Bengal Cats. Bengal Cat Owners Manual. Guide to owning a happy Bengal cat.

Bengal Cats. Bengal Cat Owners Manual. Guide to owning a happy Bengal cat.

by Steve Richardson


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A descendant of a regular domestic cat and the wild Asian Leopard cat, the Bengal breed of cat is one of the best breeds to keep as a pet.

The fact that the breed has some level of wild blood does not in any way mean that it is wild. The modern Bengal cat turns out to have a sweet temperament while still maintaining the wild appearance of the Asian Leopard cat.

Breeding programs in place have gone a long way in eliminating the wildness of the Asian Leopard cat, leading to development of a breed of cat similar to any other domestic cat, except for its unique characteristics.

The large, muscular and attractive Bengal breed of cat is fast becoming very popular with cat lovers across the world. Its growing popularity definitely stems from the fact that it has a sweet temperament and is a very active breed.
Apart from its affection and love for human company, this breed also has a very strong personality. Its love for water, which is indeed unique, continues to amaze those who own the cat for the first time.

This is one breed of cat that suits almost everyone who loves cats because it bonds very well with all family members including children. The only category of people who may find this breed inappropriate are the elderly simply because of the cat's extreme level of activity.

This book will teach you how to make your Bengal cat a happy cat.

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