorts, which catered to humans. He sold sophistication and luxury, so that was the façade he'd adopted over the years.

Beside him was Lilah, his new mate. She was a foot shorter than Chiron with a lush figure and glorious, untamed curls that fell past her shoulders. She had honey-gold skin and her eyes were a swirl of gold and green. Unlike the two male vampires, she was a human witch who stayed young by bathing in the Fountain of Youth that was conveniently located in the back of the garden in a hidden grotto.

Styx folded his arms over his chest, his expression grim. "Explain to me again what happened."

Chiron swallowed his impatience. He was a Rebel, which meant he didn't consider Styx his king, but the ancient male had the sort of power that could flatten the hotel and potentially destroy the fountain that kept Lilah alive. Chiron couldn't risk that.

"I discovered that the former Anasso captured Tarak and handed him over to the King of the Mer-folk," Chiron said in clipped tones.

Styx already knew that his predecessor had locked away Chiron's master, Tarak. That was why he'd given Chiron the scroll that had led to this hotel, and eventually to the key that had released Tarak from his prison.

What none of them had known was that Tarak had been betrayed by the previous Anasso and given to Riven, the leader of the merfolk, for some nefarious purpose.

Styx scowled. Did the ancient vampire hope that Chiron's story would change? Probably.

"You're sure?"

Chiron nodded. "Positive."

"Why would a merman imprison a vampire?" he snapped.

It was a question that had plagued Chiron since he'd realized who was holding Tarak captive. As far as he knew, the mer-folk had disappeared from the world centuries ago.

"I have no idea," he admitted. "You'll have to ask Riven."

"Oh, I intend to." The ground shook and the lights flickered as Styx's power thundered through the lobby. "First I have to deal with a crazed vampire whom you released to rampage across Florida."

A burst of anger stiffened Chiron's spine. This male had refused to heed his warnings that the previous Anasso was bat-shit crazy. And that he was using intoxicated humans to fuel his addiction. Then he'd accused Chiron of lying when he'd said he was convinced that his master, Tarak, had been taken prisoner, and had done nothing when Chiron was banished.

"I suppose you would have preferred that I leave Tarak in his prison," he accused the older vampire.

Styx narrowed his gaze. "I wouldn't have brought you the key if that's what I wanted. But I'd hoped you would keep him contained until we could determine if he was a danger to the world."

Chiron bared his fully extended fangs. "He wouldn't have been a danger to the world if you had listened to my warnings about your predecessor."

Styx stepped forward, the marble floor cracking beneath his heavy boots. Suddenly, Lilah was grasping Chiron's arm, giving it a warning squeeze.

"Maybe we should concentrate on what we're going to do now instead of squabbling over the past," she suggested in low tones.

The lights flickered before Styx visibly loosened his tense muscles.

"A wise mate," he told Chiron.

Chiron's unbeating heart warmed. It'd only been a week since they'd completed the mating, which might explain why he was still besieged with a sense of acute wonderment. But he was fairly confident his giddy happiness was a permanent thing.

"Yes," he readily agreed with Styx as he placed an arm around Lilah's shoulders and tugged her tight against his side. "And patient," he continued, glancing down at her lovely face. "We're supposed to be on our honeymoon."

She smiled, lifting a hand to lightly touch his cheek. Sparks darted through him.

"We have an eternity together," she murmured. "Right now we need to find Tarak."

"She's right," Styx said.

Chiron glared at the large man. Centuries ago they'd been brothers, fighting with the first Anasso to end the brutal clan wars between vampires and unite them. But the loyalty he'd felt toward Styx had been destroyed when Tarak had disappeared and he'd been banished.

"Are you offering your help?" he asked the older vampire.

Styx shrugged. "We have to keep Tarak away from the human cities. I have my Ravens spread around the wetlands," he said, referring to his lethal personal guards. "What about you?"

Chiron grimaced. "I had Ulric on his trail," he said.

Styx took a second to place the name. "The Were?"

Chiron nodded. He'd rescued Ulric from the slave-pits beneath the Anasso's lair. Since then the younger male had not only become Chiron's devoted bodyguard, but his closest friend. It didn't matter to him that Ulric was a pureblooded werewolf. Everyone had their faults.

"Yes, I sent him to look for Tarak after he'd escaped from the prison. But when it was obvious that my master was simply crisscrossing the Everglades with no apparent destination, I sent him back to Vegas." Chiron exchanged a rueful glance with Lilah. The Were had returned to the hotel a bedraggled mess. His clothing was torn, and his skin was coated with a goopy mud that took an hour to scrub off. "Ulric is a fine warrior, but his temper was near the snapping point at his belief that Tarak was simply leading him through the bogs to be a jackass."

Styx made a sound of impatience. "You have no idea what Tarak is doing?"

"Actually, Lilah has come up with a theory," Chiron said, watching a blush stain his mate's cheeks.

Long ago Lilah had been a ruthlessly ambitious leader of her coven who'd been willing to sacrifice anyone to save her own skin. But after centuries of being isolated at the hotel with no memory of her past, she'd been stripped of her vanity to become a sweetly vulnerable woman who preferred to remain in the background.

"What theory?" Styx demanded.

Her blush deepened. "I think Tarak is trying to capture Inga." Styx frowned. "Who?"

"My nanny," Lilah told Styx. Then she grimaced. "Or the female I thought was my nanny."

Styx's confusion cleared. "The ogress?"

"Half ogress and half mermaid," Chiron clarified.

"Does Tarak blame her for imprisoning him?" Styx asked.

Inga had worked with Lilah and her coven of witches to create the barriers that had held Tarak captive.

"It's a possibility," Lilah murmured.

"But you suspect he has another motive?" Styx pressed.

"I think it's possible he is planning to force her to take him to the mermaids," Lilah admitted.

Styx appeared startled by the soft words. Like most demons, the ancient vampire had no doubt assumed the mermaids had disappeared forever.

"She can do that?"

Lilah nodded. "She admitted she'd visited them before."

Styx's jaw tightened. "Damn. He's trying to get to Riven."

"It's only a theory," Lilah hastily reminded the powerful vampire.

Styx turned his attention to Chiron, his expression grim. "We need to find the ogress before Tarak does."

Chiron rolled his eyes. "Good luck with that. She's not only huge and lethal, but she's as cunning as an imp. Plus, she can create illusions that would fool even the most powerful demons."


"Yeah, the best I've ever seen."

"Damn." A strangely rueful expression settled on the Anasso's face. "We don't need power."

Chiron stared at him in confusion. "What do we need?"

"Levet," Styx revealed. "He can see through any illusion. "Where is the —" The vampire cut off whatever rude word he was about to utter. "The gargoyle?"

Chiron exchanged another glance with Lilah. He'd hoped that Styx would have forgotten that Levet had traveled with him to Florida.

"Actually ..." His words trailed away.

Styx snapped his brows together. "Tell me."

"I left him in charge of guarding the ogress after it was revealed she'd been working with the mermaids. When I went back to check on him I discovered that he'd disappeared along with Inga," Chiron admitted. "We don't know if he helped her escape. Or if he's being held hostage."

The temperature in the lobby dropped below freezing as Styx glared at him with a surprising fury.

"Shit. If something happens to that idiotic creature, my mate is going to chew off my ass," Styx rasped, pointing a finger into Chiron's face. "And since she's a pureblood Were that's not a metaphor." The large male pivoted on his heel, heading toward the door.

Chiron took an instinctive step forward. "Where are you going?" he demanded.

"To find Levet," Styx growled, turning his head to send Chiron a warning glare. "You catch that demented master of yours before I have to destroy him."

The heavy door slammed behind Styx as he stepped out of the hotel. The chandelier rattled overhead, and tiny quakes continued to shake the floor.

Styx not only made a dramatic entrance, but he managed to leave with the same theatrical flair.

"So that's the new Anasso." Lilah finally broke the heavy silence that filled the lobby. "He's very ..."

"Arrogant?" Chiron suggested.


Chiron shook his head in resignation. "And I thought the first Anasso was bad."

* * *

Tarak left the nest of lily nymphs with a sense of dissatisfaction. Although the lovely creatures had been eager to appease his hunger, he'd found their blood bland and tasteless. Like champagne that had gone flat.

He told himself that it was a result of his obsession with his long overdue revenge. How could he enjoy a meal, no matter how tasty, when his thoughts were focused on finding the ogress so she could lead him to the mermaids? Plus, he'd just escaped from a prison where he'd been trapped for over five centuries. Perhaps his taste buds needed time to adjust.

It certainly had nothing to do with the beautiful female who'd visited during the long years of his imprisonment ...

As if on cue, the thick vegetation that surrounded him began to glow with a shimmering light. Then the vision of a familiar slender woman appeared directly in front of him.

A strange excitement buzzed through him. As if he was eager for the opportunity to see her once again.

He released a low growl. What the hell was wrong with him? The female was probably a figment of his crazed imagination. After all, there was a good chance he wasn't entirely stable after being locked away. What demon wouldn't be a little stressed after five hundred years surrounded by a barren cell of stone walls? And if she really was appearing before him ... then she was the enemy.

Still, the buzzing continued as he took in the sight of her pale hair that was highlighted with hints of blue that fell as smooth as silk down her back. Her wide eyes were the color of aquamarines and her skin appeared as if it'd been dusted with the luminescent shimmer of a pearl.

As always, she was wearing a gown that flowed to her ankles. It had a plunging neckline and was sheer enough to offer glimpses of her naked body beneath.

She was as lovely as all fey creatures, but vampires had little interest in superficial beauty. They had the ability to see inside the soul of creatures. And this female's essence was a fascinating combination of rare innocence and a fierce spirit that she desperately tried to keep hidden.

Plus, she possessed a scent that intoxicated him. Passion fruit, soft air, and an undertone of salt. Like a summer night on the Caribbean Sea.

He shook his head, trying to clear her vision from his mind.

"Stop haunting me," he rasped.

The female stepped forward, her expression hardening in the moonlight. When she'd first started coming to the prison where Tarak was being held, she was a timid, frightened creature. Probably because Tarak had done his best to terrify her. But over time he'd come to look forward to her visits. And not just because she offered him an opportunity to feed from her veins.

She would linger to keep him company, bringing him books that helped to ease the brutal loneliness of his isolation. And in the last fifty years or so, she'd left a device called a television that allowed him to view the humans' entertainment. It was an invaluable tool that kept him up to date on the world. Plus, she'd been the one to tell him that the old Anasso had died a few years before and that Styx had become the new King of Vampires.

He hadn't fully processed the news. There was a mixture of acute joy that the bastard was dead, combined with fury that he hadn't been the one to cut out his heart. Plus, there was a suspicion that Styx, a male he'd trusted like a brother, had allowed him to rot in the prison while he waited for the opportunity to grab the throne for himself.

He hadn't had the time or the interest to work through the baggage.

Over the centuries, however, the female had never talked about herself, or the bastard who was responsible for him being there, but she'd helped to keep him sane. And in time, she'd developed a confidence to approach him without fear.

Now she glared at him in exasperation. "I'm here to protect you, you stupid vampire."

He scowled. Although he'd never been power-hungry like the Anasso who'd betrayed him, Tarak had been a clan chief who'd earned the respect of his people.

No one questioned his intellect.

"Stupid?" he growled.

"Yes, stupid." She tilted her chin. "I know what you're doing." He reached out, not surprised when his hand went through the female. She wasn't real.

"You're a hallucination from my mind," he rasped.

"I'm real," she insisted, her voice low and husky. Perfectly tuned to stir a male's passions. "My blood runs through your veins." Tarak shivered, vividly remembering the taste of her. She'd been sweet and warm and as addictive as nectar. And just the memory was enough to make his cock hard. It was no wonder the poor nymphs hadn't been able to satisfy his hunger.

He pulled back his lips to flash his fangs. It pissed him off that he was reacting to her as if he was a drunken goblin in rutting season.

"I'm not so crazy that I can't tell gold from dross," he drawled.

She flinched, as if his words had wounded her. Then her chin tilted an inch higher.

"It's true I'm not physically there," she admitted. "I have the ability to ..." She paused, considering how to explain her talent. "To project my image."

Her words did nothing to ease the toxic stew of frustration that bubbled inside him.

"An illusion," he snapped. "Too damn many illusions."

The scent of salt became more pungent, revealing her own flare of temper.

"I came to you in your prison," she reminded him in sharp tones. "My touch kept you sane."

Tarak glanced around the dark, soggy bogs that were coated in a slimy moss. Right now he could be in a luxurious hotel, enjoying a glass of champagne and a hot bath. Or returning to one of the numerous lairs he'd owned around the world. He'd had them glamoured to keep any creature, including humans, from discovering them.

Instead, he was here.

Hot and wet. And not in a good way. Why wouldn't he be consumed with a burning need to lash out?

"Not so sane," he muttered.

She reached out her hand, her expression pleading. "You're free, Tarak. Return to your family."


Excerpted from "Beware the Darkness"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Debbie Raleigh.
Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Beware the Darkness 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Regina_Kiddy 24 days ago
Well that’s it, I want a vampire for Christmas. Tarak is a clan chief who was imprisoned by the King of the mermen. Waverly is a princess mermaid who is being blackmailed into feeding him. A love like no other begins to build but can it survive the many trials? Inga and Levite return as well. This book like the others have suspense, romance, and chuckles in it. And some surprises as well!! This author never fails to keep you interested! I read this as a ARC from netgalley. I gave this book a yummy 5+ stars and if I could give more I would.
BuckeyeAngel 16 days ago
There is only one thing more precious to vampire Tarak than his newfound freedom after five centuries of captivity, and that’s the promise of revenge. At last, he can destroy Riven, the merman who has drained his power in order to make himself king. But at the very moment when justice is a fang’s breadth away, Tarak’s quest is complicated by the beautiful mermaid princess who kept him sane and fed during his ordeal. Waverly hoped that once Tarak escaped, he’d return to his own kind and enjoy the rest of his immortal life. She also hoped she might one day stop dreaming about the darkly handsome vampire. Instead, Tarak’s return draws Waverly into an unlikely alliance—and a passion that eclipses all her fantasies. Hatred for Riven has sustained Tarak this long. But only Waverly’s love can give him the strength to claim eternity with her. This was a pretty good story. My only issue is that I have read very few books by this author, and I’m pretty sure none from this series, so I found myself a bit confused at points with the different characters and character types. I am assuming they were from other books but I felt like the author is assuming that you’ve read the other books first. I recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Sandy-thereadingcafe 18 days ago
BEWARE THE DARKNESS is the fourteenth instalment in Alexandra Ivy’s contemporary, adult GUARDIANS OF ETERNITY paranormal, fantasy romance series. This is vampire Tarak, and mermaid princess Waverly’s story line. BEWARE THE DARKNESS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. NOTE: BEWARE THE DARKNESS pick up immediately after the events of DARKNESS RETURNS. Told from several third person perspectives including Tarak, Waverly and Levet, BEWARE THE DARKNESS follows the search for vampire Tarak. Five hundred years earlier Tarak was betrayed by the former Anasso (king of the vampires) and found himself imprisoned and used as a blood slave by the new king of the mer-people. Throughout the years Tarak would hallucinate believing a beautiful angel came for to visit, an angel who would feed our story line hero. Enter Waverly, mermaid princess, and the woman with whom Tarak would fall in love. Desperate to take down the man who destroyed his life, Tarak goes in search only to be stopped by our story line heroine. What ensues is the building relationship between Tarak and Waverly, and the potential fall-out as Tarak is determined to kill the man that betrayed them all. Meanwhile Waverly struggles with Tarak’s need to kill the king of the mer-people, a man who is currently holding her sister hostage, a woman who protects and guards the infants with her life. With no idea where Sabrina is hidden, Waverly fears to kill the king will also kill the sister she loves. The relationship between Tarak and Waverly has been building for several hundred years when Waverly was forced to feed Tarak, an in effort to keep him strong enough to feed the mer-people king. Tarak, believing Waverly was nothing more than a illusion, is fearful that Waverly is nothing more than a trick to recapture our story line hero. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including the mer-people King Riven, and his guard Rimm; Rivet and ogress Inga; Waverly’s sister Sabrina, as well as a number of mer-people, demons, Puck the imp, and the current king of the vampires Styx and his mate Lilah, and vampire Chiron. BEWARE THE DARKNESS is a story of betrayal, vengeance, power and control; a story of family, love and friendship. The premise is intriguing and engaging; the romance is seductive; the characters are colorful and charismatic.
Anonymous 22 days ago
Cali-Jewel 22 days ago
I have been a fan from the beginning of this series and devoured each book several times this one pulled me right back into this magical and thrilling world once again and I loved it! The way this story teller just captures you and spins this amazing world is just so thrilling. This journey is so emotional, filled with danger around every corner, intriguing charters, old friends and undeniable passion. Excellent reading!
cherlym 24 days ago
(4.5) I had some laugh out loud moments, I had some catch my breath moments wondering if someone was going to die. Loved the twist at the end (well done). Ahhh. Now I need to put my feet up and just smile. I was anxiously awaiting Tarak after he escaped in book 13. Thrilled to be able to read his story. If you like paranormal, steamy sex and some suspense, this is a great read. I think it could be read as a standalone because enough info is provided, but I feel like you will miss out on all the elements and character development that has been building. I mean we see Styx again! Yes I love Styx (vampire) . Levet (gargoyle) plays pretty prominent with Inga (Toll/Mer hybrid) as they intertwine trying to find Tarak (vampire) and make sure he isn't out to destroy the world. Tarak is of course after revenge and has Waverly (mer) who kept him sane with her blood, is with him searching for her sister. There are several story lines running through this book that all interconnect. I I am curious if we are going to see more about Inga and possibly Levet in the next book. Levet pops in most of this series, but is he coming into a little more in depth? Hmm. In any case, what ever is next, I am there! Thank you Lyrical Press, Alexander Ivy and Net Galley for the arc. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited.
Anonymous 26 days ago
It's a good story but not much depth. Her books keep getting shorter with less and less character development. Plus, paying $7.49 for this short an ebook hurts a little.
Sues_Reviews 27 days ago
In a review for the previous book in the Guardians of Eternity series, Darkness Returns, I stated that I was waiting for a number of characters’ stories and that included Tarak’s. Well, wishes do come true Beware the Darkness is Tarak’s story and it is everything I was hoping for and more. Full of excitement, intrigue and action, there is never a dull moment. There are twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. Levet, OMG, I hope he eventually gets his own book. Both him and Inga? I need to know what’s next for them. This is a series that has yet to truly let me down. As always, I’m excited and chomping at the bit for the next book in this wonderfully compelling series. I received an ARC via NetGalley of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
Anonymous 28 days ago
This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy. Lots of twists and turns in this story and secrets are revealed as the story progresses. Tarak is finally free from his prison of 500 years but still needs to resolve who and why he was enslaved. There is a cast of characters that keep this story moving along as Tarak tries to get back to kill Riven, the king of the Mer-men, and person who enslaved him. He comes across Waverly and is not sure if she is part of keeping him in prison or helping him. Inga and Levet are another odd couple but you just hope that they work out. When all is revealed about Inga, it is a surprise and so sad that she has been lied to her whole life. Loved the HEA and hope that we see more of all of these characters!
Marta Cox 28 days ago
This author has penned an exciting, addictive paranormal series that is above all else fun ! Yes I know there are obstacles to overcome so that these Vampires can get their happy ever after but I just adore that no matter how long between books I'm always pulled right back into this world. Tarak escaped his imprisonment at the end of the last book Darkness Returns and this starts right after as he's loose and searching for a way to get his revenge. I had no idea what to expect going in but thoroughly enjoyed meeting new species . If you wonder how this author can include Mermaids who can get one over on one as powerful as Tarak then prepare to have your expectations met and actually exceeded. Tarak survived his long imprisonment only because Waverly was commanded by Riven, her King to feed him but he has no idea that they share a common hatred of Riven. Tarak is tracking Inga, the Ogress who helped keep him imprisoned but has no idea the Mer Warriors are hunting him but when they arrive he's more than ready to bring it on ! The author has done an excellent job of transforming the angry, tortured soul that Tarak is and turning him into someone who can embrace and accept that Waverly and indeed others he thinks betrayed him actually care about him. The romance between the couple whilst not instant ( hurray !) is knee buckling and worked oh so well. Of course the bad guy gets his comeuppance and you won't believe exactly who starts that chain of events ! What I can say is Levet is back as his glorious, bumbling, magical and opinionated self. Plus my favourite Styxx, is here as he struggles to maintain his Kingly dignity but fails repeatedly and that always makes me smile. Fans of the series will enjoy this book and I suspect be as eager for more as I am. This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
Robindpdx 28 days ago
This was an entertaining, well-written book. Tarak, a vampire, is free after 500 years of captivity and he wants revenge on the merman who entrapped him. Waverly, a mermaid, kept him sane and fed during his captivity and now that he is free she wants him to stay that way and return to his own kind. Things are complicated, though, because they have feelings for each other. This book could be read as a standalone story, though it is #14 in the Guardians of Eternity series. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more books by this author.
Evampire9 29 days ago
After five centuries of captivity, there is only one thing more precious to vampire Tarek than his newfound freedom…the promise of revenge. But his quest for justice against Riven, the mermaid who drained his power in order to make himself king is interrupted by the beautiful mermaid princess who kept him sane. She hoped he’d return to his own kind and enjoy the rest of his immortal life, but then Waverly also hoped she might one day stop dreaming about the darkly handsome vampire. Instead they are drawn into an unlikely alliance and a passion that eclipses all her fantasies. Be prepared to be swept away by the tide in this powerful and stunning new ‘Guardians of Eternity’ novel. As per the norm for this exhilarating series, the characters are strong, take charge and easily captures readers’ imaginations as well as their hearts. Tarek and Waverly explode from the pages with a vibrant intensity that ensures that readers sit up and take notice of their sizzling chemistry and their gripping stories and lots of turbulent, gripping emotions such as revenge, greed, fear, passion, love and insecurities bring this story to life. The plot is fast paced and continuously keeps the suspense and excitement building throughout as Tarek seeks his revenge, Levet tries to protect a mermaid, ogre hybrid and rescue another damsel from a prison, the Anasso searches for Tarek and Waverly tries to protect her people from a cunning, greedy man that is somehow stealing the Kingship from the rightful ruler. Lots of non-stop excitement keeps readers glued to the pages and on the edge of their seats and the stunning twists keeps them guessing throughout this riveting romance.
Rainn2978 29 days ago
This is book 14 of the Guardian's of Eternity series and starts up basically where the last book left off. In this one we get Tarak's story after he has been released from his prison after 5 centuries. Now he is on the hunt to kill the one who held him captive all these years, Riven. But he never expected Waverly, the one who fed him all this time, to not only try to keep him alive but to help him take Riven down. I absolutely loved this one! We got to see a new species and world that was previously not a part of these books and it was great! Waverly and Riven each have their own wants and needs and having them work out a way to get what they both want was great. I love that Tarak always manages to move beyond the things that have been done to him to do what is right and necessary. Waverly does everything she can for the ones she loves, even when it goes against what she believes is the right thing to do. But once she has other options, she takes the right path every time. She is a truly good person. They have unbelievable chemistry and I love how they put the past behind them in order to achieve what needs to be done. I even loved how Inga's story ends up!! Great read!
PatriciaWhite 29 days ago
Are you ready for a great adventure cause that's what you get when you read a Alexandra Ivy book. From the very first book of this series I've been mesmerized by all the different characters. This time we have Tarak a vampire who has been imprisoned for hundreds of years and now he wants revenge. Waverly is a mermaid princess trying to help him. Of coarse there is Levit who is my all time favorite gargoyle and I'm really liking Inga the half ogress half mermaid. We see some old friends from previous books. This was a wonderful book, Fast paced,sexy love story and evil bad guy.Keep up the great work looking forward to the next one.
nku 29 days ago
Beware the Darkness (Guardians Of Eternity, #14) by Alexandra Ivy ... I LOVE this series....I can't say that enough. Thank you to the publisher and #NetGalley for letting me preview this book. Tarak..the vampire who was freed after five hundred years from an evil mer-man Riven...he is seeking revenge. Waverly .. mermaid princess ..who has helped Terak ... It was good to tough base with old friends and frenemies like Inga and Levet.. There is plenty of action, some laughs, tears and steamy stuff all getting us to a HEA. I can't wait for the next book to find out what happens next. Reasons I enjoyed this book: Action-packed Easy-to-read Great world building Happily Ever After Entertaining Page-turner Unpredictable Witty Romantic Funny Steamy Wonderful characters