Beast, A Faery Story, Book 2

Beast, A Faery Story, Book 2

by Lexi Blake, Sophie Oak

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Re-released in a second edition. Re-edited but no substantial changes.

A playboy who needs to grow up

Fresh from his latest tabloid scandal, vampire playboy Dante Dellacourt has been given an ultimatum. Either he takes a consort and settles down, or his family will disown him. Unwilling to lose everything he has, he reluctantly agrees to find a wife. Marriage is just another kind of contract, after all. No one said anything about love being a part of the bargain.

An outcast who has only known hardship

Exiled by her pack, Kaja is a werewolf without a home. Her life was never easy in the frozen tundra she grew up in, but it was familiar. Waking up in a foreign landscape, surrounded by bright lights, loud noises, and far too many people has left her overwhelmed. Frightened and with no one to trust, she savagely fights to get free of this strange new world.

A passion strong enough to change them both

Called to defend the gnomes of the marketplace, Dante is almost blinded by the radiant light coming off the fierce werewolf. Kaja glows like no consort he has ever seen. Gorgeous and wild, she calls to him in ways he had not dreamed possible. For Kaja, she finds in Dante a man unlike any she has ever known. They could not be more different, but she finds him irresistible.

In order to claim his werewolf bride, Dante must first discover how to overcome their differences. Will he tame his ferocious beauty, or will she unleash his inner beast?

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BN ID: 2940160756363
Publisher: DLZ Entertainment LLC
Publication date: 10/15/2019
Series: A Faery Story , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 952
File size: 437 KB

About the Author

Lexi Blake is the author of contemporary and urban fantasy romance. She started publishing in 2011 and has gone on to sell over two million copies of her books. Her books have appeared twenty-six times on the USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. She lives in North Texas with her husband, kids, and two rescue dogs.

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Beast, A Faery Story, Book 2 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 26 days ago
Love this story, very exciting and very funny
Manzaroo 24 days ago
4.5 Stars for Dante! Always the consummate storyteller, this book does not disappoint. Witty banter, well developed characters, heart wrenching and uplifting storyline - checks all the boxes. Beast is book 2 in Sophie Oak's Faery Story series. Be sure to read Bound first, or you will be lost in the world building. In Bound we were introduced to carefree Dante, a vampire who seemed to not have a care in the world. In Beast, we get to see Dante for who he really is, not the shiny veneer he puts on top. He wants what he sees his cousins, sister, and parents have - true love. Not just love of convenience. Enter Kaja, who also isn't as she first appears. The romance between these characters blossoms and blooms as the pages turn. They make each other stronger. And in true Sopie Oak / Lexi Blake style, there are some head spinning twists and turns along the way.
Coffee_Books_Life 27 days ago
Dante has given himself the reputation of the ultimate player. Perceived by most to only have interest in fun, women and good times. Dante is one of those people that you can’t judge by what he wants you to see. He’s intelligent, loyal and cunning. As Dante's layers begin to peel away we find a man filled with emotions, determinations and wants he wasn’t ready to admit. Kaja is primal yet submissive. Rugged Pack life was all she knew, then to be thrown into a world of which nothing is known the beast within her takes survival to an instinctual level. She was an outcast of the pack and something different to the new place she finds herself in. Dante is her alpha. From the moment she finds herself in his presence she sees him as her first. She feels a connection, something that’s unknown to her. Kaja is unique all around. From her sheer nature to the way she tries to adapt for something he’s not quite sure what it is, but she wants it. Beast was fantastic. Dante was so much more thanI expected. He has some pretty deep layers of emotions. He did what he thought was expected of him only want to find out, those expectations were nothing but a push for him to find what he truly wanted him his life. Kaja and Dante together is something truly unique. I love the way their connection and bond formed, developed and grew into something more than either one of them expected it could be. Two beasts find their balance to their beast with another beast. I truly love this fairy world that Lexi Blake has created. This is not the first time I have kicked myself not discovering these books earlier. I am very happy they have been released and I get to enjoy them now.
Christina_R 29 days ago
Beast is fantastic! Dante and Kaja had chemistry that jumped off the pages and their story kept me reading start to finish. I absolutely adore this book and this author and I can't wait for the third book.
Kayreader 29 days ago
I sat and read Beast in one afternoon, I couldn't put it down! It was like reading a recipe for all of my favorite paranormal authors: A splash of Karen Marie Moning A dash of Kerrelyn Sparks A pinch of Lora Leigh A sprinkle of Pamela Palmer And for a kick of spice added in with Lexi Blake. Stir and mix until the perfect book comes out. This is Beast. I jumped into this second book without reading the first one (although as soon as I can I want to go back and read it. Yes, they are interconnected, but you do not need to have read it to jump into Beast. Lexi did a great job of bringing me up to speed of anything I missed, I'm just craving more of this world she created.) In Beast, Dante Dellacourt is a playboy among his family and his peers. Never expecting to settle down his father gives him an ultimatum, wed or be disinherited. This thought terrifies him, considering he's never gone a day in his life without having all of his needs met, but he also won't marry just because his father dictates it. What he decides to do is pick the worst possible bride so she would be cast aside, meeting his father's requirement and he can still live his playboy life as he sees fit. he finds Kaja, the beast, an untamed werewolf. Kaja has never known affection, love, or kindness. Ejected from her pack she seeks refuge on the vampire plane only to be bought by a vampire who makes it plainly clear that he only wishes to marry her to appease his family. Kaja finds his world strange and his customs even stranger. However, she is attracted to Dante and willing to go with him if it means her freedom. He shows her kindness and stirs feelings in her that makes it hard to understand why he wouldn't want to stay. As Kaja and Dante figure out their relationship, they also try to escape from outside dangers. The more they work together it only makes their relationship and connection stronger. It's harder for Dante to remember his original plan. He becomes addicted to his wife and even though she may be a werewolf, Kaja may be the key to unlocking the beast that lives inside him. This book contains light Dom/sub play, lots of paranormal characters, and unique plane crossovers which fans of Lexi's other series will love.
DarGee 30 days ago
Dante and Kaja captured my heart and spoke to my soul! How I loved these two, their discovery for who they are, how they are, and how amazingly good together they are. Dante was the vampire with no focus; Kaja as the wolf with no purpose. But Dante was always focused, he just needed a purpose to show him that. Kaja always had a purpose, she just needed to focus on what was important to her. Together, they looked like they wouldn’t fit. Together they found themselves, without losing the core of who they were. Together, they were unstoppable!
debbiew1966 30 days ago
Terrific! I was so excited for Dante’s book! Another absolutely terrific story! And the ending I definitely wasn’t expecting it to go that way. Can’t wait for more in this series.
MarianneReads 3 months ago
Another great story by Lexi Blake. I loved Dante in the first book of this series and he did not disappoint as the lead in this one. He is smart, smart mouthed and simply perfect. Kaja is perfect for him. This book had it all --- action, humor, heartache and redemption. Once I started, it was hard to put down!